Ultimate Gifts For Her Guide

That big occasion… It’s fast approaching and you’re still none the wiser. Sure, you’ve floated a few ideas with friends but they’ve scoffed at the suggestions. All you want is to see her smiling like a Cheshire cat as she peels back the last of the wrapping. But finding that perfect gift for her is proving utterly impossible.

Relax, relax – Cuckooland are here to offer a much-needed helping hand! Whether you’re shopping for your partner, mum, sister or female friend, you’re guaranteed to find an appropriate present among our colossal catalogue. In fact, we’ve done a bit of snooping ourselves and come up with a list of 10 very different gift candidates. So stop panicking and start reading. The ultimate gift for her is right here…

10. Waterproof Ankle Snug Boots

Some ladies really love their footwear. If this sounds like your loved one, then a pair of Waterproof Ankle Snug Boots is the way to go.

These thick, warm, super stylish shoes keep feet cosy and offer protection from the damp, whilst the beautiful faux-fur lining adds a visual and sensory touch. Available in a multitude of sizes, these boots are a brilliant choice to make a femme rock with gratitude through head, shoulders, knees and (especially) toes.

9. Root 7 G&Tea Set

It’s the classic British evening conundrum: cup of tea or G&T?

Well, you don’t have to scratch your head wondering which cups to get out of the cupboard anymore. The Root 7 G&Tea Set arrives with a splendidly designed, gold-patterned glass teapot and a pair of mugs, letting you brew tea or craft your own gin-based cocktail! A divine addition to any girly get-togethers.

8. Wouf Amazon Velvet Laptop 13" Sleeve

A lot of people take their laptops/iPads everywhere they go nowadays, but for all their portable tech power, they’re still susceptible to damage. A simple knock against a hard surface has the potential to send cracks spiralling across the screen.

That’s where the Wouf Amazon Velvet Laptop 13” sleeve comes into play. These foam-padded items keep electrical devices cushioned and covered, decorated in beautiful amazon-like patterns for a super-stylish exterior.

7. Wouf Ananas Beauty Bag

Do you have a sister, parent or partner who packs an arsenal of beauty products whenever they step out of the door? If so, the sight of the Wouf Anana Beauty Bag is going to make their heart leap.

Neat, cute, tidy and attractive, this easily transportable carry case is also roomy and practical – arriving with an interior pocket to keep accessories safe and sound on-the-move. With a fine leather finish on top, this present for her is sure to go down a storm.

6. Virginia Hayward Gin O'Clock Hamper

For gift number 6, we return to one of Britain’s favourite spirits – this time, though, it arrives with a sweet treat accompaniment!

The Virginia Hayward Gin O’Clock Hamper lets you kick back with a big bottle of delicious Tarquin’s Dry Gin, a pair of Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Waters to mix, and a box of crumbly buttermilk fudge to snack on. Two blissful candles are also included, setting the mood as you sink into the sofa with your feet up. Bliss, eh?

5. Wagging Tail Dog Clock in Spaniel

If your partner or mother loves their pet pooch, the Wagging Tail Dog Clock is the ideal addition to their bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Perhaps one of the quirkiest products we have in stock (and that’s saying a lot), this fun time-teller has a silhouette of a dog painted onto the clock face, complete with a tail that wags on the second! It’s also built with some of the most durable materials around, so she can enjoy the gift for years to come.

4. LSA Gin Balloon Glass Set

Slurping a freshly made G&T is one of the best ways to relax, but it’s even better when you have a gorgeous glass to drink from.

The LSA Gin Balloon Glass Set allows you to swill and swig any gin-based drink in a style befitting of it. Designed and crafted by artisans, these glasses are great to look at and for hearing the clink of ice against lemon.

3. Victor’s Drinks Mysecco Sparkling Wine Kit

If she is the artsy type who likes to create her own stuff from scratch, Victor’s Drinks Mysecco Sparkling Wine Kit is guaranteed to go down a treat.

Containing all the equipment and ingredients you need to craft your very own bottle, this wonderful kit offers the rare opportunity to become a winemaker – with the liquid ready to sample in just 14 days.

2. Corkcicle Wine Cooler

That first sip of ice-cold white wine on the weekend is heaven. But getting the temperature right isn’t easy – especially when you’re on a sunny picnic or you’ve cranked up the home heating during winter nights.

Fortunately, the Corkcicle Wine Cooler is your saviour. This clever little device arrives in a gift presentation box and is ready to use right away. All you need to do is pop it in the freezer for a few minutes, then place it in the bottle of wine you wish to drink, chilling the liquid from within. Warm vino will never surprise you again.

1. Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

Ask anyone – attempting to do your nails outside the comfort of your own home is a real nightmare. If there’s no flat surface nearby or room to manoeuvre, the result is invariably a disaster: think blotchy fingertips and spilled bottles.

The Tweexy Nail Polish offers the ultimate solution to this dilemma. Expertly designed to hold a typical nail polish bottle, this cute device slips seamlessly in between your fingertips, allowing you to safely store the nail solution and get painting or glossing without any hassle. Perfect for any lady who loves to stay glam on-the-go!

So now you’ve gone from being totally stumped to taking your pick from 10 terrific presents for her. If you’d like some more information, or you’re torn between two or three products, why not give the Cuckooland team a call for assistance?

For years, we’ve been helping our customers get their hands on great gifts. Pick up the phone and dial +44 (0) 1305 231 231 or drop us a line on customerservice@cuckooland.com; we’ll talk treats with you until you’ve settled on something that seems just right.

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