Tremendous Treehouse Beds from Cuckooland

Want to create a room your little one will always remember? Take a look at our incredible treehouse beds!

Featuring various combinations of climbing walls, cabins and slides, these are the unique kids’ beds that dreams are made of.

Get ready for your mini adventurer to look at you in awestruck wonder, before rushing to explore their tree-mendous new bed – they might even go to bed on time tonight!

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1. Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Treehouse beds don’t have to be pricey! The Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed is an affordable way to bring out your little one’s adventurous side.

Perfect for siblings or sleepovers, this fun bunk bed offers a space-saving solution for your children to play, relax and sleep in the same room. The roof and window on the top bunk make it ideally suited to imaginative play.

The bed is made from stylish white lacquered pine, which can be easily accessorised to suit your kid’s bedroom theme. Hang mobiles or drape lights around the frame to make their treehouse their own.

2. Explorer Treehouse Cabin Bed

Explorer Treehouse Cabin Bed

If you’ve just got one child or would prefer a single bed for space reasons, our Explorer Cabin Bed could be a great alternative.

This low cabin bed offers a compromise of enclosed, treehouse style, with a roof and window, but without the height of a bunk bed or high sleeper. This makes it suitable for younger children.

Add the optional trundle drawer and mattress to make this cool cabin bed ready for sleepovers. You’ll just need to provide the movies and treats!

3. Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, the Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide is everything your little ones could wish for. Bunk beds? Check. Treehouse cabin? Check. Slide? Check!

This awesome kid’s bed will have your child clamouring to get into bed, just so they can slide out again. It might even help them to be on time for breakfast each morning!

Handmade from pine and MDF, and available in an incredible 26 colours, this artisan treehouse bed is the ultimate centrepiece for any kid’s room.

4. Mathy By Bols Treehouse Cabin Bed with Slide & Platform

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Cabin Bed with Slide & Platform

You can use the handy space under this Treehouse Cabin Bed with Slide by Mathy By Bols to create a den, study space or hang-out zone for your little one.

The Treehouse Cabin offers a place for your kiddies to hide, play and entertain their friends – oh, and sleep, of course! It’s just as good as an outdoor treehouse – and when they want to leave, they can simply slide down back down to reality.

This treehouse cabin bed will look fabulous in any child’s room but is especially suited to a safari, jungle or dinosaur theme. Complete the look with some of our themed kids’ furniture, bedding and accessories.

5. Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed

Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed

Lifetime kids’ beds are built with longevity in mind – and the memories created in them will certainly last a lifetime!

This fun-tastic Play Tower Kids Bed expertly blends bed, climbing frame and play area. It comes with a rope ladder, blackboard and a cabin in the tower, which makes for the perfect den or base in their roleplay games.

Made in Denmark from sustainable Scandinavian pine and non-toxic paints, this bed has eco-credentials to match the fun factor.

6. Lifetime Adventure Hangout Double Bunk Bed

Lifetime Adventure Hangout Double Bunk Bed

The Adventure Hangout Double Bunk Bed by Lifetime offers your child all the fun of a treehouse bed, with a spacious double bed beneath to sleep – especially useful if you like to cosy up with your little one for bedtime stories!

The enclosed top cabin is the perfect hideout and the opening windows will allow your little one to pop their head out when dinner’s ready.

The bed comes with an external ladder to access the treehouse, but you can also opt to add an internal ladder, to allow kids to move straight from playtime to bedtime!

7. Charlotte Kids Treehouse Bed in Grey & Beige

Charlotte Kids Treehouse Bed in Grey & Beige

Make going to bed more exciting with the Charlotte Kids Treehouse Bed. This cool cabin bed will give your little ones the feeling of climbing into their very own treehouse, without raising them too high off the ground.

There are windows on the side, end and roof, and the back is open, so your little adventurer gets the feeling of being in an enclosed cabin, but with full ventilation – which can be important on warmer days.

Add the optional canopy curtains to enable your little one to draw the curtains, creating a cosy, private space for them to play and sleep.

8. Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

Go for a statement look in your child’s bedroom with the Lifetime Hideout Corner Bunk Bed – this is a treehouse bed that demands attention!

The bed is made from solid pine, with a beautiful whitewash to preserve the wood. Different coloured slats give it a rustic, treehouse finish, which is accentuated by the cut-out window and fabric roof.

Not only will the wooden den design have kids squealing with excitement, but it’s also highly practical, with storage in the steps and soft-close lids, to protect little fingers. The second bed is perfect for sleepovers or siblings sharing a room.

9. Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Kids Bed

Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Kids Bed

Made in Denmark, the Lifetime Hideout Mid Sleeper offers one of the most traditional treehouse-looking designs. The various coloured slats give the appearance of planks being roughly nailed together – even though the bed is finished to the highest standard with robust joints and chemical-free glue.

The underneath offers a further place for a den or convenient storage space and the ladder of this bed can be positioned on the left or right, depending on which configuration best suits your child’s room.

A plethora of optional extras, including a corner shelf and clip-on table, further allow you to customise this cool treehouse bed – they’ll never want to leave!

10. Lifetime Wildlife Climb & Slide Kids Bed

Lifetime Wildlife Climb & Slide Kids Bed

Finally, we also love the Lifetime Wildlife Climb & Slide Kids Bed. This incredible low treehouse bed features a rope ladder and slide – both of which are low enough for young children.

The bed features a 100% recycled cotton canopy, which Lifetime has designed in partnership with Lorena Canals, and which is machine washable, for easy cleaning.

As your little one gets older, the canopy, slide and rope ladder can all be removed, leaving a stylish single bed that will see your child into their teen years and beyond.

Discovered the Most Tremendous Treehouse Bed for Your Little Explorer?

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