How to Create a Dreamy Bohemian Garden

Bohemian (or ‘boho’ for short) is an eclectic interior style characterised by natural materials, mixed patterns, textures, and plants.

The look (and lifestyle!) is often associated with free spirits, nomads, and people who enjoy being outside in nature – which makes it ideally suited to garden design.

Are you ready to bring boho style to the exterior of your bo-home? Then read on for our top tips on creating a dreamy bohemian garden that you can escape into year-round.

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1. Eco Accessories

Fab Hab Kilimanjaro Outdoor Rug in Black

Bohemian style and sustainability go hand-in-hand – and it doesn’t get much more sustainable than the fabulous Fab Hab Kilimanjaro Outdoor Rug.

This stylish monochrome rug is made from recycled plastic straws and comes in a natural jute carry bag. Use it to transform a tired patio or decking area into an eco-friendly boho retreat.

The Aztec pattern is a nod to globally-inspired bohemian design and will look great paired with accessories in contrasting colours and patterns to create a carefree, unstructured effect.

2. Free Flames

Cosi Fires Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

The bohemian movement is all about freedom. Capture the essence of campfire adventures by adding this Cosiscoop Fire Lantern by Cosi Fires to your outside area.

The lantern is powered by gas and available in various colours, so you can choose one to suit your space. We love this neutral taupe shade which feels warm and recalls the natural shade of stone.

This small tabletop lantern is an easy, safe and stylish way to bring firelight to your garden.

3. Hippie Hang Out

Amazonas Rio Hammock

Put your feet up and plan your next adventure in this beautiful Amazonas Rio Hammock.

It’s made from recycled cotton and polyester and is available in 2 neutral colours. The macramé detailing will add natural texture to your garden, which is a popular part of the bohemian trend.

Suspend the hammock between two trees or stands to make a dreamy hangout space where you can escape from modern society – for a while, at least.

4. Artistic Lighting

Garden Trading LED Festoon Outdoor Lights

Ambient lighting will help to ensure your bohemian garden feels warm, cosy and welcoming!

These Festoon Lights from Garden Trading can be strung along a fence, between buildings or around a tree. Choose from 10 or 20 bulb strings, depending on which one best suits your space.

The warm white LED lights will add an inviting glow to your garden, ideal for achieving the boho look. They would also look fabulous at a hippie-style party, festival or wedding.

5. Boho Botanicals

PlantBox Living Wall Stacking Planters

Nature and plants are essential to the bohemian style, so ensure your garden has plenty of greenery with these PlantBox Living Wall Stacking Planters.

These handy planters are made from 100% recycled plastic and feature a built-in water reservoir to ensure your plants stay lush and full of life.

The stacking style means you can grow plants up a wall in even the smallest spaces. Why not give growing your own veggies or herbs a go, and become a little more self-sufficient at the same time?

6. New-Age Heater

Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater and Lamp in Black

From earthy colours to natural textures, bohemian style is characterised by a feeling of warmth – and the Heatsail Dome Electric Patio Heater makes that feeling literal!

Stay cosy outside in all temperatures with this modern overhead outdoor lamp. It’s sure to add an atmospheric glow to your outside seating area while keeping you nice and toasty.

Heatsail uses low energy and has zero emissions, making it more eco-friendly than many similar alternatives. It even has optional built-in Bluetooth speakers in the base so that you can play your favourite tunes – might we suggest Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?

7. Cosy Corner

Tiipii Hammock Bed in Natural White

Hang out by yourself or with family and friends on this Tiipii Hammock Bed.

The durable canvas material is water resistant, and a canvas storage bag is included, so you can take your hammock to the woods or move it inside over winter.

The rope hangings, natural colour, and relaxed, unconventional style are perfect for bringing the bohemian trend into your garden.

8. Wild Fire

Garden Trading Sarsden Fire Pit Chiminea

Gather the whole gang around this Sarsden Fire Pit Chiminea by Garden Trading – it’s the ideal winter garden accessory for the bohemian family!

Fuelled by wood logs, this chiminea offers a natural, traditional way to heat your outdoor space, sticking with bohemian principles.

Your friends will love sitting around the fire, catching up around the flickering flames. You could even toast a marshmallow or five!

9. Natural Textures

Garden Trading Colwell Sofa Set

Add more texture to your outdoor seating area with this Garden Trading Colwell Sofa Set.

Natural, mixed materials are central to the boho trend, and the acacia wood and rope-effect weave of this garden furniture set get it spot on.

The neutral tones are also the perfect base for a bolder boho style. Accessorise with mix-and-match jewel-coloured outdoor cushions in various patterns to complete the eclectic look.

10. Neutral Tones

Maze Rattan Riviera Garden Chair

Just want to get away from it all? Create a casual, chilled-out space for rest and relaxation with this Maze Rattan Riviera Garden Chair.

This outdoor egg chair is made from 100% weatherproof PU rattan and comes with either brown or grey cushions (we recommend that these are stored inside overnight to keep them in the best condition).

The earthy colours of this chair are ideal if you want to follow the bohemian trend. Add a textured throw and atmospheric outdoor lighting for the ultimate in bo-homeliness.

Bursting to Bring a Touch of the Bohemian to Your Garden?

Our boho garden accessories are perfect for free-thinkers who want to transform their outside space into an oasis and live the bohemian dream. If you’d like to discuss any of our garden furniture, give us a call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email


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