Battle of the Best Toddler Beds!

The stepping stone between their first cot and a full-sized single bed – toddler beds are an excellent transition for tentative tots!

Whether your youngster has outgrown their first bed or they’re showing early signs that they’re ready for the next stage; if you want to encourage sleep confidence and reassure your restless sleeper, a toddler bed is a must-have! Unless their cot is already convertible, a toddler/junior bed creates a more manageable middle stage, combining the best bits of their safe and familiar baby crib and preparing them for the extra independence and space they’d get with an adult bed. Think of it as their training wheels phase – for sleep!

But which is the best fit for your tot? Available in all shapes, sizes and specifications, it can be tricky knowing what to look out for. There’s only one thing for it… a battle of Cuckooland’s best toddler beds, by category! Along with a few tips and tricks, our guide will have the whole family sleeping soundly, so everyone’s a winner!

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Montessori - The Jackson Toddler House Bed

The Jackson Toddler House Bed is purposefully ‘kid-sized’ and takes inspiration from the Montessori method of teaching. But what is the Montessori method? Developed by Doctor Maria Montessori, this teaching technique encourages learning through the use of child-friendly furniture, surroundings and activities, to hone independence and self-confidence in kids.

Cleverly designed to be multi-functional too; this play house, reading nook, relaxing retreat and sleep setup is oh-so-adorable! From floor to mattress, the Jackson Toddler Bed’s reduced distance keeps kids safe and sound while they’re playing/relaxing/sleeping inside. Making it easier for kids to get in and out un-aided – these features are especially handy when the potty training stage is also underway!

Style the open canopy with fairy lights, bunting, hanging decorations or fabric, to customise their bed and soothe nervous sleepers. And don’t forget their favourite soft toys; Teddy will want to see their new Montessori toddler bed too!

The Jackson Toddler House Bed

Safety - Vipack Isla Toddler Bed

Potential nighttime tumbles are a common concern for many kids, meaning they might miss their reassuring safety rails when moving from their first cot to their first kid’s bed. That’s why the Vipack Isla Toddler Bed has been designed with vertical slats and guard rail panels on all four sides and why it’s our number one pick when it comes to safety! Gently encouraging their newfound independence, they can hop in and out if they need to, but can also fall asleep without the fear of falling out!

Crafted from solid pine wood, with either a grey or white finish – although the low bed has been designed with little legs in mind, there’s no shortage of storage space. Add the coordinating trundle drawer and keep their comforters and stuffed animal collection close, should your kids need to cosy up with a cuddle buddy!

Vipack Isla Toddler Bed

Storage - Vipack Caspian Toddler Bed

Growing tots are going to need extra storage! For their ever-expanding bits and bobs, from their toys to trainers, they’ll need a home for everything to live. Helping utilise every inch of floor space, the Vipack Caspian Toddler Bed gives you the option to add a sized-to-fit storage drawer for all of their bedroom essentials. Available in grey or white, to match the Caspian Junior Bed frame, the solid wooden sliding drawer will keep everything neatly hidden away. Including those pesky building blocks, all kids seem to love leaving out…
Still tot-sized to suit your little one – the compact design, low dimensions and guard rails will tick more than just the storage box! Along with the reassuring features, they’ll be sleeping soundly in their (hopefully) tidy bedroom!

Vipack Caspian Toddler Bed

Cohesive collection - Vipack Kiddy Toddler Bed

When it’s time to update the nursery and choose a toddler bed, often their first bedroom gets filled with mismatched furniture. If that’s not the look you’re going for, we’d recommend shopping the Vipack Kiddy collection!

Part of the Kiddy range, the compact toddler bed looks a lot like the full-sized single bed, to give tots a confidence boost when it comes to bedtime! The low height and guard rails offer just enough support without looking like a ‘baby bed’.

Pair the toddler bed with the Kiddy chest of drawers, wardrobe, bookshelf, wall shelf, bedside table and toy box to create an organised and coordinated space made for play, rest and sleep! If you’re still looking to mix and match, the Kiddy storage comes in white, pastel pink, mint green and grey colours. And when the time comes to replace their toddler bed, the Vipack Kiddy Single Bed is ready and waiting to take its place amongst their already matching furniture!

