Game On! Our Top 10 Kid’s Gaming Beds

Whether they’re all fired up over Fortnite or going mad for Minecraft, a kid’s gaming bed is guaranteed to be a winning choice for any teen or pre-teen gamer.

Our incredible high sleeper gaming beds come with not only desks and beds, but also gaming-specific features such as monitor stands, storage, LED lighting and chair beds – all for affordable prices!

So, are you Ready, Player 1? Because we’ve rounded up the top 10 best gaming beds to give your mini-gamer the perfect place to annihilate their enemies, then take a well-deserved rest before the next ‘boss’ encounter. It’s time to get your game face on!

Trasman Podbed Gaming High Sleeper with Chair Bed 120x200cm

1. Estella Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed

Estella Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed

A top gaming bed doesn’t have to cost you your full loot – as our affordable Estella High Sleeper Gaming Bed proves!

This simple yet stylish bed is made from solid pine and MDF, finished in a cool light grey. Under the bed is a full-length gaming desk with room for up to 3 (yes, 3!) screens. These can be placed on the raised monitor shelf, which offers more space underneath for storing keyboards and controllers.

When it’s finally ‘game over’ for the day, kids can climb the slanted ladder into bed for a ‘console’ing sleep!

2. Trasman Podbed Gaming High Sleeper with Chair Bed 120x200cm

Trasman Podbed Gaming High Sleeper with Chair Bed 120x200cm

What better place for a gamer to immerse themselves in World of Warcraft than this cave-like bed?

Featuring an ultra-modern dark grey and red finish, the Trasman Podbed Gaming High Sleeper is perfect for older kids and teens. As well as the bed and desk, which can accommodate a 40” monitor, it boasts built-in storage, LED strip lighting and an optional wireless charger.

The included grey foam chair even transforms into a guest bed – great for when multi-player gaming goes on late into the night!

3. Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed with Desk

Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed with Desk

What gaming-mad kid (or adult!) wouldn’t want to explore alternative realities from this incredible base?

Featuring a 184cm desk with space for 3 monitors, the Parisot Gaming High Sleeper offers plenty of room for the ultimate gaming set-up.

Multi-coloured LED strip lights complete the underground dungeon vibe, whilst double USB sockets and integrated storage shelves add a practical element that will serve you well in your quest to find the ultimate gaming bed!

4. Harper High Sleeper with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Harper High Sleeper with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

For gamers who also need to incorporate plenty of storage space into their bed, the Harper High Sleeper is here to help.

Under this stylish and affordable high-sleeper bed, you’ll find a corner wardrobe and shelving alongside the gamer-ready desk area. With space to store all their real-life loot, this bed has it all!

When your little one is finally ready to activate sleep mode, the large steps and handles make it easy to climb into bed to reboot!

5. Pino Kids High Sleeper with Desk

Pino Kids High Sleeper with Desk

If you want a versatile gaming bed that you can easily transform back into a regular loft bed, check out our Vipack Pino High Sleeper with Desk.

Made from MDF and Scandinavian pine, this simple high sleeper bed and large desk combo can be used for a variety of purposes – including crafting, studying, storage, and of course, gaming!

A slanted ladder also ensures plenty of room underneath for an all-singing-all-dancing gaming chair (they can get pretty bulky!)

6. Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4

Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4

If your little one is craving a gaming bed that looks like a gaming bed, the Urban Grey Console High Sleeper by Kids Avenue might be their dream bed – it even has Console in the title!

This cool gaming bed features a full-length desk with raised monitor shelf and LED strip lighting to give it that lit-up gamer feel. There’s also a built-in wireless charger to keep them at full HP (that’s hit points to the non-gamers among us!)

Alongside these flashy features are some practical ones, including a ladder with large, easy-to-climb steps and handles. All this will help your little one get a good night’s sleep after a long day of battling their homework and zombies!

7. Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed 90x200cm

Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed 90x200cm

To give your gamer a modern apartment feel in their room, check out this incredible Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed.

This practical all-in-one gaming bed features built-in storage shelves and a hanging rail, ideal for holding everything from their collectibles to cosplay outfits!

Inside the gamer’s area below the bed, you’ll find a height-adjustable desk that can hold a 32” screen, remote-controlled LED strip lighting to get them in the zone, an optional wireless charger, and a headphone hook for when they can (finally!) pause for a break!

8. Harry High Rise Sleeper with Desk Wardrobe and Storage

Harry High Rise Sleeper with Desk Wardrobe and Storage

The Harry High Sleeper Bed has everything your little one needs to embark on their quest and complete their day.

A bed with an easy-access ladder, a built-in desk with a noticeboard, and a plethora of storage ensures your little one can work, rest and play – and, of course, game!

The bed might not have as much space for gaming equipment as others, but it’s ideal for smaller spaces and rooms that need to have other functions, as well as a gamer’s den.

9. Parisot Higher High Sleeper

Parisot Higher High Sleeper

Our Parisot Higher High Sleeper is another multi-tasking bed perfect for gaming, studying, storing and snoring!

The desk offers plenty of space for their computer set-up, whilst the sliding-door wardrobe and built-in bookcase running along the back of the bed are ideal for keeping clothes, toys and books in order.

This bed really can fit everything under it – forget The Princess and the Pea; we’re all about The Princess and the PC!

10. Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed

Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed

Last but by no means least, this Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed offers excellent versatility, as the ladder can be positioned on either side to suit their room.

Thanks to the handy chair bed, this gaming bed is ideal for those times in multi-player games when you need a friend over to ‘cover’ you.

When you finally demand they press save for the last time, they’ll be able to head straight to bed to recharge, ready for another day of exploring castles, building new worlds and battling foes!

Time to Up Your Game?

We guarantee that choosing one of these incredible kid’s beds will score you some serious gamer points with your teen or tween! Have a question about one of our children’s beds? Please call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email – we’re always happy to help!


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