How to Use Maximalism in the Living Room

We’ve become very familiar with minimalist, Scandi-inspired interiors. For a long time, we’ve all worshipped the ‘keeping things simple, calm and understated’ ethos; but while we’ve de-cluttered, cleared out and painted everything beige, along the way our homes have lost that special something.

Rooms have become lacklustre and uninspiring and have lost their ‘fun’. Calling maximalist style to save us from this neutral nightmare! Okay… that’s perhaps a little harsh as we’re lovers of this trend too, but if you’re looking to brighten up your surroundings and bring life back into your home, look to maximalist designs.

But what is maximalist style? Think bright and bold colours, statement silhouettes, clashing patterns and unique design. If you’re still not sure how to bring maximalist design into your home, think of a neutral room and do the complete opposite. Throw out the style rule book and be daring with your furniture, accessory and décor choices.

We have some hints and tips on how to re-create this ‘more-is-more’ aesthetic in your living room. You might want to grab your sunglasses for what comes next… This loud and proud interior trend certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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1. Pick a Statement Centrepiece to Get You Started

Bold Monkey Dope As Hell Coffee Table

If you’ve found yourself being drawn to the maximalist trend, but don’t know how to achieve your own ‘Insta-worthy interiors’, by picking out a single statement furniture design, you’ll want to show off your living room to the world!

Throwing you right into the deep end; select standout pieces like the Bold Monkey Dope As Hell Coffee Table – it doesn’t get more maximalist than this! Below the tempered glass table top, the sculptural prowling cat comes in hot pink or leopard print, each with a chain necklace to really push the boundaries! It’s so extravagant, even Elton John would blend into the background if you invited him over for tea!

By using this statement design in the centre of your sitting room, surrounded by opulent seating, striking lighting and patterns galore, your space will really get you seen.

2. Your Seating Can Say it for You

Bold Monkey Such A Stud Lounge Chair

Speaking of statement seating, the Bold Monkey Such A Stud Lounge Chair has ‘maximalist style’ written all over it. Our interiors can be an extension of ourselves, a way to show off our personal style and express our passions and inspirations. If you’re a colourful character, shouldn’t your seating be too? 

The stud and button details and gold legs demand attention. If you dare to be different, create a colourful corner with a few Stud Lounge Chairs in clashing tones and add accent tables to top it off. There would be no better place to enjoy a cocktail or two while admiring the kaleidoscopic space you’ve created.

3. Pick Out Playful Pieces

Dutchbone Cave Side Table

Perhaps not the most functional of furniture designs, but let’s just focus on the ‘fun’ part for the moment – after all, our interiors can be playful too! A work of art, the Dutchbone Cave Side Table looks like you’ve pinched a piece from the Tate Modern and no one’s noticed it’s missing!

It almost seems a shame to only place drinks on the tabletop, so we’d recommend displaying your favourite home accessories or a leafy friend to take full advantage of its beauty.

Available in green or amber, the glass and gold hammered accent table is bursting with style. By selecting striking side tables like this one and opting for smaller furniture designs, it’s a quick way of introducing maximalist style to your existing interiors and dipping your toe into this trend.

4. Bold and Beautiful… but also Practical and Comfortable!

Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 06 Modular Royal Velvet 3 Seater Sofa

Maximalism is all about ‘more is more’ but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on comfort to achieve your dream sitting room. When it comes to the all-important sofa, select a setup that’s easy on the eye, but also on the tush!

The Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 06 Modular Royal Velvet 3 Seater Sofa is everything you want and more. The royal velvet upholstery and timeless tailoring draw you in and the sumptuous feather, foam and fibre cushions keep you there. Arriving in easy-to-manage boxes, taking just minutes to slot the modular sections together and topped with stain-resistant fabrics it’s a practical choice too! And if your household grows, simply add extra sections and extend your sofa to suit.

Available in other colours and fabrics, Swyft has thought of the minimalists too – with neutral linens, velvets and chenille to choose from, your living room can sit anywhere on the minimalist, maximalist spectrum!

5. Bring Personality with Pattern Clashing

Bold Monkey It's A Wild World Baby Panther Rug

Maximalist style isn’t necessarily all about bold colour choices, you can achieve the same look through exciting and eye-catching patterns.

Pushing the limits with pattern, try clashing with contrasting designs to achieve a playful result. The Bold Monkey It’s A Wild World Baby Panther Rug is a great example. Available in 2 sizes, pair this wild woven home accessory with clashing wallpaper, cushions and other soft furnishings to create the maximalist look your heart longs for!

You could even layer a selection of patterned rugs if you’re unable to get the paint rollers out. Don’t be afraid to introduce a busy pattern into your home, if you love it, it will work!

6. Go for Gold!

Bold Monkey Hypnotising Round Coffee Table

When we think ‘maximalist style’ we usually head straight for the brightest and boldest colours we can get our hands on, but don’t forget about the metallics! Gold, brass, silver, rose gold, copper – these lustrous finishes bring another dimension to maximalist spaces. Become a metallics magpie and search out the furniture and accessories that catch your eye.

We’ve listed a few pieces that we think will capture your attention. The Bold Monkey Hypnotising Round Coffee Table is available in black, but the gold will have you seeing stars, it’s simply dazzling!

Pair with the Bold Monkey Unlock Me Cabinet and Bold Monkey Juicy Pineapple Floor Lamp and scatter these golden designs around your living room to achieve the ‘Wow’ factor!

Bold Monkey Unlock Me Cabinet
Bold Monkey Juicy Pineapple Floor Lamp

7. Don’t Fear the Fabulous!

Dutchbone Meena Cabinet

Maximalist style isn’t for everybody, and you might get the occasional question mark when guests first see your newly decorated home, but it’s your space, yours to enjoy, yours to express yourself! Trust your interior design instincts and never question your fabulous choices. We’ve said it already, but if you love the space you’ve created, that is all that matters!

The Dutchbone Meena Cabinet is fab-u-lous and it knows it. Be more like Meena! Adorned with a striking hand-painted peacock pattern, the mango wood unit keeps clutter hidden away and living rooms looking extra. When styling, pick out the green and blue colours with your soft furnishings or commit a fabulous faux pas and pattern clash to your heart’s content!

Goodbye Minimalism, Hello Maximalism!

Maximalism has your interiors saying more! We hope our tips have you bursting with ideas. If you’d love to talk them through with our team, or still need a little nudge give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email


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