Vipack Kiddy Toddler Bed

Fun Features - Vipack Casami Toddler House Bed

Bedtime can be a daunting idea for us all! Especially so for active kids with active imaginations. Introducing a full dose of fun to their daily routine, kids will look forward to visiting the Vipack Casami Toddler House Bed!
During the day, it’s a play house, ready for some make-believe magic. And at night, the bed’s bench is the perfect spot for bedtime stories and creating a dedicated space to wind down. Use as a seat, a bookshelf or a bedside table – and keep nightlights, soft toys and drinks on standby.
Ready to be styled with their choice of lights and bedding, get creative and decorate the roof with glow-in-the-dark stickers, an uplifting quote or family photographs – to keep them company during the night. And if they find themselves awake, the Casami Toddler House Bed will quickly distract them from bad dreams, along with all of the tools they’ll need to self-soothe and drift off to sleep.

Casami Toddler Bed
Vipack Casami Toddler House Bed

Best Value - Nora Toddler Teepee Bed

Toddler beds are usually suited to ages 2-4 years and will eventually need replacing once they’ve been outgrown. With that in mind, you might not want to blow their whole bedroom budget on just the toddler bed! Calling the pocket-friendly Nora Toddler Teepee Bed by Cuckooland – our best value pick!

Don’t let the low price tag fool you, this bargain has bags of benefits too! Similar to the Jackson Toddler bed, but with a tipi canopy, the Montessori design is easily accessible and helps encourage sleep confidence. The only downside, the low clearance means you’re missing out on under-bed storage… but that also means there’s no space for a monster to take up residence! Instead, style the wooden canopy with hanging storage pockets or pouches and keep nighttime essentials within reach. Where teddy bears, books, blankets and bedding would usually be hidden away, they’ll get to hang out!

Nora Toddler Teepee Bed

Convertible - Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ Kids Junior Bed in White & Oak

When it comes to convertible toddler beds, Oliver Furniture do it best! Made to be used for longer, the Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ Junior Bed is growth-spurt-ready. Starting as a compact and comforting toddler bed, when your tot’s sleep confidence becomes sky-high, the Wood Mini+ Junior Bed can reach new heights too, literally! Compatible with the optional conversion kits, when they’re ready for the next stage, easily adapt the design to create a low bunk bed (perfect for sleepovers and sharing siblings) or a low loft bed with space to play. Getting more from their furniture, you won’t need to replace their bed so soon, and you’ll also be making better use of the floor space a bed takes up. All lovingly crafted from solid, responsibly sourced birchwood with a durable child-safe finish, you can even convert the bed back to its original toddler bed state – should younger siblings arrive on the scene!

Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ Kids Junior Bed in White & Oak

All-in-one - Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed

If you’re looking for an all-singing, all-dancing toddler bed – the Lifetime 4 in 1 Combination Bed covers your checklist and then some!

Okay, it’s not really a toddler bed, so you might be wondering what it’s doing in our list, well, hear us out! Suitable for ages 2+ years, it’s the perfect first bed for toddlers. Covering all the toddler bed bases – including a low design, guard rail side panels, a fun-tastic house bed canopy, a convertible frame and a long life-span – not only will the Lifetime Combination Bed see them through toddlerhood, but into early adulthood too! The only bed your kids will ever need; the responsibly sourced and crafted Scandinavian Pine frame converts up to four times. Starting as a low house bed with guard rails, simply reconfigure the frame to suit their needs and choose from a raised house bed (with optional trundle), a high sleeper bed or a day bed style single. There are even options to customise further, with extra shelves, lights, hanging boxes, storage and a personalised nameplate to top it off!

Available in a choice of themes, from dinosaurs to fairies; in a ‘Battle of the Best Toddler Beds’ the Lifetime 4 in 1 Combination Bed surely gets the top spot?

Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Top of the Toddler Beds

Which toddler bed gets your number one top spot? Not quite decided? Call our Toddler Bed experts on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email if you’re battling between two!


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