The Top Ten Themes for Kid's Bedrooms

If you’re undertaking a kid’s bedroom do-over, they’ve outgrown the nursery and it’s time to search out and construct their ‘big kids’ bed, then we’d recommend settling on a theme before you get started!

Not sure which theme to choose? There are so many amazing ideas at your fingertips; from the wild west to seaside inspired – themed designs and novelty kids’ beds are a great starting point. By initially picking out their bed – the décor, wall art and accessories all fit into place, once the larger furniture pieces have been found.

Us big kids never forget our first bedrooms! Despite putting up with the cutesy patterned wallpaper and the hand-me-down bedding we endured, our kids’ bedrooms were a fond memory for us all. When it comes to designing your little one’s bedroom you have the power to make it even more special than yours was! Create a unique and exciting retreat they’ll never forget and select a theme that will never tire.

With our top ten kids’ bed themes below, you and your kiddies will look back years from now and smile… that’s truly priceless!

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1. The Bedroom They’ve Always… Wanted – Wild West Theme!

Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood

Transporting tots to the Wild West – the Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood is the perfect spot for cowboys and cowgirls to hang up their hats!

Setting imaginations soaring, the designer tepee cabin bed features cut out windows for them to keep an eye on their herd of soft toys. And with a trundle drawer option available, use as extra storage or invite their posse to stay over!

Run with the Wild West theme and add the matching bookcase, bedding and style with rugs and a rocking horse to create an Old West setting that they’ll want to rush home to. If they have a themed bedroom this incredible, you won’t have to be the big bad sheriff at bedtime… they’ll already be tucked in and counting sheep!

2. Pick a Bed They’ll Whaley Love – Underwater/Seaside Theme!

Lifetime Ocean Life Beach House Corner Bed

Designed to look just like a beach hut, create a seaside or ocean themed bedroom with the Lifetime Ocean Life Beach House Corner Bed. The L shaped single bed features a lookout window, perfect for daydreaming about ice-creams at the harbourside… hopefully sans the sand!

The beautifully illustrated canopy transports tots further out to sea, featuring a host of whales, turtles and other underwater creatures to encourage imaginations. Creating a cosy nook below, the covered bench seat is the perfect setting for bedtime stories. Snuggle up with their favourite non-fiction books and discover interesting facts about the big blue!

Splash out on the extra accessories, personalised nameplate and matching furniture to create a truly unique themed bedroom for your kiddies.

3. They’ll Be Dreaming in Pink – Princess Theme!

Lifetime Butterflies Four Poster Bed

When deciding on a bedroom theme and furniture, pick out a bed fit for royalty. The Lifetime Butterflies Four Poster Bed will leave little ones all of a flutter!

Complete with floaty curtains and a canopy, it’s a magical spot for them to rule the kingdom… and hopefully get some beauty sleep! The colourful embroidered butterflies are an enchanting detail – they’ll dance above as they gently drift off to their fairytale fantasies. Add a trundle drawer for additional storage and a mattress if they’d love to host sleepover parties with their fellow-subjects.

With a bed this beautiful, stick with pink and decorate the walls, floors and ceilings in pretty pastel shades to create a palace you could only have dreamed of as a kid!

4. Call in the Heroes – Firefighter Theme!

Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed

If your youngster aspires to be a service hero someday, the Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed comes to the rescue when decorating the kid’s bedrooms. The play tower is perfect for practising! Oh no – Teddy needs saving! Your fearless firefighters can clamber up the climbing wall, assess the situation and save the day! Thank goodness they were on call…

Every brave hero needs a place to rest their head. The hidden single bunk below is the perfect place to take a breather.

Paint the walls in bright colours to follow the firefighter theme or keep things neutral and let the bed be the centrepiece. No matter how colourful you go, your kids will love playing, relaxing and sleeping in the Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed.

5. Select a Bed That’s Totally Roarsome – Dinosaur Theme!

Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Stomping onto the scene – the Lifetime Dino 4 in 1 Combination Bed takes bedrooms from prehistoric to dino-mite!

