Modern Four Poster Bed Design Styles

When you think of a Four Poster Bed, what first springs to mind? Carved mahogany beams, Kings and Queens of old, sleeping in night gowns with heavy drapes keeping out the cold? Clear this archaic picture from you mindFour Poster Beds have received a makeover since they were first used in the 13th century and were here to give you an update!

Although many designs still give a nod to classical four poster beds; with the use of modern materials, shapes, storage options and ever-changing trends this once old-fashioned furniture design still exudes luxury and opulence, but in a more practical, versatile and modern way.

There are huge benefits to opting for a 4 poster or canopy bed – theyve been around for this long and theres a good reason for it! The added height creates a comfortable and cosy sleep sanctuary and frames your surroundings to create a calming and relaxing retreat. With the option to add canopies, lighting and cosy accessories to the structure, your sleep space becomes far more inviting when evening rolls around. Canopies can help with temperature regulation, block out unwanted light and sounds and they immediately transform your chosen room! 

If youve been considering a Four Poster or the concept is totally new to you, wed love to give a run-down of our latest and greatest beds to help with your decision. Read on for our top picks here at Cuckooland!

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1) Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed with Storage

Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed with Storage & Shelves in White

If you love the idea of a 4 poster bed, but you’re also yearning for a Scandi-style sleep space with oodles of storage, this is the one for you!

Cleverly designed by the brains at Vox, this bed really has it all. Storage is definitely not an issue here. With shelving above the headboard and around the outside of the bed base, there’s plenty of room for books, movies, games and your essentials – even the alarm clock, if you must! With the option to add a projector screen, snuggle up, pop on your favourite flick and doze off when the credits start to roll.

Looking to utilise your space even further, opt for the ottoman upgrade for added storage below the bed and complete the look with the extra pieces from the Vox 4 You collection!

2) Pino White Four Poster Double Bed

Pino White Four Poster Double Bed

Still looking for something Scandinavian inspired, but a little more subtle? The Pino four poster is a fabulous choice. Finished in a classic and clean white, the Scandinavian pine 4 poster gives you a blank canvas to style in any way you fancy! The optional canopy gives you a helping hand if you’re wondering where to start. Add chunky knit throws, rustic accessories and light linens to keep things relaxing. Or why not go all out and pick a bright and bold colour scheme and frame your space with this versatile 4 poster bed!

Also available in a single size, it would be a peaceful place for guests to reset or why not add one to your kiddie’s bedroom?

3) Beatnik Four Poster Bed

Beatnik Four Poster Bed in Brown

Available in a choice of sizes and colours; the beautiful Beatnik 4 poster bed is perfect for creating a bohemian boudoir! Intricately carved into the mango wood headboard and footboard, the carved details, exposed grain and sharp lines create a big impact! With other furniture available in the Beatnik collection, style your set with brass accessories, luxurious quilts and throws and create a moody and dramatic bedchamber for you to relax and unwind in.

4) Woood Kingsize Black Metal Four Poster Bed

Woood Kingsize Metal Four Poster Bed

Industrial style is more your thing? This statement bed is sure to standout in your bedroom!

Although it’s a 4 poster, it looks nothing like the tired and traditional designs from centuries gone. Carefully crafted from powder-coated steel with a bold, black finish; pair with festoon lighting and striking bedside tables for something a little extra or stick to lighter accents and linens for a more natural and minimalist look. This bed by Woood is so versatile, you’re going to have a great time styling it up!

If you were thinking this bed would be perfect for the kids’ bedrooms too… we’re pleased to tell you it also comes in a small double and a single size!

5) Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed

4You-Single-4-Poster 2
Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed with Adjustable Height Levels

Considering a four poster bed in the kids bedrooms? We have some amazing options available – the Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single being one of them!

With the option to change the height of the base, it makes a great first bed for your tot and as they grow, it grows with them! Trundle drawers make it ideal for sleepovers or if you’re short on space use it as extra storage. And as it’s from the extensive Vox 4 You collection, there are so many other handy storage ideas for you to choose from.

If you were considering a novelty, teepee bed, but worried your tot would quickly outgrow it, a four poster bed is a great alternative. You still have the option to style it up with bunting, fairy lights and canopies, but as they get older it becomes a more grown-up space that they can personalise themselves with hanging plants and posters.

Ready to take the Plunge?

Four Poster Beds have come a long way in the last 700 years… we hope our top picks have helped you re-consider this once old-fashioned and outdated design! If you find yourself rushing off to find your tape measure – checking your ceiling heights and light fittings won’t get in the way of your new four poster bed, we are here to help you with your next steps!

Want to run through your plans with us and need a bit more information? Feel free to ask us anything on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email at We can’t wait to hear which bed you’ve gone for!