Ready, Set, Grow! Prep the Garden for Spring

It might still be chilly outside, but spring is coming, and it’s time to think about dusting off those green fingers for another year.

With fruit and veggie shortages and the cost of living rising, growing your own food can not only bring you joy but also save you money and give you extra peace of mind. If you prep your garden and plan your plants for the season ahead now, you’ll be ready to get them in the ground as soon as the last frosts have lifted.

So, whether you want to grow your own herbs, fill the garden with flowers, or nurture a prize-winning root vegetable, here are the outdoor buildings and accessories we recommend to help you achieve your gardening goals this year. You’ll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labour!

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1. Greenhouses

Greenhouses have many uses. They can extend your growing season and mean you can enjoy homegrown fruit and veg for longer – with heating you could even grow veggies year-round!

A greenhouse is a great place to start seasonal plants, as it will protect your seedlings from insects and animals; and provide shelter from adverse weather conditions. A sunny greenhouse can also be a good location to overwinter frost-tender plants, such as citrus trees. Imagine growing your own lemons for your G&T this summer!

Forest Garden Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse
Forest Garden Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse - Opening Vents

The Forest Garden Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse is based on the design of traditional Victorian glasshouses but with safer acrylic glazing. It features openable roof vents to help you get the internal environment just right for your plant babies. The slim size is ideal for smaller gardens.

Forest Garden 6x4 Vale Greenhouse

If you’re looking for something bigger to fit a few more tomatoes, the Vale 6×4 Greenhouse, also from Forest Garden, might be for you. This one is made from FSC timber, protected against rot, and has 4mm toughened glass glazing. The roof windows open automatically, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting and cooking your plants!

2. Cold Frames

Rowlinson Hardwood Coldframe Greenhouse

No room for a walk-in greenhouse? A cold frame could be the answer!

Cold frames are low-lying boxes with lids that offer plants some protection from the elements but typically provide less control over the internal environment than a greenhouse. They can be used on raised beds to warm the soil before planting.

A cold frame can be an excellent option for patios or terraces with limited space. This Hardwood Coldframe by Rowlinson is made from responsibly-sourced wood with twin-walled polycarbonate glazed panels to keep the chill off your seedlings.

3. Planters

Zest 4 Leisure Square Potato Planter
VegTrug Small Classic Planter

Planters are the perfect place to grow a specific flower or vegetable. The Potato Planter by Zest 4 Leisure is ideal for growing root vegetables. No more digging up your whole garden to find those elusive first potatoes – simply open the lockable door to reveal your haul!

The VegTrug Small Classic Planter is another good choice for root vegetables such as carrots or parsnips. It will keep them raised off the ground, away from pests, and it’s much easier on your back. Alternatively, fill the lined planter with flowering plants to make an attractive portable flower bed.

4. Vertical Gardens

PlantBox Living Wall Stacking Planters
Zest 4 Leisure Vertical Herb Stand

If you’re really short on space, don’t worry; you can still join the grow-your-own movement (which is growing rapidly! Ha, ha.) Check out our vertical planters that allow you to grow up, not out.

The Plantbox Stacking Planters are made from 100% recycled plastic and come with a built-in watering system with an indicator, which means you never need to worry about forgetting to water your plants (it’s hard, being a good plant parent!)

For a more traditional look, try the Vertical Herb Stand from Zest 4 Leisure. It’s made from FSC-certified softwood and features a space-saving tiered design, ideal for keeping your herb garden away from pesky pests!

5. Plant Stands

Rowlinson Wooden Plant Stand

Perhaps you just want to display your plants in pots over the summer and be free to move them back inside when the frosts return? In that case, we recommend using a plant stand, such as this one from Rowlinson.

This tiered design means you can still lift your plants off the ground, away from the cold and critters, and display them in all their glory. The FSC® certified timber is pressure-treated to protect against rot and, like most of our wooden garden furniture, can be painted to suit your garden design.

6. Potting Areas

If you’re growing plants in containers – or you just want to give your seedlings and cuttings a head start before planting them out – you’ll need somewhere to pot them. This can be a messy job, so it might be a good idea to have a dedicated potting area outside.

Rowlinson Garden Potting Store in Honey Brown
Rowlinson Garden Potting Store in Honey Brown

For a decent-sized workspace, try the Rowlinson Garden Potting Store. Made from FSC timber, this stylish shed functions as garden storage, greenhouse and potting area. It has a built-in worktop and large windows, three of which are openable, allowing you to alter the internal climate so your seedlings can thrive.

Rowlinson Premier Potting Table

For a space-saving option, Rowlinson’s Premier Potting Table can be slotted into a garden building, conservatory or greenhouse to create the perfect potting zone. It has a large steel worktop with a zinc coating for rust resistance and plenty of hooks and shelves for storing potting tools.

7. Storage

Forest Garden Pressure Treated Pent Garden Store
Forest Garden 8x5 Retreat Shed

Speaking of storage, this is another essential part of getting the garden ready for spring – you’ll need somewhere to put all those tools and bags of leftover compost, and you certainly won’t want to leave them at the mercy of the elements!

Forest Garden has a wide range of outdoor storage solutions to suit your needs. Their Pent Garden Store is ideal for bringing order to smaller spaces, whilst the 8 x 5 Retreat Shed (available in three colours) is the perfect addition to a larger garden.

8. Composters

Rowlinson Beehive Composter in Natural Timber

Finally, another item you might like to consider adding to your garden this spring is a composter. This can allow you to make your own nutrient-rich compost from your garden and food waste, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.

The Beehive Composter in Natural Timber from Rowlinson is a bee-rilliant choice. It has a lifting lid and a removable bottom panel for easy access to your compost. (Note that the Beehive is so-called due to its shape – you should not add bees to your composter, they will not appreciate it!)

Feeling Ready for Spring? Us too!

It’s been a long ol’ winter, but the end is in sight! Invest in the right greenhouses, planters and growing equipment now, and you’ll be all set to enjoy an excellent garden haul this year. If you want to discuss our garden buildings, don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email


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