Kids Storage Beds Perfect for Post Christmas

You’ve taken down your tree and polished off that last mince pie… which means it’s time to tackle the post-Christmas clearout!

If your kids have been good, Santa might have dropped off an extra large delivery of presents this year. And with generous relatives and friends, you could be struggling to find a home for all those new toys and gadgets…

But not to worry – we’ve got a selection of clutter-busting storage beds to help kids stay tidy all year round. Take a peek at our favourite storage beds for kids…

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Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper

Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper

Goodbye clutter, hello hassle-free storage!

With this Julian Bowen high sleeper, you’ll free up heaps of bedroom space – so there’s more room to store whatever Santa brought in his sleigh! From the pull-out wardrobe to the built-in desk with drawers, this bed neatly hides away plentiful storage.

And the best bit? It won’t take over that all-important bedroom space. So, kids can keep all their clothes and study supplies neatly stashed away, all within the confines of their bed!

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Make way for innovative furniture at its finest…

If you’re short on bedroom space, this genius bed by Vox is simply packed with clever storage solutions. You can add storage units and boxes, a clothing rail, a pull-out wardrobe, a bookcase, and a desk to this oh-so efficient bed.

Every child (and bedroom) is different. That’s why you can arrange the optional storage in a way that suits your child’s space. Simply select the add-ons you’ll find useful and arrange them in a way that delivers maximum efficiency.

Or if you’d rather free up more space for your kids to play or store toys, you can simply leave the underbed space free. This gives your little one their very own private den to play games and enjoy their downtime. To create the cosiest corner, why not festoon fairy lights and scatter cushions underneath the bed?

Parisot Finland Mid Sleeper with Desk & Storage

Parisot Finland Mid Sleeper with Desk & Storage

Gone are the days of tackling homework on the kitchen table…

When it’s time for your youngster to study at home, you won’t need to magic up space out of nowhere. With this Parisot mid sleeper bed, kids can just pull out a spacious desk whenever they like. Once study time is over, they can push it back and free up their floor for the important things in life – like perfecting that TikTok routine!

And with shelves underneath the bed, there’s more than enough space to keep trinkets, books, and toys. So no matter how generous Santa was at Christmas, kids can keep their new hoard safe and sound.

Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed

Cool Kids Tipi Cabin Bed

Just when you thought kids’ storage couldn’t get cooler…

With this customisable teepee-style cabin bed, you can create the ultimate space-saving solution. Add three roomy storage boxes underneath the bed to help kids to keep their Christmas hoard safely out of sight. And if it’s too high for little legs to clamber down, you can add a step to safely assist your youngster out of bed.

Also complete with a chalkboard sign and canopy roof, this bed provides a sanctuary for kids to plan their adventures in the day and drift off at night. Choose a canopy from four fab colours to match your youngster’s bedroom.

Lifetime High Sleeper with Steps

Lifetime High Sleeper with Steps

No more bedroom clutter… With this high sleeper from Lifetime Kids, youngsters can keep their toys neat and tidy inside six built-in drawers.

But there’s more storage to this bed than meets the eye – along with the roomy drawers, you can also stash away clutter inside the steps, too! With spacious drawers inside each step and shelving on the side, this bed works hard to free you from clutter.

Since every last inch of this bed is designed to maximise space, the storage also doubles up as a bench. Simply scatter a few cushions and hey presto! Kids have space to sit back and relax after a long day at school.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can add heaps of optional extras to boost efficiency. From a hanging box to store essentials to a light for bedtime reading, there’s heaps of clever ways to get the most out of this bed.

Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism in White

Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism in White

Why take up floor space with a bed and separate storage units? With storage hidden both underneath and inside this bed by Vox, you free up as much space as possible.

This bed is simply teeming with storage to stash away bedding, toys, and general knick knacks. You can lift the mattress up to find a huge space to keep bulky essentials, like spare sheets and clothes for next summer or winter. The easy mechanism makes it simple to lift up and push back down in seconds – there’s no hard work or heavy lifting here!

And for the bits your little one would rather keep in arm’s reach, add the handy storage boxes to slot underneath the bed. Since the mattress is raised high off the ground, you enjoy more space to keep those taller items tucked away.

Julian Bowen Saturn Midsleeper

Julian Bowen Saturn Midsleeper

Did Santa go overboard this year? Whether it was too many books or bulky toys, finding the space to stash them all can feel like an impossible task. So if you’re wishing for a (delayed) Christmas miracle, this midsleeper bed by Julian Bowen is the answer to your prayers.

With a built-in bookcase, a 3-drawer chest, and a pull-out desk, this bed is designed to help you free up more space. Keep messier clutter hidden away in the drawers and perch photos or plants on the shelves to add a splash of personality to the bedroom.

Parisot Sleep Day Bed with Storage

Meet the day bed by Parisot. It’s a space to sleep, lounge, and declutter – all wrapped up in one attractive package!

With handy side storage compartments, kids can keep their essentials closeby. From books to bedtime drinks, this bed will keep all your youngster’s knick knacks safely in reach. And to help you store away bigger bits like spare sheets or shoes, the two underbed drawers are wonderfully roomy.

Make Way for a Clutter-Free 2022

Ready to tackle the post-Christmas sort out? No matter how generous Santa was, our storage-friendly kids’ beds are here to help you clear away any clutter.

Head over to our range of kids’ storage beds and browse from our handpicked selection of leading brands. If you have a question about our beds, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.


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