7 World Cup Inspired Fathers Day Gifts

With Fathers Day quickly approaching it’s time to show Dad just how thankful we are for his endeavours, and with the World Cup approaching at an alarming rate what better a time to treat Dad to some football inspired memorabilia and merchandise. Without further-ado, let’s delve in to our top 7 (well, 6 and a booby-prize) World Cup inspired Fathers Day Gifts – starting with the most elaborate; your perfect guide for finding the ideal gift this year.

Pele’s Hair Diamonds

Commonly acknowledged as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Brazilian footballer Pele won the Jules Rimet three times during his career, and is now offering diamonds made from the carbon of his hair for the bargain price of $7500. I know, right?!? Whilst this is certainly the most obscure World Cup related gift we have stumbled across, we can almost guarantee that Dad will be the only one at the pub with such a unique gift.

Pele Diamonds

LSA Beer Tankard

It is widely accepted that football and beer go hand in hand. Dad enjoys little more than kicking up his feet and relaxing with a cold one with the big game. So why not get dear old dad his very own tankard for Fathers Day and the World Cup. The LSA Beer Tankard is made using the traditional technique of mouth-blown glass. Featuring a modern design this stunning beer tankard comes complete in its very own gift box.

LSA Beer Tankard

Football Sweet Tree

Dad will no doubt be surrounding himself with a wealth of football related merchandise this summer. Why not compliment his look, and satiate his sweet tooth with one of these football inspired Sweet Trees. These edible chocolate Football sweets will likely also take dad back to his more youthful years when he could buy 10 of these for a penny from the local tuck shop.

Personalised Chocolate Football Sweet Tree

World Cup Tickets

Whilst Dad is likely already complaining about the lack of potential this years England team have, secretly he dreams of our three-lions storming through to the final, and being there to watch it all in person. If you really want to treat your football mad Dad this year, and you’re feeling particularly lucky (tickets are already hard to come by – but check here to see what is available), why not look into treating him to tickets to a live game. Perfecting this elaborate gift would require a lengthy plane journey to Russia, Visas, luxurious accommodation, and pro-visionary tickets to the final should England manage to go all the way, but what better a way to show Dad how much you care.

*Sibling rivalry warning* – This may just make you Dad’s favourite child, so it may be worth asking competitive siblings to chip in.

2018 World Cup Tickets

Weathervane in Football Design

If Dad is a real world cup football fanatic, chances are he’ll want to shout it from the rooftops. So why not let his dedication to the beautiful game shine bright for everyone to see. A Football Design Weathervane will become a proud beacon on top of your parental home, leaving no doubt that a die-hard football fan resides within. Each weathervane is expertly crafted using machined parts, each is individually balanced and durably coated in High Density Polyethylene, which means it will last for many world cups to come.

Weathervane in Football Design

Official Football Shirt

Okay, so we realise that tickets to the World Cup may be slightly out of reach for the average Son or Daughter (particularly if Dad still only gives you 50p pocket money), so why not consider buying him is favourite teams Official shirt? This may require a bit of snooping – it would be wrong to assume he is supporting England, he may have dreams of grandeur the team cannot support – but this gift for Dad would certainly help him feel the part whilst cheering on his team.

2018 World Cup Football Shirts

Lotus Grill

Dad has had a wonderful day. He’s enjoyed more than a few of his beers, munched what remained of his chocolate Sweet Tree, and got over-excited that England haven’t been knocked out yet. How is he going to top off such a spectacular few hours? He’s going to invite his friends over for a barbeque of course. Make things simple for Dad with a Lotus BBQ Grill. Battery powered and easy to clean, the Lotus can cook the perfect steak inside of 6 minutes, ensuring Dads spontaneity does not cause too much inconvenience.

Lotus Grill BBQ

And the Booby-Prize…

By far the most unusual placement of promotional material we have seen is the Official 2014 World Cup Passion fragrance provides everything to the man who longs to smell of sweaty overworked Brazilian stadium builders, and low budget sun lotion (we assume -we haven’t actually smelt it. What do you expect it to smell like? A prize goes to the best comment below).

Official 2014 World Cup Fragrance

So there we have it. Which of our 7 World Cup inspired Fathers Day gifts made you smile the most? Remember, for more inspiration in finding the ideal Fathers day gift for him, check out our dedicated section at Cuckooland.

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