The Top Techie Gifts for Gadget Geeks

We all know someone who’s a total techie. When your iPhone, laptop or tablet goes a bit haywire it’s always your techie friend (or geeky family member) who’s the first to hear about it and usually the first to solve it. And at the time the words ‘I owe you one’ or ‘how will I ever repay you’ roll off the tongue faster than a microchip on steriods. But fear not, Christmas is here and its the perfect time to say thanks to your head of IT by giving your tech savvy friend or relative the perfect techie treat. Here at Cuckooland we have the best, most up-to-date gadgets for all those recipients that just love the latest ‘must have’ piece of kit. So sit back, relax and let our Cuckooland gadget loving elves show you what’s what in the wonderful world of technology….

Wake up and smell the coffee

Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

When it comes to the best tech gifts, convenience makes for a good USP and you certainly don’t get more convenient than the Wi-Fi coffee machine. This super smart appliance can be programmed from your smart phone, meaning you don’t even have leave your bed before the first cup is ready! What’s more, this kitchen appliance of the gods can be programmed to specifics preferences, such as how strong you like your coffee and the number of cups required. As far as tech gifts go, the Wi-Fi Coffee Machine is cream of the…. coffee.

That's a wrap!

Nothing and I mean, nothing annoys a tech head more than tangled up headphones. Those wirery little life-savers are a pain in the commuting bum when it comes to detangling. So it goes without saying that a perfectly wrapped pair of headphones is the sort of gift techies dream of. Well now, dreams have become reality with the Wrap Core Wristband Headphones. These funky little headphones wrap neatly around your rest for quick access and no more wire knots. Available in a stunning range of colours, your sure to find the perfect pair to make that quirky tech personality.

Wraps Wooden Bed Wristband Headphones

Radio Ga Ga

tRadio DAB Radio in White

Music and techies go together like Han Solo and Chewy. So when its comes to bestowing a truly awesome piece of audio, the Kreafunk tRadio DAB Radio is where its at! This funky little radio comes in either a black or white finish and features up to 10 hours of battery life. With impeccable bluetooth function this sleek system can be transformed into a superb speaker for your favourite tracks.

Project your love

If your chosen recipient is a huge fan of film, then our next gift suggestion is sure to win best present ever status. This nifty little gadget take a Smartphone and transforms it into an actual movie projector!

Simply slip your smartphone into the lightweight cardboard box and voila! Your very own, portable projector. This super easy projector kit comes ready to use and will have your favourite films plastered across a wall in next to no time. Films aren’t the only thing this awesome bit of tech can projector. Treat your loved ones to a slide show of they favourite holiday/wedding/birthday snaps when the mood takes.

Smartphone Projector in Copper

Boom goes the box!

GPO Brooklyn Portable Boom Box

For fans of all things retro a Brooklyn Portable Boom Box is the gift that 80’s inspired dreams are made of. This iconic replica boom box will transport you back to a simpler time of acid wash jeans, sweat bands and questionable hairstyles. This incredible system features an  actual tape deck… yep, you read that right. As a side gift, you might want to browse the local charity shops for some beloved cassettes. 

Retro will only ever get you so far which is why the Brooklyn Boom Box also has Bluetooth connectivity, multimedia connection and DAB & FM Radio. 

Laptop lover

It’s a well known fact that hardcore techies will spend time and money protecting their glorious gadgets. So why not help this cause and throw a little style their way at the same time? The Wouf Tropical 13″ Laptop Sleeve is a gorgeous laptop protector which features a padded lining to protect against bumps and scratches. 

Made from hardwearing and durable canvas with black leather details and a bold gold zip, the Wouf Tropical Laptop will make a stylish and sophisticated gift.

Wouf Tropical Night Laptop

So there we have it, a list of the most gadgety gifts, perfect for any tech-head. For more gadget style gifts for all your tech savvy friends and family browse our full selection here.

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