Top Tips For Creating Fun Kids Rooms to Share

When it comes to sharing bedrooms, some kiddies might decide for themselves that they’d like to bunk up… for others, bedroom sharing might be a necessity. No matter your situation or circumstance, we’re here to help keep the fun alive with our selection of kid’s beds!

If your kiddies are planning on sharing a space, either at home or maybe at the grandparents – there are a few things you might want to consider before selecting their final furniture, such as their age difference, gender, personalities, privacy, storage space and bedtime routine. We’ve got a few handy hints and tips on how to get around these potential obstacles and make bedroom sharing the best it can be!

From bunk beds to triple sleepers and single beds, see our top 10 choices for siblings! (2)
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1. Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide

Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide

If the Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide doesn’t get your youngsters excited about sharing a bedroom, we don’t know what will! I mean, who can resist a slide?!

Part bunk bed, part climbing frame; featuring a wooden canopy, slanted ladder, peek-a-boo window… and a SLIDE, they’ll be having so much fun playing in their new digs, they’ll forget all about sharing a bedroom.

Your kids will love scurrying up to the top bunk to play house with their soft toys and then taking it in turns to whizz down the slide to do it all again! They’ll be cream crackered before it even gets to bedtime…

As the bottom bunk is set lower to the ground, encouraging younger children to get in and out independently, the Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed is also a great choice if your tots have an age gap between them.

2. Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

A bunk bed for bookworms – we give you the Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed!

For kids that share interests, but need their own space, the separate bookcases will come in handy. And for the toys and trinkets they don’t mind passing between them – the extra shelving below the steps won’t go to waste.

Once they’re all settled in and they’ve arranged their bunk just how they like, they’ll love swapping stories and secrets before lights out. Bunk beds encourage bonding! Add the optional trundle drawer for even more storage or set up a mattress and friends can stay over and join in the fun!

Finished in white and natural, the Scandi-inspired unisex design would be suitable for a wide age range. Style with bedding to suit each of their personalities and pop lamps at both levels so they can enjoy bedtime reading.

3. Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

If space isn’t an issue – the Lifetime Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps sets the standard for bedroom sharing!

At first glance, it might look like an L-shaped bunk bed, but you’ll find it’s a high sleeper with a single bed below! What does this mean for your kiddies? They can move their bedroom around to suit them… and if they’ve outgrown sharing a space, as the beds are already separated, they can easily move out without the need to buy and build new beds!

The fabric canopy, responsibly sourced wooden panels and storage staircase create a treehouse in their bedroom. Completely customisable, from shelves to personalised nameplates – your kids can really make it their own. There’s even the option to invite mutual friends over to sleep – simply add in the pull-out trundle and a mattress and they can hide themselves in their room and get up to all sorts of mischief together!

4. Trasman Barca Bunk Bed with Wardrobe

Trasman Barca Bunk Bed with Wardrobe

The NSPCC recommend children over the age of 10 should have their own bedroom, but this might not always be an option if you’re short on space!

If you’ve spoken to your brood and they’re still happy to be sharing a bedroom, the Trasman Barca Bunk Bed with Wardrobe is a great choice for older kids.

The defined bunks create quiet zones to help keep the peace and their privacy intact! They’ll both appreciate the separate drawers and shelving units so their bits and bobs don’t get muddled together.

This reversible bunk bed comes in a choice of colours – white, blue and pink, all paired with Cacina wood effect panels and modern silver door and drawer handles. Kids can personalise their section with removable stickers, artwork and posters to really put their stamp on it.

With installation available, all that’s left to do is toss a coin to decide who gets the top bunk…

5. Mathy by Bols Dominique Triple Bunk Bed

Mathy by Bols Dominique Triple Bunk Bed

What do you do if you’ve got three kiddies or triplets sharing a box room? The Mathy by Bols Dominique Triple Bunk Bed comes to the rescue!

Keeping things fair for the three of them, they each have their own shelf at the end of the bed – perfect for bedtime drinks and nightlights.

Carefully crafted from solid pine wood, the sturdy frame can be finished in a choice of 26 colours… you read that right… 26! Let your little ones cast their vote and if they can’t settle on a final shade, then play it safe with white or grey and use their bedding to showcase their individual characters!

Whether they’re sleeping over at the grandparent’s place or you’re short on space at home, memories will be made with the triple bunk bed from Mathy by Bols!

