Why a Garden Pod is the Must-Have Workspace this Summer

As the world continues to embrace remote and hybrid working, setting up a long-term home office space has become part of the job for many of us.

If you don’t have a dining table that doubles as a desk or a spare room to convert into a hive of productivity, we’ve got a slightly more alternative – and appealing – solution for you.

With their modern design and hi-tech features, our Ornate Garden pods are the ideal way to create a stylish and practical workspace right in your back garden – with no planning permission required.

So, forget those companies on the Fortune 100 list – here’s why a garden pod is the actual best place to work in summer 2024.

Medium Summerhouse Garden Pod

Benefits of Using a Garden Pod as Your Home Office

  • Strike a Better Work-Life Balance
    One common challenge when working from home is maintaining a boundary between your professional and home life. Many of us are guilty of checking our emails on our phones after hours, and it’s even easier to slip back into work mode if your laptop is inches away from your sofa!

    A garden pod can help you to separate your work and home life. Setting up an office in the garden means you have a dedicated workplace that you can ‘leave’ when 5 pm rolls around (although, if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably want to stay and unwind with a cheeky alfresco wine – especially if the sun’s out!)

  • Improve Your Mental Health by Spending Time in Nature
    Our garden pods’ clear panels offer 360-degree views of your surroundings, so you’ll be more immersed in the natural world around you and can keep a close eye on all the birds and blooms. Say goodbye to artificial lighting and cubicle walls, and hello to enjoying your garden in all its glory!

    By getting you outside more, working in a garden pod can also have significant mental health benefits. Research shows that being more connected to nature can reduce stress and make people happier, contributing to better overall well-being. It can also help with creativity and concentration, so you might be more productive at work too – it’s a win-win!

Small Luxury Summerhouse Garden Pod
  • Stay Connected with Built-In Electric Sockets and USB Ports
    Are you worried about being away from your modern home comforts in the garden? Never fear! Many of our outdoor pods come with electric sockets and USB options, to keep your laptop and other tech ready and raring to go – so you’ll have no excuse to miss that unexpected Teams call (sorry!)

  • Create a Cosy Climate with Lighting and Heating Options
    Integrated heating options will ensure your pod remains a comfortable environment to work in, no matter what the weather’s doing outside. And if the Great British summer delivers a scorcher, the stainless-steel roof will reflect the heat, and there are also cooling fan options. On cloudy days or if you’re working late, adjustable LED lights will keep your office orb illuminated.

  • Enjoy a Multi-Use Space for Relaxing and Unwinding
    As the saying goes, ‘Work hard, play harder!’. Your garden pod doesn’t have to only be for work; it can also serve as a stylish space for entertaining friends, dining outside or relaxing by yourself with a good book. Our larger pods can easily accommodate up to 14 people on their circular bench seats, making them the ultimate base for your next garden soiree!

  • Eliminate Stress – No Planning Permission Required!
    Another advantage of using an outdoor pod as your office is that they typically do not require planning permission. This makes them an easier and more affordable alternative to an extension or home renovation. Even better, installation is included for mainland UK customers, so you can be working in your incredible new office in no time – without lifting a finger!

Top 3 Garden Pods for Your Home Office

With various designs and styles available, from cosy globes to statement summerhouses, we know you’ll find your perfect garden pod at Cuckooland. Here are some of our top recommendations for your home (or garden!) office:

1. Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod
Ideal for writers and creative types, the Luxury Rotating Seater Pod rotates 360 degrees, so you can change up your view of the garden for fresh inspiration as you work. The 2.4m seating diameter is compact enough for a patio and provides a cosy cocoon where you can concentrate, but with enough room for up to 7 people once you retire for the evening.

Luxury Rotating Seater Garden Pod

2. Grande Deluxe Garden Pod
Our Grande Deluxe Garden Pod is perfect for tech wizards – it features a 13amp power socket with a USB port, a Bluetooth sound bar and coloured LED down lighting. There’s also a 2.4Kw blow heater with a cooling fan, so you can always maintain the perfect working temperature – no more shivering under overzealous office air conditioning for you!

Grande Deluxe Garden Pod

3. Off Set Oval House Garden Pod
Need to host meetings from home? The Off Set Oval House Pod could be the best solution for you. There’s space for up to 10 people to sit across 2 sofas, and 14 scatter cushions to keep everyone comfy. And when your colleagues or clients leave, the day bed upgrade option means you can properly kick back and relax to celebrate the end of the working day!

Off Set Oval House Garden Pod

Ready to Work ‘Out’?

Our garden pods offer an excellent solution for those wanting a stylish home office that can also enhance their social life and relaxation time. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why remote workers are turning to garden pods to create a peaceful and productive home office space in summer 2024.

If you’re looking for the perfect pod, check out our full range of garden pods for sale online. Have a question? Call us on 07940 831707 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com – we’re always happy to help!

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