How to give your Entire House a Pre-Christmas Clearout

All set to deck the halls and enjoy the festive season? If you need to make more space for merry-making, then our step-by-step guide explains how to organise your house from top to bottom…

And from clutter-busting kitchen storage to efficient bedroom furniture, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see how you can make the most out of your space and organise your entire home in time for Christmas.

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Step one: Boost Kitchen Space with Wall Storage

Over the next few weeks, your kitchen will be the place to be. Whether you’re roasting turkey, baking a yule log, or shaking up festive cocktails, you’ll need lots of kitchen space to get all those Christmas treats sorted in time.

To free up more kitchen space for festive baking and hosting, keep any bits and pieces up high on your walls. The shelving unit by Woood (below left) has six handy compartments to keep those cooking essentials close by while you cook up a storm.

And with shelves, pegs, and magnets, the Zuivier pegboard (below right) is ideal for organising your kitchen. Say goodbye to clutter on your sideboards and free up heaps more space to make all your festive treats!

Meert Wall Shelving Unit by Woood

Zuiver Bundy Pegboard

Step two: Prepare your Dining Area for Guests

Over Christmas, your dining area transforms into the heart of your home. From festive drinks with friends to Christmas dinner with the family, you’ll need to make space to welcome all your loved ones.

So if you want to be the host with the most, make sure festive drinks are neatly stowed away – and ready to pour at a moment’s notice! With the customisable drinks cabinet by Vox (below), you can maximise dining room space by keeping your entire collection neatly organised.

There’s a rack to hang wine glasses, three adjustable shelves to store bottles, and pull-out drawers – ideal for mixing cocktails on! So there’s no need to take over your space with your drinks collection – you can keep it all stored away inside your very own bar area.

Vox Simple Customisable Drinks Cabinet

Then, when it comes to serving dinner on the big day, you’ll need to consider whether you have enough space to seat the entire family. If it’s your turn to host the extended family, you might need to make more room. And if your dining room is on the smaller side, you might be praying for a Christmas miracle…

If that’s the case, an extending dining table will feel like Christmas has come early. While they’re great for day-to-day family use, you can pull out and (you guessed it) extend the table to welcome extra guests. So while you free up space 364 days a year, you can pull out the table to host all your loved ones on Christmas Day!

Vox Spot Extending Dining Table in Acacia & White

Zuiver Glimps Extending Dining Table in Walnut Veneer

Step three: Maximise Space in your Living Room

From your Christmas tree to your decorations, you’ll be getting ready to fill your living room with festive cheer. But if your living room is already jam-packed or on the smaller side, you might be wondering how on earth you’ll find the space…

To free up more room for festivities, make the most out of your storage space and efficient furniture. This could include:

  • Using multipurpose furniture, like a sideboard with storage. This means you can display your decorations on top, and store clutter inside.
  • Make the most out of vertical space instead of spreading out across the room. A tall-yet-slim storage unit means you use up less room while having plenty of space to stash your bits and pieces.
  • Use a nest of tables, so you can pull out tables for hosting, and reclaim your space once you’re finished.

With the customisable bookcase by Vox (below left), you can switch up the shelves to suit your needs. So whether you need to store tiny trinkets or bulky books, you can keep everything neatly tucked away.

And with the gorgeous sideboard by Dutchbone (below right), you can display your decorations in style – and keep all your clutter safely out of sight!

Vox Simple Customisable Low Bookcase

Dutchbone Class High Sideboard

Plus, if you want more space to spread out and host this year, look no further than these nesting coffee tables by Julian Bowen (below). You can put on a festive spread of mince pies and mulled wine for all your loved ones, and free up space by tucking them away once you’re finished.

Julian Bowen Brooklyn Nesting Coffee Tables

Step four: Clear out Bedroom Clutter for Santa

If your little ones have been good this year, they’ll be expecting Santa to pay a visit this Christmas. And of course, you wouldn’t want him to trip over clutter on his way out…

Plus, if Santa is bringing a big sack of gifts this year, you may need to make some space for new toys or gadgets. If that’s the case, your kids will need to give their room a clearout.

To help your kids out, make sure they have enough storage space to stow away their clutter. With a tall and wide bookcase like the Vox Nest bookcase (below left), kids can tidy away heaps of toys, books, and just about anything else! With this bookcase, you can even add optional storage boxes to create a tidier look.

And with Vox modular drawers (below right), you can adapt the storage around your child’s needs. You can add as many drawers as you need, and arrange them to suit your little one’s bedroom. So no matter how long your child’s wish list is, you’ll have flexible storage to adjust around them.

Vox Nest Bookcase in Larch Effect

Vox Stige Modular Low Chest of Drawers in Grey

Step five: Sort the Spare Room in time

Got guests staying over this Christmas? If so, now’s the time to get the spare room sorted to give your loved one’s a comfortable stay.

First, choose a comfy guest bed. With a daybed or sofa bed, you can enjoy a stylish spot to lounge and relax all year round – and when it’s time to play host, you can pull out a spare bed in seconds. Once it’s time for guests to head home, you can push back the mattress and make the most out of your space.

Pino Day Bed with Pull Out Bed

Bergen Sofabed

Get Organised for Christmas with Cuckooland

Ready to give your home a top-to-bottom clearout? From practical storage to spacious bookcases, we’ve got heaps of clutter-busting furniture to choose from. And if you’re getting ready to host this year, look no further than our extending dining tables and guest beds.

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