The Best Kid’s Treehouse Beds for Every Child

Treehouse beds are one of the most exciting additions you can make to your little one’s room. After all, what adventure-loving kid wouldn’t want their very own indoor treehouse?

A treehouse bed is a raised high sleeper, usually with a cabin around the bed and a ladder leading up to it. It may also have windows, a slide, storage or even a second bed if it’s a treehouse bunk bed.

If you’re looking for one of these fun and exciting kid’s beds, read on to discover our best treehouse beds for every child, whatever your requirements. Find the perfect bedroom base camp for your little explorer here!

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Overall Best Treehouse Bed: Vipack Charlotte Treehouse Bed

The Charlotte Treehouse Bed by Vipack is one of our most popular treehouse beds, thanks to its stylish design, customisable features and affordable price tag.

The bed is available in either a white or grey and beige finish and has optional curtains to make it into a cosy enclosed cabin.

Many of our customers have made this bed their own by adding jungle, safari or alpine décor to emphasise the adventure-themed treehouse design.

Vipack Charlotte Treehouse Bed

Best Treehouse Bed for Toddlers: Mathy by Bols Star Treehouse Cabin Bed

Mid and high-sleeper beds are generally recommended for ages 6 years+, meaning many treehouse beds are not suitable for toddlers.

However, if you’ve got a fearless wild child on your hands who can’t wait to move into their tree-based house, check out the Mathy By Bols Star Treehouse Bed for a low alternative to a high treehouse bed.

This bed has many of the most fun attributes of a treehouse bed, including a roof with a window and a wooden plank-style construction.

Mathy by Bols Handmade Star Treehouse Cabin Bed with Optional Trundle Drawer

Best Treehouse Bed for Young Children: Vipack Dallas House Bed with Slide

For younger children aged 6+, this treehouse-style bed is a safer option, thanks to its low height and safety rail, which will help keep little ones from falling out of bed during the night.

The short ladder is easy for smaller children to climb and the slide makes it super fun for them to whiz out of their treehouse in the morning, ready to face the day.

With this fun bed for them to play on in their room, you might even be more likely to get that weekend lie-in!

Vipack Dallas Kids House Bed with Slide and Ladder

Best Treehouse Bunk Bed: Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed

A treehouse bunk bed provides double the tree-based excitement for your little ones!

If you have multiple children sharing a room, the Treehouse Bunk Bed by artisan kid’s furniture designer Mathy By Bols is a fun-tastic option.

If there’s any arguing over who gets the top bunk, they can always alternate – and learn a valuable lesson about sharing at the same time.

Mathy by Bols Orginal Treehouse Bunk Bed available in 3 Sizes and 26 Colours

Best Treehouse Bed with Trundle: Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bunk Bed

If you don’t need a bunk bed, but still want the option of hosting the occasional sibling or friend on a sleepover, a treehouse bed with a trundle could be a great alternative.

Many of our treehouse beds offer optional trundle drawers, including the Adventure Hangout Kids Bunk Bed by Danish children’s furniture brand, Lifetime.

The trundle drawer can be filled with a spare mattress or used as additional storage if space is limited.

Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bunk Bed

Best Treehouse Bed with Slide: Mathy by Bols Treehouse Cabin Bed with Platform & Slide

Treehouse bed + slide = one very happy child! If you’re looking for the best treehouse bed with a slide, you can’t go wrong with this fabulous design from Mathy By Bols.

The bed features a platform next to the bed with a slide. Kids will love hanging out high up in the treehouse cabin, before shooting back down to ground level – who needs the playground?

The bed is available in a huge choice of 26 colours, meaning you can choose your mini explorer’s favourite shade, taking this high sleeper bed to the next level!

Mathy by Bols Original Treehouse Cabin Bed with Platform & Slide in 3 Sizes & 26 Colours

Best Treehouse Bed with Stairs: Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage Steps

Some kids love the added thrill of climbing up a ladder into their high sleeper bed – but if yours isn’t one of them, a treehouse bed with stairs can be a good alternative.

If you have space for them, steps will ensure your little one can climb into bed in comfort – plus, they often feature hidden storage, as with The Hideout Mid Sleeper Kids Bed by Lifetime.

This beautiful bed is also a sustainable option, as it’s made from FSC-certified pine and non-toxic lacquer.

Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Luxury Kids Bed with Storage Steps

Best Treehouse Bed with Storage: Lifetime Lake House Mid Sleeper with Storage Steps

If you have any reservations about choosing a treehouse bed for your child, it might be the perceived lack of storage, especially in a smaller room. But this doesn’t have to be the case!

Many treehouse beds incorporate hidden storage or have space for you to add your own underneath. For example, our Lifetime Luxury Lake House Mid Sleeper Bed has concealed storage in each of the wide steps, optional hanging boxes, and room under the bed for storage furniture.

Add a chest of drawers or bookcase to make this stunning treehouse bed as practical as it is fun!

Lifetime Luxury Lake House Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage Steps

Time to Build a Treehouse?

Have you scouted out the best treehouse bed for your mini-Tarzan or Jane? If you’d like to discuss any of our kid’s beds in more detail, don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email We’re always happy to help!


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