Maze Rattan - The Perfect Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

Looking for your perfect al fresco furniture set?

From settling on the style to finding the right size, there’s a lot to think about. And when you’re after something to enjoy for years to come, it’s not a decision you’ll want to get wrong.

But luckily, Maze Rattan have you covered. With their wide collection, there’s something for everyone – you can choose from different styles and ranges to find a piece that perfectly complements your garden.

I’m here to help you find a Maze Rattan piece that suits your outdoor space. Just ask yourself these four simple questions….

1. How much space do you have?

The first (and most important) question you need to ask is how much space you have available. Whether you need something for the patio or lawn, you’ll need to find a piece that works within your square footage.

Got a smaller garden?

Limited space doesn’t have to limit your options. Even if your garden is small (or ‘cosy’ as I like to call mine!), you can make the most out of your space with Maze Rattan.

Take a look at the compact Reclining 2 Seat Lounge Garden Chair Set (below). You can sit back and recline in these sumptuously-soft seats – and when it’s time to head back indoors, these seats snap back upright to save space.

Maze Rattan Cotswold Reclining 2 Seat Lounge Garden Chair Set

And when garden space is tight, multifunctional pieces are perfect. Instead of taking up space with multiple pieces, you can get the best of both worlds with a piece that can multitask.

The Cotswolds Daybed (below) is a perfect example of flexible furniture. Depending on your plans for the day, this handy piece can double up as a coffee table to catch up with friends or a daybed to soak up the sun.

Maze Rattan Cotswolds Daybed

Got a spacious garden?

If you’ve got a large outdoor space, it’s good to make the most out of your garden. Whether it’s a big L-shaped sofa to sprawl on or a big table to enjoy dinner with friends, why not embrace the space you have?

The Chelsea Lifestyle Suite with Glass Table (below) is ideal for bigger gardens. You can spread out on the spacious daybed or pull the seats apart to reveal the concealed table. As the seats are modular, you can dot these sofas about however you please – perfect for socialising and spreading across a large garden.

Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite with Glass Table back in stock July 2021
Maze Rattan Chelsea Lifestyle Suite with Glass Table back in stock Aug 2021

2. What type of garden do you have?

From a big lawn to a cosy balcony, Maze Rattan has a perfect setup for every garden. It means you can enjoy al fresco life no matter what your outdoor space looks like.

Balcony area

When you have a balcony, you’ll want compact furniture to dine and catch up with friends. As balconies tend to be smaller than gardens, it makes sense to stick to slim and lightweight furniture.

Plus, it’s unlikely you’ll have a shed or an outbuilding on a balcony. So when there’s no space to hide furniture overnight, you’ll need to find a setup that can withstand the elements.

The Maze Rattan Balcony Bistro Set ticks every box. Built with robust weather-resistant material, you can leave this set outside every day of the year. And once you’re done dining in the sun, you can tuck the chairs underneath the table to save even more space!

Maze Rattan Balcony Bistro Set

Decking or patio area

Decking or patio areas are ideal for outdoor dining furniture. As you won’t need to think about protecting your grass, you’re free to choose from a wide range of options.

However, as decking or patio areas are typically only a portion of your garden space, you might be searching for something on the smaller side.

The Winchester 6 Seat Bar Set with Ice Bucket (below) is perfect. You can entertain six friends at once and enjoy a nice chilled beverage while you’re at it! And thanks to its round and compact shape, it will slot neatly into your decking or patio area without completely taking over your space.

Maze Rattan Winchester 6 Seat Bar Set with Ice Bucket

Lawn area

When it comes to putting furniture on your lawn, it’s best to pick something that’s A) raised off the ground and B) easy to move. Because who wants a giant patch of dead grass in their garden?!

That’s why the Oxford Corner Dining Set with Ice Bucket is ideal. While the soft seating area is incredibly spacious, the legs lift the weight off your grass – so you won’t need to worry about an unsightly patch of yellow grass whenever you move your dining set. And with lightweight wicker material, it’s easy to move this set around your lawn.

Maze Rattan Oxford Corner Dining Set with Ice Bucket

3. What’s your garden style?

We all have our interior design preferences. And who’s to say you need to leave your personal tastes indoors? With Maze Rattan, you can find furniture that suits your style.

Traditional country-style garden

For a classic country style, look no further than the Maze Rattan Oxford Range. With dreamy stone-colour shades and natural wicker, this range wouldn’t look out of place outside a luxury farmhouse.

Maze Rattan Oxford Large Corner Sofa with Fire Pit Coffee Table

Modern contemporary look

If you’re looking to create a sleek and modern-looking garden, the Maze Rattan New York range is for you. With sharp and striking angles and monochrome tones, the New York range is ideal for adding a touch of contemporary to your garden.

Maze Rattan New York 3 Piece Bistro Set

4. How do you use your garden?

Before you can decide on the right furniture, you’ll need to know how you plan to enjoy your outdoor space. Think about how you typically spend your time outdoors – are you dining with family, entertaining friends, or simply relaxing in the sun?

For entertaining

When you spend your weekends entertaining friends, you’ll need a comfortable place to catch up. And with current lockdown restrictions, having an outdoor space to socialise has never been more important.

If that’s the case, you’ll love Maze Rattan’s range of bar sets and built-in fire pits.

Maze Rattan Winchester 6 Seat Bar Set with Ice Bucket
Maze Rattan Oxford Small Corner Sofa Set with Fire Pit Coffee Table

For dining

When the sun comes out, there’s nothing better than an al fresco dinner. So if you love to dine outside, Maze Rattan has a huge selection of dining sets to choose from.

With weatherproof material and comfortable seats, you can enjoy outdoor mealtimes in ultimate comfort – and you won’t need to worry about packing your dining furniture away once it’s time to head inside.

Maze Rattan Henley Corner Dining Set with Rising Table

For relaxing

If you use your garden as a space to relax, Maze Rattan has you covered. With heaps of oh-so comfortable daybeds and loungers, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Maze Rattan Florida Sun Lounger Set
Maze Rattan Florence Sunlounger

Ready to find the right outdoor furniture for you?

From dining sets to sun loungers, Maze Rattan furniture is built to last and designed with your garden in mind. Head over to the entire range to explore all their wonderful options.

If you’ve found a set you love, you can spread the cost with 0% finance – so relaxing in your garden in style won’t need to come with a big price tag.

And if you’d like any more tips before you buy, I’m here to help. You can call our customer service line and I’ll be happy to hop on the phone and talk you through your options. Just call +44 (0) 1305 231231.

Or, why not send our friendly team an email?


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