Homework Heroes: What to Look for in a Kid’s Desk

A desk is an important part of a kid’s bedroom. Throughout their childhood, a desk gives your little one a place to do arts and crafts, complete homework, or set up whatever technology the kids use these days for gaming or browsing online!

When it comes to studying, having their own designated workspace, free from distractions, can create an environment conducive to learning and help your child concentrate on their work.

If you’re creating a new study area for your homework hero, here’s what to look for in a kid’s desk and our top recommendations. We’d desk-ribe it as the ultimate guide to kids’ desks!

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What to Consider When Choosing a Kid’s Desk

It’s important to ensure the desk is an appropriate size for your child and their bedroom. Consider that you may need enough space on the desk to accommodate a computer or space underneath for storage.

In a smaller bedroom, you may prefer to choose a high sleeper kid’s bed with a desk underneath to save on space.

The ideal height of the desk will depend on your child’s age and height. Recommendations range from 50 cm for primary school-aged kids to 75 cm for teenagers. A desk with an adjustable height is ideal for growing children as it won’t need to be replaced as they get bigger.

Kid’s desks range from traditional school style to modern and minimalist. You’ll want to choose one that matches your décor and your child’s tastes. Allowing your little one to choose their desk is a great way to get them excited about their study environment and will (hopefully!) encourage them to do their homework!

Choosing a desk with storage will give your little one a place to store their gadgets, stationery and study notes, helping to keep their space organised. This storage might be in the form of shelving above the desk or cupboards or drawers below.

Pay attention to the material of your child’s desk. Wood or particleboard is durable and sturdy and should last a considerable time. Laminated wood and metal are easy to wipe clean, so ideal for children who like to do messy crafts! Look for non-toxic paint and lacquer to ensure a safe working environment for your little one.

Best Kid’s Desks

Best for Younger Kids: Vipack Kiddy Tipi Desk

The fun design of the Vipack Kiddy Tipi Desk makes it ideal for younger children. The two open compartments are the perfect place to store colouring books or creative supplies when not in use. Wrap lights or bunting around the rail above to create a cosy haven for your little artist.

Vipack Kiddy Tipi Desk

Best for Customisation: Vox Simple Customisable Small Desk

If you need a kid’s desk with storage, look no further than the Vox Simple Small Desk. Ideal for smaller bedrooms, this desk features both a pull-out drawer below the desk and a cabinet that can be positioned on either side.

Better still, you can customise this handy desk to suit your style, with a choice of finishes for the desk, feet and handles – let your little one design their dream desk!

Vox Simple Customisable Small Desk

Best for Longevity: Vox Spot Height Adjustable Desk

The Spot Height Adjustable Desk by Vox is the ideal choice for a desk that will grow with your child. Featuring a sleek, Scandinavian design, this clever desk has three possible height levels: 66.5cm / 72.8cm / 79.1cm to take your child into their teenage and even adult years.

Vox Spot Height Adjustable Desk

Best Kid’s Beds with Desks

Best for Small Bedrooms: Harper High Sleeper with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

If you’re struggling to fit a kid’s desk into a smaller bedroom with all the other storage furniture they need, our Harper High Sleeper Bed is the perfect solution.

Not only does this bed have a spacious desk with shelving above, but there’s also a chest of drawers underneath and a corner wardrobe too – all in the same footprint as a single bed!

Harper High Sleeper with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Best for Bookworms: Ava High Sleeper with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Does your little one love to read books at their desk? Perhaps they need somewhere to store all their textbooks and notebooks? Then the Ava High Sleeper is here to create their home library, Beauty and the Beast style!

This bed features a spacious desk, along with a single sliding door wardrobe and a whole wall of shelving along the back of the bed, perfect for their book collection or study materials.

Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Best Mid-Sleeper with Desk: Bailey Cabin Bed with Pull-Out Desk

If you don’t want a high sleeper bed but still want to incorporate a desk into a lower bed, the Bailey Cabin Bed is a great alternative.

This space-saving mid-sleeper kid’s bed is packed with storage and has a pull-out desk that your little one can extend when needed and then slide back in when they’ve finished working, giving them back their space.

Bailey Cabin Bed with Pull-Out Desk

Found a Kid’s Desk that Works for You?

With one of these fun and functional desks to call their own, your little one will never complain about doing their homework again (we can dream!)

If you have any questions about our kid’s desks or kid’s beds with desks, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com. Our kid’s furniture range includes everything from desks to wardrobes, gaming beds to bunk beds, and we love to chat about all of them!


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