How to Kit out your Home Office in Style

With many of us now working from home – at least for part of the week – it helps to create an inspiring space that’s conducive to work.

You may have a dedicated room or area where you work – or run your business from – to increase your productivity levels. But no one said a home office needs to be solely functional right?

Our unique online emporium offers you a wide selection of on-trend desks – including one with impressive smart technology – leather chairs, lamps and other ‘must-have’ office accessories.

Let’s explore some of the highlights and how they can benefit your remote working lifestyle.

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1. Let ‘the Outdoors’ in

Vox Worknest Desk with Slatted Screen

Studies have proven that plants help create a healthier working environment.

We think the design team at Vox has outdone itself with the Worknest’s slatted screen – which offers you the option to display add-on accessories such as a desk organiser, shelves and a flowerpot (sold separately).

Made from solid wood, you can marvel at its botanical-friendly design and the degree of customisation it offers.

Arrange the (optional) storage accessories how you want them – allowing you to be ‘the designer’ of a unique configuration that’ll enhance your workday.

2. Choose a Desk that’s ‘Smart’ in Many Ways

Koble Apollo 2.0 Smart Height Adjustable Desk with Wireless Charging

This mains powered desk is the very definition of ‘smart’ in several ways.

Firstly, the two-tone contrast of the wood-look top and dark metal legs will make a striking addition to your home office.

Adjustable thanks to the (reduced noise) dual motor – you can tailor and then save your preferred height in one of the control panel’s four preset settings – perfect for pairing with one of our stylish chairs below.

But there’s more – having to delay important calls due to a low battery is a thing of the past. This impressive desk has wireless charging for all wireless charging smartphones.

3. Add a Handy Work Station

Woood Stage Desk

Contemporary and effortless – this khaki coloured FSC brushed pine desk by Woood proudly displays its grain and visible knots – letting you know it’s made from natural materials.

Offset by fun leather handles in a traditional brown shade – it would take centre stage within most decorative schemes, such as the industrial and retro ‘looks’.

There’s also practical storage in the form of a drawer, six open sections and a cabinet – so you can organise your desk supplies, notebooks and papers ‘to your heart’s content’.

4. Choose Bold Lines and Classic Chairs

Dutchbone Blackwood Chair

An ‘achingly stylish’ variation of a lounge chair, we love this piece’s 1950s infused details.

There’s the Black PU-leather ‘u-shaped’ seat upholstery for starters – which delivers on comfort whilst sitting down all day.

In addition, this lounge chair has a sleek walnut veneered or black lacquered plywood back, legs and seat section – depending on which colour option you prefer.

Brought up to date with a steel frame – which has been powder coated in stylish black – you’ll soon be wondering where it’s been all of your working life.

5. Pick Elegant Pieces

Safir Leather Armchair

This inviting ‘sculptural’ chair is ‘elegance personified’ when it comes to kitting out your office.

The padded backrest looks superb – and the high levels of comfort don’t disappoint either – when you’re not marvelling at its beautiful ‘Vintage Brown’ or ‘Antique Ebony’ leather that is.

We know you’ll love reclining in it during hard-earned lunches and after those obligatory video calls – sinking into the padded seat.

Do you regularly need to read long reports or edit colleagues’ work? This ‘comfy’ chair is the perfect place to complete this work – as you rest in the angled frame that’s been crafted from solid oak and ash.

6. Add Adjustable Lighting

Pacific Lifestyle Alonzo Table Lamp

Every office needs at least one desk lamp and the classic adjustable head and arm style has been successfully lighting offices – and ‘man caves’ – for decades.

UK designer Pacific Lifestyle has brought the Alonzo table lamp to you in metallic ‘Antique Brass’ as well as the more Scandi ‘Black’, ‘Grey’ and ‘White’ versions – so you can mix the finishes of your furniture with this lamp, to suit your taste.

Also, the ability to move this industrial design’s light source – to an angle that suits you – means you’ll always have the right illumination wherever you’re working.

7. Store Office Supplies in Style

Woood Gravure Display Cabinet

‘Woood you believe it?’. Your office can feature on-trend functional storage that looks amazing too.

The stylish vertical panels on the Gravure cabinet’s doors can conceal notebooks, pens and office supplies – hiding distracting clutter from your sight.

However, you have a further seven shelving nooks to store your things.

The only ‘executive decision’ you need to make here is which colour of the FSC sustainably sourced wood you prefer – ‘Ash Expresso’ or ‘Oak’?

There’s also a stunning sideboard available in the same Gravure collection – should your office require even more (co-ordinated) storage.

8. Get the Style Memo

Garden Trading Farringdon Wire Memo Board

This simple office accessory could improve the way you work – both in terms of the setting and organisation of your office.

Use as a mood board or store those pesky receipts on this modern and minimalistic wirework memo board – whether you hang it horizontally or vertically is up to you – so you’ll also be able to find a space to display impromptu notes.

Never run low on printer ink again, by attaching messages to this memo board using the eight wooden pegs provided.

9. Display Your Achievements

Woood Zach Wall Shelving Unit

Why not choose office shelving that could be mistaken for art!

This stylish modular shelving unit is the perfect platform to display your framed degree certificate, family photos and wealth of business awards.

Alternatively, feel free to display prized ‘momentos’ and decorative vases on the six sturdy steel shelves.

The possibilities are endless – plus, it arrives fully assembled so using this office shelving unit is a ‘piece of cake’ – simply attach to the wall and ‘hey presto’.

Combine your Favourite Desk, Lamp and Storage Ideas to organise your Home Office in Style

It’s your home office – so why not ‘kit out’ your work zone to reflect your personality or the rest of your property’s decor. Learn more about these beautiful products by calling +44 (0) 1305 231231, or send us an email. Our customer experts are always happy to help advise you.


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