Take the Christmas Party Outdoors with Cuckooland

Being spontaneous with family and friends is the cinnamon-flavoured spice of life. Dining, gathering together and entertaining is often the highlight of many people’s festive season.

While the winter months see Jack Frost nipping at our heels, this shouldn’t stop you and your loved ones from making full use of your entire home this Christmas.

If you have a garden or outside space, why not use it 12 months of the year. These nine ultra-stylish buys will take – and keep – the party outdoors!

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1. Cosi Fires Cosivista Outdoor Fireplace

Cosi Fires Cosivista Outdoor Fireplace

It seems like the whole world has fallen in love with Scandi styling. Inspired by a culture perfectly at ease with long winter evenings, you can light this fireplace to keep everyone toasty warm.

Featuring a battery-operated electronic ignition, this product saves you preparing logs – so there’s always more time to make warming cocktails and treats. We’d recommend its all-weather cover (not included), but it does arrive with ceramic logs and lava rocks. How cute is that?

2. Cook King Porto Fire Bowl

Cook King Porto Fire Bowl

Bringing serious camping vibes, this rustic raw black steel fire bowl by Cook King is intended for outdoor use only. Make a hot chocolate (or six) for your guests and sit back to enjoy the warmth – safe in the knowledge that its tripod legs offer added stability.

Its striking concave bowl is a clever design feature that’ll stop its embers from blowing towards guests.

3. The Piet Boon DISC Outdoor Patio Heater by Heatsail

Piet Boon DISC Outdoor Patio Heater by Heatsail

Call off the search if you’re looking to add a dash of café culture to your outdoor space. With continental looks and inbuilt anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology, this remote-controlled patio heater and lamp are ideal when the temperature drops. Expect brownie points from your nearest and dearest, who are bound to be impressed – and relaxed – at your winter garden party.

4. DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven Pizzaiolo Collection

DeliVita Outdoor Pizza Oven Pizzaiolo Collection

This portable pizza oven collection means the party needn’t stay inside this Christmas. Think of it as winter alfresco dining – warmed by the heaters mentioned above. No one will go hungry here, as you can whip up a mouthwatering 12-inch wood-fired pizza in as little as 90 seconds.

Create a pop-up pizzeria and watch people queue up to try them. The only dilemma is choosing your toppings … sweet or savoury?. With compact dimensions, you can use this on a balcony too, so more people can now take the party outdoors.

5. Quan Quadro Small Wood Fired BBQ

Quan Quadro Small Wood Fired BBQ

Who said barbeques are only for summer evenings? Cooking outdoors is a great bonding experience, sure to encourage any Christmas guests out into the garden. However, this stunning wood-fired barbeque is quite the upgrade. Reaching 400°C, it’s ideal for ‘Teppanyaki’ grill cooking. This twist on standard Christmas cooking is sure to be a show stopper.

It’s also a sleek two-in-one cooking and heating solution with party practicality in mind. There’s room to store your logs within the unit – enhancing rather than detracting from its sculptural appearance. Whether you choose to cook meat and fish or vegetables and fruit dishes, the air intake lets you control the fire. Forget the kitchen, and make full use of your patio instead.

6. HypeDome Garden Pod

HypeDome Garden Pod

Now that your guests are feeling full, you can retire to this incredible domed pod for hot chocolates or something stronger. See-through, with super durable polycarbonate panels that outperform glass, you’ll never need to call off the party because of rain, winds or snow.

Perfect for the ‘can’t make up its mind’ British weather, this waterproof structure ensures you can celebrate outside in temperatures as low as -50°C. With room for 8 guests seated around a table, it is sure to impress them … and the neighbours. Also, there’s no need to stop the party early either, as the stunning HypeDome has noise-cancelling acoustics. We say why not appreciate the great outdoors whilst staying lovely and warm inside this grotto-like structure.

7. Maze Rattan Manhattan Reclining 3 Seat Sofa Set with Fire Pit Coffee Table

Maze Rattan Manhattan Reclining 3 Seat Sofa Set with Fire Pit Coffee Table

We understand that you want to entertain your guests and create special Christmas memories, this year more than ever. That’s where the Maze Rattan Manhatten Sofa Set is a ‘must-have’.

Not only does it offer somewhere to gather at winter parties, but The Maze Rattan Manhattan set has a fire pit coffee table at its heart. This will add warmth and atmosphere whether you’re having lunch with the girls or holding a chic evening soiree. Plus, the frame is frost and UV resistant, making this furniture ideal for Christmas parties. Recline in any of the five comfy seats whilst gazing at the centrepiece’s flickering flames. Yet, powered by smokeless propane, this item will create a VIP experience for up to 7 hours.

8. Cozy Living Mathea Melange Throw

Cozy Living Mathea Melange Throw

Being outdoors is especially magical in winter. But you need to keep everyone warm and wrapped up as a welcoming host.

That’s why Cozy Living’s Mathea Melange Throw – in a reindeer shade of grey – is perfect for extending the party into your garden. Tactile with a traditional fringe edging, it has been designed with a herringbone pattern. Created from 60% wool, this is a timeless way of keeping warm on chilly nights.

Serving up pizzas and campfire cones but worried about the potential mess? You can relax, knowing that you can pop these throws into a washing machine. At 170×130 cm, it is sure to encourage hugs.

9. Garden Trading Golf Ball Festoon Lights with 20 Bulbs

Garden Trading Golf Ball Festoon Lights with 20 Bulbs

As with the sumptuous throw, it’s these finishing touches that make your garden an ideal party setting at Christmas time.

At 8.7m long, the Garden Trading 20 outdoor-friendly festoon lights will add a warming white glow. Being LED means they’ll last for 5,000 hours. This gives you the perfect opportunity (or excuse) for lots of outdoor entertaining.

I love fixing these lights to fences, trees and even garden pods – a task made easy thanks to the loop on each of the bulbs.

Utilise your Outdoor Space this Christmas with Cuckooland

Looking to throw the perfect Christmas party outdoors? These stylish outdoor cooking and heating centrepieces make full use of your gorgeous garden or bijoux balcony.

Want to know more about our wide collection of garden items? Why not browse our online emporium, before calling +44 (0) 1305 231231 or sending us an email.


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