Creative Cabin Bed Designs for Kids

Cabin beds are raised beds with space underneath that can be used for storage, other furniture, or as a den/play area. A kid’s cabin bed is a great way to maximise space in your child’s bedroom without sacrificing additional floor space.

And just because they’re practical doesn’t mean cabin beds aren’t fun; some of our most unique and quirky kids’ beds are cabin bed designs.

Keen to see what we mean? Then check out our top creative cabin beds below. You’re sure to find something your little one will love among these cab-incredible designs!

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1. Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed

Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed

Prepare to be impressed: the Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed has it all!

The multi-functional steps make it easy and comfortable for your little one to climb into bed. They also feature storage space on the side to hide away all your child’s inevitable clutter.

Underneath the bed is a spacious den area with a built-in window, where kids can relax, play and hang out with their friends. Just add cushions to make it extra cosy.

This clever cabin bed is available in white or grey and can be easily accessorised with lights or bunting – let your creativity run wild!

2. Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

This fantastic Louis Cabin Bed packs a lot into its small footprint.

There’s a pull-out desk with handy shelves on the sides, where your child can do their homework or create works of art. Next to this is a 2-door storage unit to hide away clothes and toys, with another shelf above, perfect for night-time essentials or displaying décor.

This has to be one of the best cabin beds for smaller bedrooms with limited space. It could even ensure your little one still has room for all-important playtime!

3. Alfie Modular Mid Sleeper Bed

Alfie Modular Mid Sleeper Bed
Alfie Modular Mid Sleeper Bed

The Alfie Bed is one of our most creative kids’ cabin beds. Such a multi-functional bed we have rarely seen!

It showcases an incredible, modular design that means you can use it as a cabin bed with a storage unit underneath, a cabin bed and a separate bookcase, or a low single bed and bookcase – oh, the possibilities!

This is a cabin bed with longevity. The single bed would be perfect for toddlers or teens, whilst the mid-sleeper will see your little one through their school years.

4. Lifetime Wildlife Climb & Slide Kids Bed

Lifetime Wildlife Climb & Slide Kids Bed

Want a cabin bed that has your little one counting down to bedtime? (We can dream, right?) This Lifetime Wildlife Climb & Slide Kids Bed is all about the fun!

Kids will love doodling on the chalkboard, climbing the rope ladder into bed every night, sleeping under the canopy roof, and then sliding out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day.

Lifetime specialises in sustainable kids’ furniture that’s built to last, and this bed is no different. As your child grows, you can remove the ladder and slide to leave a stylish single bed that will last them into adulthood.

5. Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Storage more your thing? If so, you’ll want to check out this Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed.

You can fully customise this cabin bed to suit your requirements. It has a built-in shelving unit at the end and is higher than some other cabin beds, offering plenty of space underneath for furniture. Choose to add the optional desk, clothes rail or storage units, as well as the pull-out wardrobe, which can be positioned at the head of the bed.

If that’s still not enough for you, there are felt organisers to hang on the rails and a fold-up mattress that’s perfect for sleepovers. Finished in white and graphite, this stylish cabin bed has everything your chicks need to create their ideal Nest!

6. Parisot Kurt Midsleeper Cabin Bed with Desk & Storage

Parisot Kurt Midsleeper Cabin Bed with Desk & Storage

If you’re looking for something a little different to white, check out this Parisot Kurt Midsleeper Cabin Bed, which comes in a stylish acacia finish.

As with many cabin beds, this one features a plethora of practical features that make it ideal for rooms where space is tight. It comes with a pull-out desk, a storage cabinet, and shelves at the foot of the bed and along the side. It’s hard to imagine a bed with more storage for the size.

The shelves are the perfect place to store bedside lamps, drinks and books, or anything else your child might need at night. This might also be one of our safest cabin beds, with a built-in rail to prevent your little one from rolling out of bed and deep steps to allow them to climb into bed comfortably.

7. Mathy by Bols Star Treehouse Cabin Bed with Optional Trundle Drawer

Mathy by Bols Star Treehouse Cabin Bed with Optional Trundle Drawer

Mini explorers will be tripping over themselves with excitement when they see this tree-mendous kids’ cabin bed!

The Mathy by Bols Star Treehouse Cabin Bed features a low treehouse design with roof, window, and plank-effect panels. It’s made from pine and MDF and is available in 26 colours – so you can really get creative with your kid’s bedroom design.

An optional trundle drawer offers space for storage or an extra mattress, so your little one can invite their friends over to admire their awesome new cabin bed.

8. Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed

Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed

Finally, the Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed is another creative cabin bed that offers your child a fun place to lay their heads at night.

It features a slightly raised bed with a tipi-shaped roof. You can choose to add an optional canopy, available in 4 colours and patterns, to create a more enclosed feel. The roof can be removed as your child gets older.

Personalise the bed even further with the included chalkboard nameplate. There’s also the option to add 3 large drawers underneath the cabin bed for convenient storage. This creative cabin bed has lots ‘in store’ for your family!

Ready to add a Creative Cabin Bed to your Kid’s Room?

Cabin beds are the perfect combination of style, fun and practicality. You can find the kid’s bed of your little one’s dreams with a slide or built-in den, which also incorporates handy storage, a desk or a guest bed. If you want to discuss any of our unique kids’ beds, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email


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