Enough to make imaginations ‘dino-saur’ – kids will love discovering the canopy play tent windows, illustrations, storage pockets and bunting. With a bed this amazing, you’ll go from fossil to favourite parent!

Growing with your dino-obsessed kids, the adjustable wooden frame is suitable for ages 2 to teen so won’t become a thing of the past anytime soon. Simply adapt the design to suit their capabilities and create a full-sized single bed once the dinosaur theme has sadly been outgrown.

6. Create a Woodland Wonderland – Treehouse Theme!

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Your cute critters won’t be able to resist daily visits to the Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform. Part treehouse, part climbing frame, part sleep setup – it doesn’t get more exciting than this all-encompassing kid’s bed!

With a top and bottom bunk, it’s great for siblings or inviting their cub-scout companions to camp out… maybe not the whole troop though! Style the Treehouse Bunk Bed with torches, play tents and animal stuffies, to fully immerse themselves in the woodland theme. With a bedroom this cool, hopefully, you’ve gained enough brownie points for the ‘no adults’ sign to be retired…

7. Wild Beds for Wild Kids - Jungle Theme!

Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

If you struggle encouraging your crazy cubs to stick to a bedtime routine, the Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed will help tame those bad habits!

This jungle-esque escape looks just like a tent! Hanging from the cotton canvas canopy, embroidered leaves await them at bedtime – play wilderness sleep sounds and it will feel like they’ve been transported to the rainforest. Add an animal print rug, tropical plants and jungle-themed artwork to inspire their wild ways!

Designed for ages 2 and up, the wooden bed frame can be converted from a tent house bed to a high sleeper and then a full-sized single bed. Now that’s something to really go wild about!

8. Make Sure You Choo Choo Choose Wisely – Transport Theme!

Mathy by Bols Wagon Bunk Bed with Drawers

All aboard the Mathy by Bols Wagon Bunk Bed with Drawers! Next stop… Dreamland. A bunk bed with a difference – the cabins each feature a full-sized single bed with storage to boot – great for kiddies that collect souvenirs on their travels. Complete with a desk to the end, it’s a spot to plan trips, go loco over their favourite locomotives and maybe, just maybe complete some homework?

The Wagon Bunk Bed is available in 26 colours, meaning you can style their bedroom any way they like! Although if your kiddies are sharing a bedroom, that’s easier said than done.

9. Be Ewe-nique Not a Style Sheep - Farmyard Theme!

Kids Country House Bed

A barn for your bairns – follow a farmyard theme with the Kids Country House Bed and turn their sty into a stylish first bedroom.

The single bed’s scalloped, slanted roof and cut out windows look just like a quaint countryside cottage. One moment they’ll be playing house, the next they’ll be counting sheep!
With the option to add an accompanying trundle drawer and mattress, friends will be able to come over and stay. Add fairy lights for a spot of make-believe star gazing and keep bedtime drinks on the window shelves. Hot chocolate is a must!

If you style the Kids Country House Bed just so, there’ll be no need to roundup your flock – they’ll be rushing to brush their teeth!

10. Find a Bed That’s Totally Out of This World – Space Theme!

Pino Kids Mid Sleeper with Slide & Curtain

Complete with slide and curtain, the Pino Kids Mid Sleeper offers several themes if you’re still stuck! Our personal favourite is the Space Pino Mid Sleeper!

Cosmonaut kids can invite over their ‘rocket crew’ classmates, blast off down the slide, hide out behind the themed curtain and evade those unidentified flying objects! When they’ve completed another axis rotation (that’s a typical day for you and me), it will be one small step up, and one giant leap into bed. Awaiting your tuckered out space cadets, the single mid-sleeper will have them refuelled, recharged and ready to set off on another mission!

When they’re not exploring their ever-expanding universe, the curtain is a great place to keep toys tidied away and out of sight. Add matching bedding, bean bag chairs and colourful fairy lights for your wannabe astronauts to enjoy!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Our Kids Bedroom Themes!

So, those are our favourite themes, but which are yours and your munchkins? Still undecided? Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us at and we’ll find the dream theme for their first bedroom!


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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