The Groovy Gift – why Retro is the Cool Gift of Choice

We’ve all been there, sitting at a friends house and you spot the coolest looking piece of retro furniture ever. You need it, want it, must have it but alas your friend informs you it was ‘a gift’.  Still there is that tiny part of you that feels she is holding out, where is this Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders where all her gifts appear from?  Well, today we will set you straight with the ultimate list of retro gift ideas for him and her.

Retro Rug in Antique Persian Design

Bid Antique Style Persian Rug

Trawling through retro treasures can lead to all sorts of discoveries. Take for example the iconic Retro Persian Rug. From living room decor to vintage film and TV sets, the Persian rugs has been a quintessential favourite amongst vintage collections. So when it comes to bestowing a retro gift with grandeur, you can’t go wrong with a vintage rug.

Retro Telephone in Union Jack Design

Union Jack Design Telephone

Tea, crumpets and black cabs; we Brits have a rich proud history which is so culturally ingrained that most of us cannot get through the day without our cup of tea. From Saville Row suits to bowler hats, it takes a person of true culture to really show off what it means to be British.  So if you have a friends or family member who love everything about this great nation, why not treat them to a very cool Retro Telephone in Union Jack Design. Of course aesthetics are one thing, but for a touch of modern convenience the telephone comes in two variants, one with touch button numbers, the other with an authentic touch dial.

Attache Record Player Turntable Suitcase in French Blue by GPO

GPO Attache Record Player in French Blue

Do you have a record collecting fanatic in your life, a special person who’s home consists of roughly 70% record shelving and music memorabilia? Then this has to be the ultimate retro gift for them! The Attache Record Player Turntable Suitcase features built in speakers and vintage carry case, meaning the recipient can listen to records anywhere. The record collector is defined simply by the sheer number of records he or she possess and so you see why the record collector in your life would rather have very little furniture than let his or her precious records have to suffer the indignity of not being on display. Rest assured that your music mad mate will always carry a special place in their heart for you after receiving such a cool gift and will undoubtably offer to come round and play you some of their favourite records on this portable player.

GPO Brooklyn Portable Boombox

GPO Brooklyn Portable Boombox

Lets stay on a retro musical note a minute longer and discuss the truly awesome GPO Brooklyn Portable Boombox. You can literally channel your 80’s self with this mammoth piece of nostalgic brilliance. The fully portable and completely authentic boombox features a cassette player, DAB radio, CD function and Bluetooth connectivity. Basically, this incredible machinery can play just about any mode of music. Of course, the biggest selling point of this fabulous must-have is the retro 80’s design. So dust off that denim jacket, strap on a sweatband or two and get ready to shake those hips, Michael Jackson style!

Reclaimed Coffee Table by Bluebone

Reclaimed Coffee Table

Do you have a friend or relative that is so laid back they are in permanent recline? Maybe you have a family member who’s knowledge of Jazz is so extensive that they seem to be from another time entirely.  Well for the lovers of all things jazz we recommend this ultra cool Reclaimed Coffee Table.  The Reclaimed Coffee Table has the look of a nicely worn piece of jazz club furniture and was designed to hold only the most eclectic of records and magazines, as well as a large glass of Merlot.

It’s easy to see why so many people love all things retro.  The nostalgia of each item is enough to bring back good memories from a simpler time. Whatever the reason, retro gifts are always well received.  Help us share the fun with retro gift ideas of your own, simple leave a comment in the section below.

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