The Ultimate Guide to Bean Bag Chairs

Lets talk Bean Bags! Theyve been traced back to Ancient Egypt (believe it or not), but its only in the last century that we considered plonking our posterior on them.

The concept seems simple enough – a soft fabric casing, filled with thousands of tiny and lightweight beads that mould to your body and offer comfort and support while you sit. But have you considered that there might be more to this versatile and outrageously cool home accessory? Available in an array of shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics – bean bags can be styled in so many ways!

If youre considering creating a home-cinema setup, youre itching to transform a quiet corner of the garden into a chill-out zone or your kids would enjoy having a reading nook in the playroom – bean bags are the cornerstone of all of these great ideas!

From outdoor bean bags to giant loveseats, there is something for every eventuality and situation. Great for adding a pop of colour to your home and garden, weve compiled a list of some of our favourites below, to give you some inspiration.

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Image source: @starviewigloos

1. Extreme Lounging Mighty B Teddy Indoor Bean Bag

Extreme Lounging Mighty B Teddy Indoor Bean Bag

Just as it says in the name, the Extreme Lounging Mighty B Teddy Indoor Bean Bag feels like youre receiving a big bear hug! You can really hunker down, if a midday doze is on the cards. Although it looks so soft and cuddly, the teddy adult bean bag has breathable vents and benefits from double stitching for extra strength and durability. Available in a choice of soft, neutral colours, they can be added to any interior style. Sized for your baby bears too – create a cosy corner for the kids with the Extreme Lounging Mini B Teddy Indoor Bean Bags!

2. Extreme Lounging Mighty B Outdoor Bean Bag

Extreme Lounging Mighty B Outdoor Bean Bag in Orange

Although many of our bean bag options can be taken anywhere – inside or out; if youre looking to kick back on your bean bag in the garden wed highly recommend opting for a fabric that can hold its own against the ever-changing elements! Made of tougher stuff, the Extreme Lounging Outdoor Bean Bags are a great choice if youre heading outside. Made of waterproof fabric with a durable rubber handle, polyester base and double stitched for added durability; this brilliant bean bag can be left outdoors even if the heavens decide to open! No need for that quick scramble back inside… panic averted! Theyre great out by the pool or hot tub too!

3. Extreme Lounging Pastel B Bed Outdoor Bean Bag

Extreme Lounging Pastel B Bed Outdoor Bean Bag

Another great option if youre planning a day out in the garden, recline and relax on the Extreme Lounging Pastel B Bed Outdoor Bean Bag and enjoy a spot of sun-worshipping. Not your usual bean bag shape, the B Bed has added head support and a longer design so you can really spread out and soak up the sun in comfort. Made from a durable and weatherproof fabric, rain or shine it remains protected. Even harsh UV rays wont fade this beauty. Available in an array of bright and pastel shades, you could mix and match as an alternative to garden sun loungers.

4. Extreme Lounging Faux Suede Bean Bag

Extreme Lounging Faux Suede B Indoor Bean Bag

Looking for something luxurious? Were sure the Faux Suede Bean Bag from Extreme Lounging will turn your head. Made from sumptuously soft faux suede, this remarkably comfortable fabric option takes relaxing to a whole other level. You even have the option to add a matching footstool. Pop your feet up, flick the kettle on and take the afternoon to relax in bean bag heaven! This bold and ultra-cool bean bag comes in a faux leather option and would look great as a gaming chair. It will score some serious points with your partner if you got one as a gift!

5. Icon Milano Velvet Loveseat Bean Bag

Icon Milano Velvet Loveseat Bean Bag

Speaking of scoring some brownie points with your better half, this Velvet Loveseat Bean Bag by Beanbag Bazaar is great for snuggling up. With all of the benefits of a bean bag and sofa rolled into one, it would look great in the living room. Dare to turn your spare room into a home cinema? The velvet loveseat and giant bean bags are a fun alternative to traditional cinema seats. Watch all your favourites bundled up with blankets and pyjamas… just dont forget the popcorn!

6. Icon Morgan Cord Bean Bag Armchair

Icon Morgan Cord Bean Bag Armchair

Looking for something a bit different? This chic and sophisticated bean bag is just what you need after a long day! Designed with a high seat back, supportive armrests and a plush, plump filling; those clever polybeads will help take all your stresses away. The cosy cord fabric comes in a choice of jewel tones so why not pop one in the boudoir and delve into a good book while youre there?

7. Bazaar Bag Indoor & Outdoor Giant Bean Bag

Bazaar Bag Giant Bean Bag

This bean bag and floor cushion hybrid comes in so many colours youll be seeing rainbows for weeks! Youd be hard pressed to find a bean bag this big and bold! Made from water-resistant fabrics and with double zips for added security and durability, this monster is great inside and out. Fold yours and cosy down infront of the box or take things outside and lay out flat while you top up on your vitamin D. Available in kids sizes and another great option to mix and match; when youve finished relaxing, they stack on top of each other nicely.

8. Icon Kids Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Icon Kids Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Not forgetting the kiddies, these powder-puff inspired bean bag chairs are so fluffy and soft your little ones wont be able to resist them. Arrange a few under their high sleeper or loft beds to create a quiet corner for reading and relaxing, use them as gaming chairs and utilise their ergonomic benefits or pop them in the playroom as a funky alternative to play chairs. As theyre so lightweight and versatile, were sure theyll travel with your tots wherever they decide to plonk themselves. Watch out though… theyre surface clean only so we wouldnt recommend getting the glitter glue and poster paints out around these puffballs.

9. Bambeano Cloud Baby Bean Bag Chair

Bambeano Baby Bean Bag Chair

From the giant to the teeny-tiny, even your newborns can benefit from a bean bag! With concealed zips, removable and machine washable cotton covers and adjustable straps – these adorable pint-sized bean bags are safe and secure. Easily portable, your little treasure can enjoy nap time with the comfort and support of this precious bean bag chair.

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