How to Get the Most Out of a Cot Bed

With budget and environmental concerns increasingly prominent, choosing a cot that will need to be replaced as soon as your little one becomes a toddler is increasingly unappealing. Instead, why not select a cot bed that will last beyond the baby years?

Cot beds that turn into toddler beds are the obvious way to get the most out of your cot bed. But why stop there? Many of today’s cot beds come with included storage or transform into other furniture pieces, so you can squeeze the maximum amount of use out of them.

Without further ado, here’s how to get the most out of your cot bed by choosing an eco-friendly, transitional option – waste cot, want cot!

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1. More Furniture for your Money!

Galipette Celeste Convertible 5 in 1 Cot Bed
Galipette Celeste convertible compact cot bed with storage

The Galipette Celeste 5-in-1 Cot Bed combines an incredible five pieces of furniture into one cot bed.

Within this cot, you’ll find a cot bed, changing table, chest of drawers, hanging rail and bench seat – everything you need for your nursery.

When your little one is not so little anymore, use the optional conversion kit to transform the cot into a junior bed and desk. Time to get the crayons out!

2. Headboard Helper

Galipette Celeste Cot Bed
Galipette Celeste 3-in-1 Indoor Cabin

Add the Celeste 3-in-1 Indoor Cabin to the matching Celeste Cot Bed to create a stylish house-shaped headboard for your baby’s cot.

Then, when your baby is ready for a big bed, use the optional conversion kit to adapt the cot into a toddler bed. The cabin can remain a quirky headboard to create a house bed, or transform it into an open wardrobe or kid’s desk!

There’s also a matching wardrobe and dresser if you want a complete set for your little one.

3. Classic Style

Vox Milenne Cot Bed

By choosing an on-trend cot bed, you can add stylish décor to your nursery, as well as a practical piece of furniture.

The Milenne Cot Bed by Vox features a stunning, vintage Parisian style and is available in white, grey, or eye-catching indigo.

As well as being highly fashionable, the cot bed also has an adjustable mattress height and transforms into a toddler bed as your little one grows.

4. Dreamy Desk Bed

Vox 4 You 3 in 1 Baby and Toddler Cot Bed
Vox 4 You Cot Bed to Toddler Bed

If a study or craft space is important to you, check out the Vox 4 You 3-in-1 Cot Bed.

This clever cot bed features three removable bars, so when your little one is old enough to climb out of their cot unaided (trust us, it happens!), they will be able to do so safely.

Then, when they’re a little older still, transform the cot into a junior bed and desk to give them even more independence.

5. Included Storage

Vox Evolve Cot Bed

In smaller nurseries, selecting a design with built-in storage can really help you get the most out of your cot bed.

The Vox Evolve Cot Bed has a built-in storage drawer underneath, so you get convenient included storage without taking up any more space.

The drawer is perfect for keeping nighttime essentials such as pyjamas, nappies and bottles nearby.

6. Lofty Aspirations

Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ 4 in 1 Cot Bed in White
Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ 4 in 1 Low Loft Bed

Take them beyond the toddler years with the Mini+ 4-in-1 Cot Bed by Oliver Furniture, made from FSC® birch wood.

This chameleon of a cot bed has an adjustable mattress height, so you can lower it as your baby grows and starts trying to escape! Later, the cot transforms into a junior bed and a day bed.

But that’s not all – by using the optional conversion kit, you can even turn the junior bed into a stunning low loft bed with a play area underneath that your little one is sure to adore!

7. Breathable Sides

Vox Bosque Baby Cot Bed

Another way to get the most out of your cot bed is to ensure it provides the healthiest atmosphere for your baby and the most practical solution for your family.

The mesh panels on the sides of the Vox Bosque Baby Cot Bed encourage airflow and allow you to easily check on your baby with an unobstructed view.

When the time comes, remove the side panels to leave a stylish, Scandi-style toddler bed in either white or oak effect.

8. Safety First

Galipette Lison Cot Bed
Galipette Lison Cot Bed to Toddler Bed

Are you looking to contain your little one and stop them from rolling out of bed during the night?

The Lison Cot Bed by Galipette converts to a toddler bed using the optional conversion kit. The resulting bed has raised side panels that act as safety guards at night, helping to keep your little wriggler safely inside.

All this should mean that the bed lasts your babe at least until they start school – and are too tired to do much rolling around at night anyway!

Ready to Demand More from Your Cot Bed?

With one of these convertible cot beds, you can have so much more than just a bed for your baby – you could have storage, a desk, a toddler bed… the possibilities are endless! If you want to discuss any of our nursery furniture, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email

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