Our 7 Favourite Cuckooland Beds

Are you tired of tucking your little one into a boring kid’s bed that doesn’t work for your family? Then you need a Cuckooland bed!

Thanks to our years of experience in the kid’s bed industry, we know exactly what parents and kids look for in a new bed. That’s why we designed our Cuckooland kid’s beds to be high-quality, fun and functional whilst remaining at a great price. From day beds to mid-sleepers and bunk beds, we’ve got the perfect bed for your little dreamer.

We know kids don’t love waiting (nor do we!), so if our beds are in stock, we can dispatch them in just 1 working day*. Our courier will then contact you to book in your delivery on a day that suits you, so no hanging around – and no grouchy kids.

Sound good? Then check out our 7 favourite Cuckooland Beds below (it was hard, but we narrowed it down!) and get ready to rewrite your bedtime story!

*Please check the information on the product page for expected dispatch times.

Feefo - Olivia Bed
Olivia Mid Sleepr Bed Feefo Review
Feefo - Ava High Sleeper (1)
Ava High Sleeper Feefo Review

1. Olivia Mid Sleeper Bed

Make bedtime the best time with our bestselling Olivia Mid Sleeper Bed!

This charming kid’s bed features a mid-level height that’s perfect for you to tuck in your little adventurer at night. The wide steps offer a place to perch whilst you read a bedtime story, and as they feature hidden storage, you’ll be able to keep all their favourite books close to hand.

The area underneath the bed offers space for further storage or a fun area for your kids to play. Just add a cosy rug and lamp to create the ultimate hang-out zone!

Customers say: ‘We love the bed; it is great quality and my daughter hasn’t stopped playing on it since we set it up.’

Olivia Mid Sleeper Bed with Shelves and Storage Stairs

2. Bailey Kids Cabin Bed

Our Bailey Kids Cabin Bed is the perfect space-saver for smaller bedrooms.

It's packed with storage, including a low-height single wardrobe, three large drawers and shelving units in the bottom of the bed to hold all their bits and bobs.

Best of all, we added a pull-out desk that your child can use for crafting, gaming or the dreaded homework. Your little worker bee can then slide the desk away at the end of the day, helping them to separate work time from bedtime and 'switch off' for sleep.

Bailey Kids Cabin Bed with Pull Out Desk, Wardrobe and Storage Shelves
Bailey Kids Cabin Bed with Pull Out Desk, Wardrobe and Storage Shelves

3. Harper High Sleeper Bed

Harper is one of our most budget-friendly high sleeper beds – but you’d never guess this from the number of features on offer.

Under the bed, we’ve managed to fit in a large desk with shelving, a chest of three drawers, and a corner wardrobe with a built-in clothes rail and more shelves.

In Harper, we wanted to create something that would stand the test of time and provide everything your child needs for an affordable price. If you can only buy one new piece of furniture for your kid’s bedroom, buy this!

Customers say: ‘The Harper High Sleeper is a great bed and brilliant for space saving’.

Harper High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

4. Didi Shorty Bunk Bed

Our Didi Bunk Bed is a truly unique, space-saving masterpiece.

We know from working with parents and helping to design their kid’s rooms over the years that sometimes you just don’t have enough space for the furniture you want – especially if you have siblings sharing.

That’s why we designed the Didi Shorty Bunk Bed. This compact bunk bed has shorter beds than a standard bunk bed so it can fit in even the cosiest of box rooms. The panels are also reversible – choose between white and grey – to give you even more flexibility, and there are storage drawers underneath too!

Didi Shorty Reversible Bunk Bed with Storage

5. The Boss Small Double Gaming Bed

Meet the bed every tween or teen gamer dreams of having as their base!

Our Boss Pod Gaming Highsleeper has a built-in under-bed desk area with LED strip lighting for the ultimate gaming set-up. We like to keep parents happy too, so there's plenty of storage to help kids organise their loot and keep their room tidy.

The Boss bed is available in a single or small double size, with the small double giving teens the extra space they need to 'power up', ready for the next boss battle!

The Boss Pod Small Double Gaming Highsleeper Bed with Desk and Storage
The Boss Pod Small Double Gaming Highsleeper Bed with Desk and Storage

6. Aviary Triple Sleeper Bed

Sharing a room never looked so appealing!

With a single bed on top and a small double on the bottom, our Aviary Triple Sleeper Bed is ideal for larger families or older kids sharing with younger siblings. Tweens and teens will appreciate the extra space offered by the double, whilst, in our experience, youngsters always love being on the top bunk.

Despite its compact size, we’ve managed to fit plenty of storage into this design too, with shelving running alongside both beds and two storage drawers underneath, complete with faux leather handles. This is the bed to take the stress out of room sharing.

Aviary Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed with Drawers and Storage

7. Ava High Sleeper with Desk

We all know that in kid’s bedrooms, storage is king. This was the philosophy we had in mind when we designed our Ava High Sleeper Bed.

Parents and children will love the abundance of built-in storage options that make it easy to keep their room tidy. As well as a wall of bookcase storage, there’s a wardrobe with a sliding door that’s perfect for hiding anything they don’t want on display.

We also set a desk perpendicular to the loft bed, so kids will always have a place to do their homework or play online with their friends. This is one of our best beds for older children who are ready to become more independent.

Customers say: ‘The bed was easy to build given the size of it. It’s really sturdy and looks fantastic. My son absolutely loves it.’

Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Are You Cuckoo for Cuckooland Beds?

As you can see, our Cuckooland kid’s beds balance quality and affordability, with a high dose of fun! If you have any questions, give our team of kid’s bed experts a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email customerservice@cuckooland.com. We’re always happy to help!


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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