Metallic Magic! How to Style a Metal Kid’s Bed

Add some metallic magic to your little one’s room with our collection of metal kid’s beds.

Now, when you think of metal beds, you might immediately imagine hostels, hospitals – or even, dare we say it, prisons! But no more: our range of colourful metal kid’s beds is here to smash those stereotypes and transform your little one’s room into a fun and funky oasis.

Keen to see what we mean? Read on for some of our favourite kid’s room designs with metal beds from our lovely (and very talented!) Cuckooland customers. Get ready to feel inspired – metal beds, it’s your time to shine!

1. Sunshine & Rainbows

Image source: @renovatingthepighouse
Image source: @the_view_from_number_3

A yellow metal bed is the perfect centrepiece for a fun and modern kid’s room. Our bestselling Vipack New York Single Bed in Yellow is made from metal with a durable powder-coated finish, so it can withstand even the most boisterous of children.

Yellow is a bright, sunshine shade that inspires happiness and works well with other vibrant colours and accessories. Take a leaf out of @renovatingthepighouse’s book and paint a bold rainbow stripe on the wall for a statement pop of colour. Use wall-safe tape to mark out where you want each stripe before picking up your paintbrush. We love how this is used to subtly divide the room for sharing siblings.

Alternatively, pair a yellow bed with a contrasting colour such as blue or turquoise, as @the_view_from_number_3 has done with their walls and bedding. Accentuate this with bold, black-and-white wall art and (kid-safe) plants to complete the modern look.

Vipack New York Metal Bed in Yellow

2. Black Olive

@lovinglinden (3)
Image source: @lovinglinden
Image source: @hiinteriorsldn

For a seriously on-trend look, we recommend choosing a black metal bed for your little one’s room.

Similarly styled with olive green walls, mustard throws and monochromatic bedding, both @lovinglinden and @hiinteriorsldn have created kid’s rooms that are modern yet classic and will suit all age ranges. Statement cushions with orange stripes add a splash of colour and fun to each room.

As they get older, black metal beds are easy to restyle for teenagers and young adults. Our New York Metal Bed is available in a small double size as well as a single, to give growing children more space to stretch out and ensure the bed will last them into adulthood.

Vipack New York Small Double Bed in Black

3. Whimsical White
Image source:
@saraandcatherinestales copy
Image source: @saraandcatherinestales

Want to steer clear of the industrial look, and create a pretty paradise for your prince or princess instead? Look no further than a white metal bed!

The New York Bed is available in white, but if you want a softer look, our Alice Metal Kids Bed boasts ornate scroll detailing that gives it a daintier feel than you might expect from a metal bed.

Pair your white metal bed with cream walls, pale pink décor and soft lighting, as both and @saraandcatherinestales have done, to create a cosy, whimsical look. Finish with a canopy over the bed, and you’ll have a room fit for royalty that’s guaranteed to soothe them to sleep!

Vipack Alice Metal Single Kids Bed in White

4. Modern Mint

Image source: @our.home.on.the.close
Image source: @_fox_cottage_

Give your child’s bedroom a highly polished finish with our Vipack New York Metal Bed in Mint.

This gleaming blue-green shade pairs perfectly with dark grey and contrasting pale pink. Recreate these looks with white or monochrome printed kid’s bedding, plaster pink wall paint, and statement cushions or cuddly toys.

The octopus on the bed in @our.home.on.the.close’s room reinforces the oceanic theme of the sea-green bed. Meanwhile, the over-bed canopy gives off beach umbrella vibes and is a guaranteed way to turn the bed into a cosy escape for your little one.

Vipack New York Metal Bed in Mint

5. Flashy Four Posters

@hartleycoxinteriors (1) copy
Image source: @hartleycoxinteriors
Image source:

What’s better than a 4-poster bed? A 4-poster bed made from metal, of course!

These kids’ rooms are perfect for teenagers. The small double-sized beds ensure they’ll have plenty of space to starfish as they grow. In each room, the four-poster bed makes a statement, without being overpowering.

In @hartleycoxinteriors’s design, they’ve made the bed the focal point, using pale pink walls and brighter cushions to ensure the black metal of the bed stands out. Meanwhile, has used a combination of colours in their bunting, bedding and furnishings to create a more traditional, yet still fun, look.

One of the best things about 4 poster beds is the opportunity for decoration. You could add drapes, festoon lights, bunting or pom-poms, as seen in these examples – the possibilities are endless!

Woood Black Metal Small Double Bed

6. Ruby Radiance

Image source: @reka_thornton_home

If your little one is football or fire engine mad, a red metal bed might be the sleep station of their dreams! (Most football teams have red kits, right?)

This bright ruby-red version of our New York Metal Single Bed is perfect for kids who want to ‘kick’ back and relax in style. Accessorise with a contrasting colour, such as green or blue, to accentuate the colour of the bed. You could also pick up the red again in the bedding or doorframe, as @reka_thornton_home has done, to bring the look together.

And don’t just stop with the bed: we have plenty of other metal kid’s furniture available. Consider a metal wardrobe or use our Vipack Bronxx Metal Bedside Table to emphasise the locker room feel of the room.

Vipack New York Metal Kids Bed in Red
Vipack Bronxx Metal Bedside Table

Met Your Metallic Match?

We hope you’re feeling inspired by all these magical metallic kids’ rooms. Add a colourful metal bed to your little one’s space to give it a glossy gleam and take it from drab to fab! If you’d like to chat about any our kid’s beds or furniture, don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email We’re always happy to help!


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