How To Find The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one can seem like the ultimate test of patience and skill. But fear not, for our clever Cuckooland infographic will show you just how to choose that perfect present. So sit back, relax and take note of our top tips for picking a unique gift:

  1. Be a budget beaver. Set it, stick to it and allow it to guide you in your glorious shopping expedition.
  2. Make the most of the occasion. If it’s a significant birthday then make a grand gesture.
  3. Match the gift to individual likes and interests. Wine, Sailing, Gardening or whatever their passion or love there’s a perfect gift out there just waiting to be found.
  4. When it comes to colour always go for your recipients favourite tone.
  5. Circumstance can help, has your lucky loved one just moved? Then consider those quirky new home necessities they just might need.
  6. If your gift requires additional add-on’s or have cost implications make sure these are affordable for your happy little gift receiver.
  7. Adding a personalised touch such as a heartfelt message or personalised name can take your gift from fine to fabulous in a few clicks of a mouse.
  8. Expand a hobby with a thoughtful gift, for example a retro record player makes a great gift for music lovers.
  9. Age is nothing but a number for some, but for others it can play a huge part in preferred gifts. Is your gift age appropriate?
  10. If your recipient has future plans you could indulge them with a gift that helps support those all important goals.

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