Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2017

For us grown-ups, Christmas is all about enjoying some well-deserved time off work with a glass of bubbly and a big family feast. But for the younglings, the best part of the day is scampering through the living room door and tearing back the wrapping paper on gifts piled high below the tree.

So what presents can you get for your children that will live up to the great expectation this year? Which gifts have the ability to release the really big smiles on their faces and the brightest of twinkles in their eyes? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to illustrate what’s hot in our terrific kids gift line-up for Christmas 2017:

10. Kiddimoto Stars Kurve Balance Bike

For any inquisitive child who loves looking to see what the world has to offer, the Kiddimoto Stars Kurve Balance Bike is a brilliant present for Christmas Day. It might be tough to wrap given its unmistakeable shape, but the sense of freedom this tiny vehicle offers more than compensates for that.

Every morning from the 25th onwards, you’re sure to see your little one with their helmet strapped on tightly and their jacket zipped to the top, waiting for you to join them on a road trip. A brilliant childrens gift and an essential right of passage!

9. Flamingo Bag

Free-spirited children are happy to wander around with nothing but their own thoughts (and you!) for company. However, for those who love to take their toys with them wherever they go, the Flamingo Bag offers the ideal solution.

Made from cotton canvas with a drawstring closing mechanism, this roomy sack lets your child stuff their toys away quickly and haul them to a separate location. No toys left behind means no tears. Although certainly not a main gift, this is definitely a thoughtful, practical addition to the multi coloured pile under the tree.

8. Neo Rocking Mammoth

The first rocker on our list is perhaps the most head-turning of the trio. The Neo Rocking Mammoth is a woolly wonder, created with super soft material that your child will absolutely adore.

What’s more, if your kid is an animal-lover, the Neo Rocking Mammoth can function as a brilliant practice pet. Your son or daughter can pretend to feed and take care of this fuzzy rocker, even cleaning his tusks from time to time!

7. Edvin Fox Rocker

The Edvin Fox Rocker is a worthy companion for your little one. As attractive as a real cub prancing through the woodland, this specially-made rocker has warm eyes and a kind smile, encouraging your kid to clamber confidently aboard.

Built with 100% cotton, suede ears and a polyester tail, Edvin Fox is smooth and soft from top to bottom, ensuring maximum safety and complete reassurance for you as a parent.  

6. Le Toy Van Cherry Tree Hall Doll House

 Another imagination-stirring toy is the Le Toy Van Cherry Tree Hall Doll House. This fully-painted four-story property is brimming with personality, featuring interactive décor, stunning winding staircases, and chimney stacks sprouting from the rooftop.

It’s the sort of plaything that will keep your child preoccupied for hours, inspiring them to come up with all kinds of stories.

5. Kids Concept Play Kitchen

Every child is different, but one thing they all share is a flair for the imagination. Give them the right tools, and kids can temporarily transport themselves into another world altogether.

The Kids Concept Play Kitchen is ideal for Christmas Day in particular, allowing your little one to mimic mum and dad who are busy whipping up turkey and veg for lunch. If you’re heading out to visit relatives – you can take this cute cookery toy with you. The model folds up quickly and easily with a carry handle attached for simple transport.

4. Angel Wings High Chair Cushion

The Angel Wings High Chair Cushion lets you treat your toddler to something practical and comfortable whilst retaining that all-important sense of Christmas spirit.

Constructed from 100% cotton, these seats are superb support mechanisms, and their festive shape renders them ideal for the 25th December. They’re also available in different colours, including pink, grey, mint blue and white with blue stripes.

3. Celeste Unicorn Rocker

For tots experiencing their first real taste of Christmas, there are a multitude of remarkable rockers to get them giggling with glee here at Cuckooland, including the Celeste Unicorn Rocker.

Plush, vibrant and gorgeously made, the Celeste Unicorn Rocker is a delightful gift for any young child. Just pop your little one on top and watch them swing back and forth in delight.

2. Snurk Fairy Duvet Set

To create a bedroom atmosphere that helps your child hit the pillow without a care in the world, you need to deck out the surroundings with furniture that reflects their tastes and personality. SNURK duvet bedding sets are a great place to begin.

These beautifully designed bedsheets are superb for keeping kids close to the things they love best. As soon as your little one slips below the duvet, they’ll feel as though they’re wearing the attire of a fireman, princess, footballer or even a magical fairy. Thanks to SNURK, tuck-in time has never been easier.

1. Bright Bugz Evolution Light Magic Trick

For kids who love to put on a performance on Christmas Day, there’s no better present than the Bright Bugz Evolution Light Magic Trick set. Equipped with little lights that fit tightly to fingertips, these tiny technological triumphs can be thrown from palm to palm for a wow-worthy magic show – even creating eye-popping patterns when pressed against a smartphone screen.

Whilst the Bright Bugz Evolution Light Magic Trick set can guarantee a fantastic time for the wannabe magician, it also works wonders for hand to eye co-ordination, aiding your child’s development.

Picking out the perfect gift is much easier when you have a helping hand. There’s a great  mix of potential pressies listed above, but if you’re after something a little different, all you need to do is get in touch with the crew here at Cuckooland. We’ve got a whole section on our site dedicated to gifts for kids, and even if you can’t spot the one you’re looking for, our team can find it for you.

We’ve been helping parents to delight their little ones for years, so don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01305 231 231 or send a message to Your kids are in for a very Merry Christmas.

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