Create the Ultimate Rainbow Themed Kids Room

“Sooomewheeere, over the rainbow…” is the room your little one has been dreaming of!

While some kids might have a favourite colour they want for their bedroom (and their clothes, toys, and everything else!), other children might struggle to pick just one. Why not design them a bright and bold room using all the colours of the rainbow!

Colours can influence how kids relate to the world. Colour psychology means that each shade of the rainbow may provoke certain feelings in your child. Yellow, for example, is the colour of happiness, while blue and purple are calming. Red is stimulating and orange is said to provoke critical thinking. A rainbow-themed room can do it all!

So, whether you want to go all out and paint a rainbow mural on their wall, or simply add a few colourful accessories, here’s how to create a room they’ll be ‘over the rainbow’ with!

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1. Under the Rainbow

Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

The roof and frame of this fabulous Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed are ideal for hanging rainbow mobiles or draping multi-coloured pom poms and fairy lights.

Your little one will love drifting off in their unique bunk bed, looking up at a sky full of colour and twinkling lights. Add bright bedding and cushions to complete the rainbow look.

The white base of this Kid’s bed means it can be easily accessorised and updated when your little one decides they want a new theme.

2. Multi-Coloured Metal

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New York Metal Kids Single Bed in Yellow

For a bed with a bit more colour, check out the New York Metal Single Bed.

This stylish kid’s bed is available in a choice of bright hues, including Yellow, Red, Blue and Mint. The happy yellow shown here is perfect for kids’ rooms.

With its bold colours and modern style, this bed will delight both children and parents alike. It was made for Instagram and is guaranteed to grab attention!

3. Pastel Perfection

Vox Vintage Tall Chest of Drawers in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

Of course, a rainbow-themed room doesn’t have to be super bright – pastel colours work just as well.

This Vox Vintage Tall Chest of Drawers comes in a selection of muted shades, including Blue, Green and Pink, which are perfect if you want a softer look.

Take your spring cleaning to the next level with this pretty kids’ storage unit.

4. Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain…

Little Dutch Wooden Rainbow Stacker
Le Toy Van Petilou Rainbow Tunnel Stacking Toy

No rainbow-themed kids’ room would be complete without an actual rainbow (or five!)

These rainbow stacker toys by Little Dutch and Le Toy Van make for some seriously stylish kids’ room décor – as well as being fun and educational.

Your little one will love arranging the arches in the right order and practising their colours while they’re at it!

5. Unicorns and Rainbows

Snurk Single Unicorn Duvet Bedding Set

Fish and chips, Ant and Dec, rainbows and unicorns: some things just go together.

Create a truly magical bedroom with this Snurk Unicorn Duvet Set, which comes complete with a majestic rainbow-maned unicorn, printed on blissfully soft 160 thread-count cotton.

The photo print design is so realistic that there’s no way this unicorn doesn’t exist – spill the beans Snurk, where did you find it?!

6. Pop of Gold

Vox Concept 3 Door Wardrobe in Grey & Yellow

Storage is king in kids ‘rooms – you just can’t do without it. Continue the colourful theme with this Concept 3 Door Wardrobe by Vox.

Now, it hasn’t escaped our attention that this winning wardrobe is mostly grey – but the contrasting pop of vibrant colour makes it great for a more low-key rainbow look.

Featuring a large hanging area, 6 internal compartments and 2 storage drawers, this comprehensive wardrobe will provide all the storage your child needs to take them from toddler to teen.

7. Bright Lights

Cotton Ball Lights Pastel LED String Lights

Add colour and light to your little one’s room with these incredible Cotton Ball LED String Lights. Each ball is handmade in Thailand from natural materials.

String them along a bed frame, drape over a window, or wind around furniture for an on-trend look. Then, when the sun sets, switch on the USB-powered lights to create a cosy atmosphere.

The multi-coloured pastels will illuminate your child’s room with subtle rainbow hues, without being garish.

8. Natural Wonder

Mathy by Bols Louane Tree Bookcase

Lean into the natural theme with this artisan Louane Tree Bookcase by Mathy By Bols, which is handmade in Belgium.

Choose from an incredible 26 colour options and brighten it up (not that it needs it!) with colourful toys, books and accessories.

This unique tree bookcase will look tree-mendous in any rainbow room.

9. Colourful and Comfortable

Extreme Lounging Mini Indoor Bean Bag

Complete your awesome new kids’ bedroom by giving them somewhere comfy and colourful to hang out.

These Extreme Lounging Mini Indoor Bean Bags are the perfect place for kids to relax after school, watch TV, and play video games (once they’ve done all their homework, of course!)

They’re available in 11 bright colours – so you can have all the colours of the rainbow.

10. Taste the Rainbow

Bloomingville Rudy Candy Coat Rack

Finally, add the finishing touch to your rainbow kids’ room with this Rudy Candy Coat Rack by Bloomingville.

This sweet coat rack features 5 retro-style hooks with different colours and patterns (and not a Skittle in sight!)

Pop it on your child’s wall and, hopefully, they’ll discover they can-dy tidy up after themselves after all!

Chasing a Rainbow Themed Kids Room?

Your little one will feel like they’ve struck (a pot of) gold when they see this colourful rainbow furniture and kids’ décor! Want to discuss your ideas? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email and we’ll be delighted to help!


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