Go Groovy with Retro Home Accessories

Our ethos is all about being unique and bringing personality into every aspect of your home and life; browse our site and you will find a concoction of crazy, collective curiosities which conclude to create the most contemporary of home ware collections (whew!). We love our home accessories and we’re pretty certain our customer do too, judging by the lovely feedback we receive. And so we have taken it upon ourselves to create a blog about the ever popular retro home accessories, which are currently chilling like cool cats amongst our catalogue. So pop on a pair of bell-bottoms, slip on that funky headband and let us take you way back to the era of awesome with our retro home accessories.

Gimme The Groove!

GPO Chesterton Record, CD and Cassette Player

Our first offering is so retrogressive it’s practically historic! Not only is our Chesterton unit a multifunctional music player, its also freaking awesome!! The unique Chesterton features a three-speed vinyl turntable as well as a CD player, Cassette Player, FM radio, MP3 playback and integral speakers. The Turntable alone has the capacity to play 33, 45 and 78 speed records. This really is a sweet piece of retro goodness to have in any home. Need more inspiration? View our collection of retro record players.

Ring Ring Retro

Rotary Dial Phone in Black

Having the latest mobile phone is one thing but it just doesn’t have the same appeal as a retro telephone. Sure you can download apps to your hearts content but classic style leaves so much to be desired when it comes to phones. The  GPO 200 Rotary Dial Retro Phone is a perfectly crafted vintage home accessory. This vintage telephone incorporates an authentic design with modern technology to give you the perfect fusion of style and substance.

Retro Revival

GPO Brooklyn Portable Boom Box

For certain generations seeing boom box will instantly bring back the fondest of nostalgic memories, and for die-hard music fans nothing beats the sound of  music on the go; it’s pure magic! The GPO Brooklyn Portable Boom Box is the perfect accessory for anyone who has a real passion for music and vintage memorabilia. This portable music machine features Bluetooth connectivity, Top Loading CD function, Cassette Player with recording function and DAB & FM Radio.

Classic Cabinet

Marble Top Drinks Trolly with Iron Frame

Step into the home of any vintage fan and you are sure to find at least one piece of furniture you’d love to own. That’s just the sort of envy our Marble Top Drinks Trolly will create. Made from marble and iron for absolute authenticity, the Retro drinks trolly belongs in the home of someone who appreciates Master Craftsmanship.

Crafty Crate

Garden Trading Colworth Wooden Storage Unit

Now-a-days we rely on modern storage solutions and technology to take care of our busy kitchen but that wasn’t always the way. Back in the day, crates were used to store food and they weren’t without charm. So add some yesteryear goodness to your kitchen with a Vintage Wooden Storage Unit. As versatile as it is charming, you can store just about anything in this crate and display it with pride in your modern/rustic kitchen.

The Innovative Industrialist

Dutchbone Six Solid Wood Sideboard

With the rise of pop-up bars and restaurants all opting for the deconstructed industrial look, it’s easy to see why our Dutchbone Six Solid Wood Sideboard is so popular. Featuring a Re-engineered design, the multi drawer crest is made from solid fir wood and steel antique handles. The design encapsulates an industrial era and vintage design for modern interior styling.

We hope our quirky retro picks have inspired you to let your inner interior designer loose in the home. Why not share with us your suggests for creating the perfect retro inspired home in the comments section.

If you have any questions regarding our retro range, get in touch today either by phone +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com or drop us a line on Facebook where we will be happy to help.


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