How to Organise a Kid's Bedroom for the Year Ahead

Many of us start the year with grand plans and the best intentions of decluttering our homes and getting rid of that just-in-case junk once and for all. Few rooms are more susceptible to clutter than the kid’s room – especially with the addition of post-Christmas toys and back-to-school paperwork that now needs a home.

We know how difficult it can be to find the time and energy for a sort-out, especially once the New Year motivation wears off. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best decluttering techniques and kid’s storage items that can help make this daunting task quicker and easier – and maybe even, dare we say it, fun!

So, if you want to get your little one’s room organised for the year ahead, here’s how to clear the clutter and create more space for you to have fun together.

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1. Involve the kids in organising

Our number 1 tip for organising your kid’s room is to get them in on the challenge. If they need motivation, try turning decluttering into a game to get them interested, or create a rewards chart and offer rewards for tidying tasks completed.

2. Decluttering techniques for the kid’s bedroom

With limited time available to most parents, it can be helpful to have a plan to follow for your decluttering. Here are some of the most popular techniques you can use to make organising the kid’s room easier:

  • 5-minute tidying sessions
    This technique is perfect for busy parents, as you only need to spend 5 minutes solidly tidying. Set a timer and get the kids involved, seeing who can pack away the most toys before the alarm goes off.

  • 12-12-12 decluttering challenge
    To follow this challenge, you have to find 12 things to throw out, 12 things to donate and 12 to put away. You can repeat the challenge as often as you like, until your child’s bedroom clutter-free and organised.

  • The 6-month rule
    The 6-month rule is sometimes considered a ‘kinder’ decluttering method, as you only need to get rid of anything you haven’t used for 6 months. In the kid’s room, you can apply this to any toys they haven’t played with in the past half year or clothes that are now too small – ideal if your little ones are growing up fast.

  • 30-day minimalism game
    To play this game, you have to throw away, donate or sell an increasingly high number of things every day, starting with 1 thing on day 1, and working up to 30 things on day 30. It gets harder as the month goes on – challenge the kids to keep going as long as possible.

  • Declutter area by area
    Most tidying tasks are easier to tackle if you break them down into designated zones. When organising the kid’s room, you could divide it into clothes and shoes, toys, books, study area and under the bed, taking on one task each day or week.

  • The ‘one touch’ tidying rule
    This tidying technique can be difficult with kids around, but the basic premise is that once you’ve used something, instead of putting it down, you put it away immediately – dealing with it in ‘one touch’ and reducing clutter.

  • The KonMari method™
    We couldn’t collect our favourite decluttering techniques without mentioning clean-queen Marie Kondo’s mindful method, which advises you to keep only the items that ‘spark joy’ and speak to your heart (or, in this case, your child’s heart!)
Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed in Acacia & White

3. Underbed storage

A common challenge when organising a kid’s room is a lack of space for more storage furniture.

Maximising the often-overlooked area under your child’s bed is a great way to use every inch of available space in their room.

For smaller bedrooms, choose a mid or high-sleeper bed that offers built-in storage underneath or room for you to add your own, such as a chest of drawers or toy boxes. The Harper High Sleeper is one of our best kid’s beds for optimising space.

Lars Low Cabin Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers
Harper High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

4. Toy organisation ideas

When it comes to finding a place for the mountains of toys that have accumulated post-Christmas, the task can seem overwhelming.

We recommend investing in child-level bookcases, baskets, and boxes with labels. This means you can designate a home for everything, and your little one can easily put their toys back in the right place by themselves (we can hope!)

Our Vox Tuli Toy Storage Unit has multiple compartments with labels, to help categorise their belongings. If your child is too young to read, use pictures on the labels instead of words.

Vox Tuli Bookcase & Toy Storage

5. Furniture with kid appeal

As well as turning organising into a game to motivate kids, it may also help to make their storage as exciting as possible.

At Cuckooland, we have a range of fun and functional kid’s storage furniture that will keep parents happy and spark little ones’ imaginations.

Our Sam Tree Bookcase by Mathy By Bols is the perfect way to keep books tidy in a jungle or woodland-themed room – and kids will love putting their books away on an actual tree!

Mathy by Bols Handmade Tree Bookcase in Sam Design

6. Workspaces that work

If your little one has an out-of-control desk or study area in their room, add organisational pieces to transform it into a calm and tidy workspace.

Look for storage boxes you can place on your kid’s desk, stationary organisers, or a cupboard or chest of drawers that will fit neatly underneath.

For a more unique look, check out our Stige Desk by Vox, which has an optional ladder storage system on which you can suspend hanging organisers, storage boxes or cork boards to help keep their desk free for studying.

Vox Stige Desk with Wooden Ladder

7. Wall shelving

No more floor space in your child’s room? Then it’s time to climb the walls!

Wall-mounted shelving is another clever way to create storage space in even the smallest of box rooms.

Shelves with hooks provide another place to hang coats and bulkier outerwear items, clearing space in your kid’s wardrobe for other clothes.

Oliver Furniture Children's Storage Shelf with Hooks in White

Ready to Get the Kid’s Clutter Under Control?

With these clever decluttering methods, kid’s storage solutions and the fabled ‘can-do attitude’, you can bring order to the chaos in your child’s room this year. If you have any questions about our kid’s beds or furniture, or how we can help you get organised, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email We love to chat!


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