6. Pino Kids Bunk Bed in 3 Heights in Grey

Pino Kids Bunk Bed in 3 Heights in Grey

It will be no surprise to know siblings don’t always see eye to eye. If you’ve got brothers or sisters of your own – you might remember the squabbling?

Sometimes bedroom sharing doesn’t always go to plan… or now they’re grown your kids have decided they’re ready to move out and have a bedroom of their own! Whatever the situation for separate bedrooms down the line, this decision can be a sting when it comes to forking out for new furniture. But don’t you worry, we’ve thought of everything!

The Pino Kids Bunk Bed in 3 Heights in Grey comes available in 3 sizes, depending on ceiling height. Starting out as a bunk bed, if bedroom sharing is no longer on the cards, the frame can later be split into two single beds saving you from buying additional furniture! Simply remove the ladder and adjust the solid wooden beds and they’re ready to go it alone.

And if they find that they’re missing the company… it just as easily becomes a bunk bed again! Maybe keep the tool kit on standby, just in case?

7. New York Metal Kids Single Bed

New York Metal Kids Single Bed in Yellow - Image Credit: @the_view_from_number_3

Bunk beds might not always be the right fit. Either ceilings won’t allow for the extra height or tots might be afraid of falling, therefore single beds, side by side, would be the natural alternative. But you don’t want to lose the fun – so we’d suggest something colourful like the New York Metal Kids Single Beds!

Available in a choice of bright and bold finishes, opt for all the same colour or mix and match depending on your kiddies’ tastes. One might be besotted with blue, but the others can’t stand it!

Pair with bedside tables, lamps, canopies and curtains that tie the bed colours together and create a happy and harmonious space for them to relax, play and snooze!

8. Vox Stige Kids Single Bed with Trundle Drawer

Vox Stige Kids Single Bed with Trundle Drawer

If you’re considering single beds in the kiddie’s shared bedroom, the Vox Stige Kids Single Bed with Trundle Drawer helps divide their space out.

The wooden ladder frames act as room dividers for added privacy but are also a great way for kids to personalise their own space and express themselves. Add the storage cubes, bags and corkboards and they can hang decorations, accessories, plants and art around them. The clever design saves on space too – leaving the rest of their room for other activities!

Part of the Stige collection from Vox, add the other modular furniture designs to their setup so they’ll each have everything they need to live quarrel-free!

9. Kids Tipi Bed

Kids Tipi Bed
Kids Tipi Bed with Canopy

Create a Wild West-inspired hideout for brothers or sisters with the Kids Tipi Bed! With optional canopies and lights to choose from, each sibling will have a cosy and quiet spot to retreat to, if they’re needing some alone time.

And when they’re re-charged and ready to play, the tipi-style dens become playhouses! They’ll love peeking through the circular windows and pulling faces at one another across the room!

Style the rest of their bedroom to follow the theme – with glow-in-the-dark stars, a few torches and bedtime hot chocolates, it’ll feel like they’re camping out.

The low Montessori design helps encourage independence in smaller children. They can hop in and out when they need without assistance and there’s no worry of nighttime tumbles. Playful, secure and oh-so-cute, sharing a bedroom isn’t so bad!

10. Lifetime 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Lifetime Funland 4 in 1 Combination Bed
Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed

All made from responsibly sourced materials, each of the convertible 4-in-1 Combination Beds from Lifetime can be adapted to suit your kiddie’s individual needs and varying age ranges.

With a choice of canopy themes – from dinosaurs, wildlife, fairies and more – they can each pick their favourite! Suitable for wee-ones as young as 2 years of age, up to 11 years and beyond – the Lifetime 4 in 1 Combination Beds cover every stage and are ideal for bedroom sharing.

Firstly, the canopy-style house beds are set low to the ground and surrounded by guard rail side panels for added security. The bed frame can then be raised to accommodate a trundle drawer for sleepovers or storage. When the colourful cotton canopies become outgrown, the frame can be adapted to become a high sleeper – a great option for growing teens. And lastly, a day bed-style single is the final stage! If your kids have a big age gap between them, simply adapt the bed to suit them! 

Perhaps at first your little ones are overjoyed to be sharing a bedroom, but you can tell later down the line they might want separate bedrooms, the Lifetime Combination Beds give them that choice!

Kids Beds That Take Bedroom Sharing from Unbearable to Brilliant!

Your kids might have grumbled about sharing before, but when they find what’s in store, the only tears you’ll be seeing will be happy ones! Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email if you want to share your plans!


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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