5 Tips to Throw a Stylish Christmas House Party

Throwing a festive bash this year? With not-so fun limits on socialising last Christmas, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to give your guests a good time.

So if you’d like to be the host with the most, follow our five tips to throw a fun and stylish Christmas house party. Read on to discover how to create a space that looks oh-so classy and cool – while giving your guests a fun night to remember!

Image source: @deldesigns2020
Image source: @deldesigns2020

1. Create a Fun Bar Area for your Guests

Allow your party-goers to prop themselves up at your own bar all night long. With a bar table and stools, you can set up a bar area that guests will love to gather round and chit chat. It’ll be the focal point of your evening and the perfect spot to congregate.

First, pick a fun and comfy set of bar stools. With dreamy velvet bar stools like our very own Minock stools (below left) or the gorgeous Bold Monkey counter stool (below right), you can make sure your guests are sitting comfortably. And even when you’re not hosting, these stylish stools will give your living space a feel-good lift all year round.

Pair of Minonk Velvet Bar Stoolst

Bold Monkey I am Not a Macaron Counter Stool

Then, make sure you have a bar table where guests can lean and pour drinks. With a solid oak table top, the Eleonora Bar Table (below left) is packed with both style and substance.

Alternatively, you can get a bar and stool set all in one, like the Julian Bowen Grafton Bar Set with Stools (below right). Your guests can happily sip a cocktail on this nifty bar, and once they’re gone, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy your morning cuppa!

Eleonora Bar Table

Julian Bowen Grafton Bar Set with Stools

And finally, no bar is complete without a ready supply of drinks. So make sure you have everything you need to pour a glass of vino or a pint of beer behind your very own bar. With the wine glass rack by Woood (below left), you can simply grab a glass and take orders from behind the bar.

Plus, with the DraftPour Beer Dispenser (below right), you can pour the perfect pint. So your guests can enjoy all the fun of a draught beer, from the comfort of your own cosy home – you’ll bag some serious points for hosting!

Woood Hugo Shelf with Wine Glass Rack

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser

2. Set up a Fabulous Cocktail Corner

Consider yourself a bit of a cocktail-making extraordinaire? Then treat yourself and your guests to a fun cocktail station, where you can show off your shaking and stirring finesse.

Whether you’re whipping up an espresso martini or an eggnog, no Christmas house party is complete without a tasty cocktail on arrival (or throughout the whole evening!). So, to serve up your cocktails in style, you’ll need a fabulous drinks trolley to display all your mixers and stirrers.

The lavish brass-toned trolley by BePureHome (below left) has everything you need to hang cocktail glasses, mix drinks, and serve your guests. With lockable castors, you can wheel your creations around the room and serve guests in style. And the drinks trolley by Dutchbone (below right) has heaps of additional storage space for all your bottles below.

BePureHome Decadent Metal Trolley

Dutchbone Giulia Trolley

Of course, if you’re creating a cocktail corner, you’ll need all the right gear to fix up drinks like a pro. With lavish touches of gold and textured glass, the Bloomingville Glass Cocktail Shaker will look a treat perched on your drinks trolley – and you can shake up a mean festive cocktail!

Bloomingville Glass Cocktail Shaker

3. Banish any Unsightly Clutter

If you want to throw a stylish Christmas house party, you’ll want to avoid lots of messy drinks cluttering up your space.

While a little mess is unavoidable, you can cut back on unsightly clutter with roomy drinks storage. Because when you want to host a cosy festive get-together, heaps of discarded bottles don’t quite give you the ambience you want…

To keep your Christmas party clutter-free, look no further than a spacious drinks cabinet. With the Dutchbone Vino Cabinet (below left), you can simply grab a bottle from your entire selection of festive drinks and pour! Since there’s room for 15 bottles, you won’t need to clutter up your kitchen table with all your collection – so you’ll free up more space for food and festivities!

Similarly, the beautiful Tortona 2 Door Cocktail Cabinet (below right) boasts heaps of room for glasses and bottles. So you can keep any unfestive clutter at bay and enjoy more space for fun.

Dutchbone Vino Cabinet

Tortona 2 Door Cocktail Cabinet

4. Light up your Festivities in Style

When it comes to throwing an ambient Christmas party, it’s all about the lighting. While the fairy lights on your tree will provide a warm and festive glow, you’ll need to add some more lighting options to keep your party well-lit and cosy.

And if you’d like to make a statement this Christmas, guests will be wowed by the By Boo Unbeleafable Pendant Lamp (below). With stunning gold painted finish and ornate leafy details, you’ll instantly add a touch of extravagance to your festive party. This lamp gives off a beautiful warm glow to welcome your guests with cosiness.

By Boo Unbeleafable Pendant Lamp

And for an extra touch of festive ambience, you can’t go wrong with a few candles. With atmospheric flickering flames, nothing says ‘Christmas time’ like a scented pine or cinnamon scented candle. To display your candles in style (and avoid the risk of open flames at a party), look no further than the House Doctor Cylo Candle Holder below.

House Doctor Cylo Candle Holder

5. Blast Festive Tunes, Retro Style

Band Aid, Cliff Richard, Wham… there’s heaps of classic Christmas tunes from the eighties. So this Christmas, take a step back in time and transport yourself back to the good ol’ days with a boombox! Pop a cassette in, hit play, and let the good times roll.

If your guests grew up during the eighties, they’ll appreciate the blast from the past with the GPO Brooklyn Portable Boom Box (below).

GPO Brooklyn Portable Boom Box

Throwing a Christmas House Party this Year?

Then head over to our collection of unique selection of barware, stylish drinks cabinets and trolleys, or quirky kitchen accessories. You’ll discover everything you need to wow your guests this Christmas and beyond!

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