How to Make Bedtime Better with a Fun Kid's Bed!

Every parent knows that bedtimes can be tough!

It can be a struggle getting your children to settle down for a good night’s sleep.

Thankfully, the practical features and exciting designs within the kid’s beds we offer – often from renowned designers – can make bedtimes better for both parents and their kiddies.

We’ve highlighted eight fun kid’s bed designs – including a tipi, treehouse and cabin bed filled with storage possibilities – so your littleuns won’t want to miss their bedtime (hopefully!).

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1. Chose a Bed they’ll Love Every Day and Night

Kids Tipi Day Bed

Part of the fun of this bed lies in its day bed design.

Provide a comfortable ‘sofa’ – once you add one of our pocket sprung mattresses (not included) – where they can read and giggle with friends.

Suitable for little ones aged 4 and above – this beautiful two-in-one piece of furniture is a delightful space saver. Add an under-the-bed trundle drawer or trundle mattress (not included) to house their bedtime blankets or accommodate their friends during sleepovers.

Plus, who could resist accessorising with fairtrade cotton ball lights (sold separately) across the tipi beam? They’re sure to stop them from being afraid of the dark.

2. Sooner to Bed, Sooner to Morning

Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide

Your bambino will fall asleep dreaming of the morning – and the chance to use this fun cabin bed’s slide.

Leave them a personalised message on the chalkboard panel so that they rush upstairs to read it each night. This will create wonderful memories they’ll treasure for years!

Store their favourite bedtime storybooks on the end shelves and pop their pyjamas in one of the two pull-out storage boxes below – helping you find everything when getting them ready for bed.

Available in stunning ‘White’ or ‘Grey’ options, they’ll be no holding them back from wanting to fall asleep in this contemporary bed unit.

3. Customise their Bed’s Colours to their Room Theme

Mathy by Bols Kids Tent Cabin Bed with Trundle Drawer

Make every night special with this tent style cabin bed.

Tell them tales under the stars of the great outdoors – so they can fall asleep dreaming of future adventures.

Plus, the fold-up cloth side can be rolled up or down – allowing them to experience camping in the comfort of your home. We’re loving the attention to detail this bed design offers – and you’re not limited to one or two colours here. Instead, Mathy by Bols offers an incredible 26 colourways – so it’s easy to design your little adventurer’s ideal bedroom.

The trundle mattress (not included) means they can invite pals to camp in their room too. It fits perfectly inside the included trundle drawer – available in shades that match or contrast with the main bed frame.

4. Include a Fun Ladder to Climb

Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

This lacquered pine bunk bed has an impressive range of features that’ll encourage better bedtimes for your kid(s) – whilst reassuring you.

The lower bunk bed would suit younger siblings – with minimal chance of them rolling out – thanks to the central ladder. Once older children have bravely climbed the ladder to their treehouse above – which can become a fun bedtime routine – getting to sleep will be a breeze.

Pop their favourite soft toys behind the roof section and watch them fall asleep – feeling tucked away in their hideout. Or, they can ‘map out’ their next day’s trek underneath the top platform – simply add curtains to convert it into a den.

5. Provide a Space they’ll Love - for Many Years

Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Handcrafted in Denmark from sustainable Scandinavian pine – this fun kid’s bed by Lifetime Kids will support them through many years of happy bedtimes (from ages 2 to 11+ years).

Each of the four configurations means there’s less chance of them suddenly outgrowing their bed and feeling cramped. This adorable bed has a designer cotton canopy – with fun mini leaf cushions overhead. It begins its life as a low-height design – with reassuring safety guard panels for ages 2 to 4 years.

Later, it can be raised for 5 to 7 year-olds – before converting into a fabulous high sleeper (ages 8 to 10 years) or single bed (ages 11+ years). Add eco-friendly Panda London bamboo bedding for ultimate comfort they won’t want to miss!

6. Create a Cabin Retreat

Explorer Treehouse Cabin Bed

The smaller but still mighty cousin of the Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed – see number 4 above – your little lumberjacks will gravitate to this cabin bed.

From the peek-a-boo window to the roof – this fun design means they’ll be especially eager to leave the grown-ups and retreat to their room at night-time. Add some fun cushions and soft throws to make this cabin bed the place to be.

Just be prepared for endless “can they stay over?” requests for their friends. However, you can easily say “yes” once you’ve added the trundle drawer and inset mattress (sold separately).

7. Give them a House (Bed) of their Own

Casami Kids House Bed

Be the ‘cool’ mum or dad who lets them choose their next bedtime story.

The Casami kids house bed has a built-in shelf to store their favourite books – ready for reading!

Plus, you can store their clothing, teddies and spare bedding under the base of this stylised bed – so bedtime routines go without a hitch. But who could forget this bed’s fun house styling – your kids will love waving you good night through the round windows.

This bed offers a sanctuary where they can settle down and feel cosy – ready for the next day with little fuss or drama (hopefully!).

8. Roll Down the Curtains

Charlotte Kids Treehouse Bed in Grey & Beige

What’s not to love about this elevated treehouse bed?

The neutral grey and beige shades combine for soothing bedtimes – especially when they’ve been playing and climbing the ladder all day.

We also sell fabric curtains for the windows and entrance – so they can ‘nod off’ in their own enclosed dreamworld. Plus, you can hang their dressing gowns up on the end hooks – meaning bathtimes go swimmingly too.

Finally, your mini VIPs will appreciate the deluxe slatted bed base – with no need to upgrade!

Choose Fun and Practical Kid’s Bed Designs to Make Bedtimes A Breeze

Having the right furniture can make a world of difference to your family’s lives – and beds are no different. Learn more about these beautiful products by calling +44 (0) 1305 231231, or send us an email. We’re happy to advise on any of our products.


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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