Encourage Tidy Up With a Kids Storage Bed

Tired of tripping over toys, picking up clothes and standing on Lego (is there a worse way to end the day?)

Maybe it’s time to invest in a kids’ storage bed. A fun new bed with built-in storage might be just what you need to encourage your little one to tidy up after themselves. Even if it’s not, at least you’ll have somewhere to chuck all the Lego when your feet can’t take it anymore!

If you’re ready to clear the clutter, read on for our pick of the best kids’ storage beds to turn your little one’s room from floordrobe to fabulous!

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1. Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide

Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide

This incredible Maxxi Cabin Bed has it all – fun, style and storage.

What kid doesn’t want a slide bed? Little ones will love zooming out of bed every morning, as well as doodling works of art on the built-in blackboard.

Parents, meanwhile, will appreciate the included storage boxes on castors, which are perfect for throwing toys in at the end of the day and rolling away out of sight under the bed. There’s also shelving at the end of the bed, which is ideal for keeping those precious bedtime stories close to hand.

2. Lars Low Cabin Bed

Lars Low Cabin Bed

Need a kids’ storage bed that’s also ready for sleepovers? Check out the Lars Low Cabin Bed.

This multifunctional bed has 3 large storage drawers, a cubby hole in the ladder, and a trundle drawer, which can either be used for more storage or as a handy guest bed if you pop a mattress inside.

Brimming with practical features and with a sleek white and grey design, this multi-functional cabin bed is a great option for younger children and smaller bedrooms.

3. Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

For slightly older kids, the Harry High Rise Bed is a fantastic space-saving option. It offers a bed, desk, wardrobe, drawer and plenty of shelving units, all packed into the footprint of a single bed.

Kids will be able to hang up their clothes and pack away all their toys and books into the built-in storage – and still have space for their computer and study area (or gaming area, let’s be real!) There’s even a wire noticeboard, for any important notes or Wi-Fi passwords!

Finished in white, this amazing high sleeper bed is perfect for boys and girls and can be easily accessorised to suit their style.

4. Trasman Barca Bunk Bed with Wardrobe

Trasman Barca Bunk Bed with Wardrobe

For siblings in need of storage, the Trasman Barca Bunk Bed with Wardrobe is the ideal solution.

It comes with a plethora of built-in storage, including a wardrobe with rail and shelving, 2 large storage drawers, and additional shelving in the sides, to keep their nighttime essentials nearby.

This incredible bed is available in 3 colour options and the reversible design means you can position the ladder and storage on whichever side works best for the room.

5. Cool Kids Hut Day Bed

Cool Kids Hut Day Bed

The Cool Kids Hut Day Bed from Lifetime offers oodles of style along with its storage.

The cool house-shaped frame means your child can snuggle into bed at night and feel like they’re in their very own cabin. It even has a chimney – adorable! Add the optional fabric canopy to make the bed even cosier. This comes with sewn-in storage pouches, ideal for their current book or favourite teddy.

In the foundations of this cool kids’ house bed is a large area in which you could place boxes or baskets – or choose to add the optional storage drawers, which contain plenty of space to tidy away their possessions.

6. Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed in Acacia & White

Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed in Acacia & White

An entire room’s worth of storage in one bed? That’s what the Spot High Sleeper Storage Bed by Vox has to offer!

This stunning bed features 4 storage drawers and 2 open shelving units with multiple shelves. There’s also a large walk-in wardrobe space behind, with more shelving. If you’ve got room to pull it out, you could choose to fill this space with an optional clothing rail – or leave it empty to give them a seriously cool den!

Ideal for smaller bedrooms, this high sleeper storage bed offers your child all the storage they could dream of, leaving any available floor space free for playtime!

7. Lifetime High Sleeper with Steps

Lifetime High Sleeper with Steps

Want even more free floor space? The hidden, low-key storage in this Lifetime High Sleeper means there’s plenty of space remaining for you to use as you please.

The storage on offer comes from within the steps, which are effectively large storage boxes with soft-close lids; in the open shelving on the side of the steps; and in the low set of 6 drawers underneath. These drawers have stylish chalkboard fronts and felt handles, and can double as a handy bench.

If you want even more storage, there are matching wardrobes and bookcases available from Lifetime, all made from FSC-certified Scandinavian pine wood.

8. Parisot Kurt Midsleeper Cabin Bed with Desk & Storage

Parisot Kurt Midsleeper Cabin Bed with Desk & Storage

The Parisot Kurt Midsleeper Cabin Bed is a good option if you want to fit a desk and storage under your kid’s bed, without raising them too far off the ground. This is particularly useful if your rooms have low ceilings!

As well as the 2-door cupboard, there’s shelving behind the ladder and along the side of the bed – which is the perfect space for a bedside lamp or night-time drink.

The real star of the show is the pull-out desk, which means your little one has a place to do their homework, without compromising permanently on floor space. Once they’ve finished their algebraic equations (is it just us, or is maths getting harder?) they can simply roll the desk away and forget about school until morning!

9. Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

A completely customisable storage bed that you can design to fit your child’s needs? This bed is the ‘nest’!

Vox’s Nest Storage Bed comes with built-in shelves at the base of the bed as standard. Other than that, you can build it out however you want. You could add drawers, boxes, a wardrobe, clothes rail, desk… the possibilities are (almost) endless!

This versatile kid’s bed is the ultimate nest for your little chick – just be warned, they won’t want to leave!

10. Aviary Triple Sleeper

Aviary Triple Sleeper

Finally, if you have an older child sharing with a younger one, or want somewhere for guests to stay, the Aviary Triple Sleeper might be for you.

This practical bunk bed has a single up top and a small double down below (perfect for teens!) Underneath are 2 stylish storage drawers with faux leather handles, which are great for concealing toys, clothes or spare bedding.

And that’s not all the storage on offer: running alongside each of the beds is built-in shelving. This is the ideal place for books, décor, and with teenagers, that all-important alarm clock!

Found the Perfect Kids Storage Bed for Your Mini Mess-Maker?

These kid’s beds might just convince your child of the benefits of a clutter-free life. Tidy room = tidy mind! If you’d like any more information about our kids’ beds, don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com.


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