An Infographic Guide to Garden Buildings

A garden building is a structure built in a garden or outside space usually separate to a main house. It can be used as an office, studio, social space or for additional storage. Garden buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In most cases, there is no need for planning permission.

Garden Pod

A garden pod can be any shape however it is most often recognised as being spherical or curved in design. The garden pod can be made of a variety of materials including wood and stainless steel with either acrylic or polycarbonate windows. Most garden pods have lighting with some offering heating and a range of seating options. Our garden pods do not require planning permission.

Benefits of a Garden Pod

  • A quality-built garden pod can add value to your home.
  • A garden pod gives you additional space for entertaining, relaxing or working all year round.
  • Our garden pods come with installation included.

Garden Dome or Igloo

A garden dome or igloo is, as per the name suggests, dome like in appearance. The materials used are weather resistant and range from aluminium, PVC or polycarbonate frames with either a PVC cover or polycarbonate windows. Many garden igloos are described as “pop-up” meaning that assembly is quick and easy with no foundation work necessary.

Benefits of a Garden Igloo

  • DIY assembly with ability to dismantle and store when not in use.
  • Cheaper alternative to a permanent garden pod.
  • Easy to transport.

Summer House

A summer house is typically a wooden outdoor building that features a timber frame and glazed windows. Many summerhouses feature overlapping tiled or felt roofs to encourage rainwater runoff. Summer houses can be treated with a protector to ensure longevity.

Benefits of a Summerhouse

  • Can be used for entertaining, relaxing or working all year round.
  • Summerhouses can be painted for a customised look.
  • Waterproof structure.

Modern Log Cabin

A modern log cabin is a wooden garden structure that typically features tongue and groove connecting panels. The wooden panels of a log cabin are usually thicker than other wooden garden buildings. A log cabin features glazed windows and a secure door with locking system.

Benefits of a Modern Log Cabin

  • Can be used as an office, gym or garden room
  • A log cabin features a thick wooden structure
  • Doors come with a locking system for security

Garden Office

A garden office is a structure that offers all the amenities needed for office use. A garden office is insulated and features glazed windows and doors to ensure heat is retained whilst working. A garden office is waterproof and constructed of high-quality materials.

Benefits of a Garden Office

  • Designed to mimic an office
  • Features insulation to retain heat
  • Can route electrical wiring for sockets and lighting


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