Are gaming beds good for my kids?

According to Ofcom – 9 out of 10 children play video games in the UK! Whether they’re exploring Hyrule, defeating Ender Dragons, collecting Pokemon, scoring Hattricks or even throwing bananas at Mario – kids of all ages are enjoying the world of gaming!
If your wannabe pro-gamer is part of the 90% of kids getting plugged in, you might already know the positives and negatives that come with gaming, but the current question on everyone’s lips – Are gaming beds good for kids?

Having pros and cons of their own – we’re here to highlight why Cuckooland are Team Gaming Beds! With our expert advice, useful resources and top tips – your kids can sleep, rest, work and game – comfortably and safely.

Gaming Bed Cons:

There’s no avoiding it, Gaming Beds do have their cons! Although a few features might get a thumbs down, we’ve got a handful of helpful hints to show you how you can make Gaming Beds work for you and your family. Like with your typical ‘Final Boss Fight’, there’s always a way around them! So, let’s jump right in and tackle the hurdles first.

Temptations and Distractions

Taking first place in the ‘Cons’ column, gaming beds can sometimes pose a distraction for kids. Although the compact design helps save on space, by combining their bed with their gaming desk, workspace and storage – it can be tempting for kids to choose one activity over the others. So, how do you encourage self-discipline with your kids?

ChildNet offers a free-to-download ‘family agreement’, so you can collectively discuss and outline screen time, online rules, gaming hours etc. for everyone in the family. As an example – gaming hours could be after dinner and homework, between 6-8 pm, with at least one hour away from devices, before bedtime. Agreeing the terms together, implementing the rules as a family unit and sticking to set boundaries will help you all avoid those distractions and potential temptations!

And if anyone is caught cheating – Young Minds have some helpful tips to get everyone back on the same level!

Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed 90x200cm


When you choose a Kid’s Gaming Bed, it becomes the new home of their collection of consoles, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and all the tech and accessories that come with them. This can make it harder to keep an eye on your child’s activities, data usage, online habits, e-friends and web safety. Other than keeping their bedroom door open and popping in and out to check how they’re doing, it’s a hard task to know exactly what they’ll get up to at their gaming desk. Thankfully, the NSPCC has a helpful guide on setting parental controls, managing inappropriate content and keeping your kids protected. The UK Safer Internet Centre recommend showing interest in your kid’s favourite games, understanding how they work and even getting involved with gameplay. Create a safe and open space to discuss their interests and welcome them to come to you with any issues or concerns. With the right setup and protective features, gaming bedrooms become an exciting space for kids to let off steam – safely!

Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4

Complicated Builds

Like with most furniture, DIY and self-assembly await you with a gaming bed… Most often High Sleeper Beds, to make space for the gaming desk below – Gaming Beds can also feature storage, shelves, ladders, bookcases and drawers – all of which will need building. Unless you whizz through instruction manuals, you’re a dab hand with a screwdriver and you’ve already been practising on Minecraft, you’ll want to ready yourself for the assembly ahead. Or you could always entrust our skilled installation team with the task?! Sadly they won’t be dressed as Mario and Luigi when they arrive, but they will make light work of your potentially complicated builds!

Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed in White & Grey

Product Age Range

As mentioned, Gaming Beds are usually High Sleeper/Mid Sleeper Beds to make way for gaming desks and in-built storage. As recommended, this style of bed isn’t suitable for kids under the age of six years. So, for the five and below’s, sadly that means their dream of having a gaming bed will have to wait! And when they finally get there, they may eventually outgrow gaming, to find another hobby or change their style.

If age range and replacing furniture is a concern, we’d recommend picking out a gaming bed that can easily be adapted to their ever-changing interests. Beds like the Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper would be a great choice! With sectional storage, a wide desk and bookshelves galore – kids can mould their bed to suit their needs. If one minute they love gaming and the next, they can’t get enough of crafting, the Parisot High Sleeper Bed is a great base to explore their passions!

Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Gaming Bed Pros:

Now for the pros! The reasons Gaming Beds are number one! The hero features and why Gaming Beds are a winner! So, let’s hit ‘start’ on our list…

Ergonomically Designed

Kids will clock many an hour at their Gaming Beds and gaming desks, so comfort is a priority! Ergonomically designed to help prevent potential injuries and physical conditions, Gaming Beds ensure kids game the right way! Along with a suitable desk chair; raised monitor shelves help avoid eye strain, headaches and poor posture. The desk height and surface have been thoughtfully considered too, to ensure kids have enough space to move, get comfortable and sit in the best position possible. The beds themselves have also been safety tested and provide an excellent base for your choice of mattress. Ranging from UK single sizes to EU small doubles, you can find the right fit for your growing kid/tween/teen!

Estella Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed

Aids Life Skills

Gaming is not too dissimilar to the playground! It’s a free space for kids to communicate, express themselves, challenge, discover, create, share, collaborate, learn and develop – all within a growing community. By choosing a gaming bed you’ll be encouraging and honing important life skills and lessons, and friendships will be made along the way. Not just online, many gaming beds offer pull-out sofa beds so their coop team can come to stay and play multiplayer missions together! If you’re lucky, you might even get to join in for a round or two and talk strategy!

Trasman Podbed Gaming Highsleeper with Chair Bed 120x200cm

Space Saving and Multi-Functional Storage

Studies suggest that having a tidy and clean living space actually helps improve our mental health! Living in a clutter-free zone can also improve focus and stress levels, and cleaning has even been shown to release endorphins. But what has that got to do with Gaming Beds? Filled with practical storage solutions to aid in tidying up, kids will have the space and the tools to keep their bedrooms spick and span! Featuring integrated wardrobes, hanging rails, drawers, shelves, pin boards and hidden storage – everything from their VR headset to their gaming merch, will have a place to live. The bed’s compact design manages to cram in as much as possible, saving on floor space too! So, where you might have had a separate desk, bed and wardrobe – this all-in-one solution frees up floor space for other things.

Harry High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage


Many of our modern Gaming Beds are up to date with the latest tech, and even include in-built features to enhance the gaming experience! Including wireless chargers, USB sockets, LED lighting, TV mounts, adjustable desks and cable organisers – kids can easily install their gaming setup and make themselves at home. Many of the integrated gaming desk designs help keep their tech running at optimum temperatures too. There is nothing worse than gameplay being interrupted because the system has overheated… IYKYK!

Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed with Desk

Gaming Bed FAQs:

Is gaming before bed bad?

The NHS UK advises being screen-free for 30-60 minutes before heading to bed! Devices such as TV screens, computers, laptops, phones and tablets emit harsh light that can disrupt our circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) and result in poor sleep health. Engaging in stimulating activities before bed, such as gaming, can also result in kids feeling more energetic making it harder for them to naturally nod off. We’d recommend winding down in the evening with a calming activity, such as reading or having a bath, to give kids a chance to rest their eyes and relax. The same goes for us grownups too!

How do I build a gaming bed?

All Cuckooland Gaming Beds will arrive with comprehensive assembly instructions for you to follow along! Alternatively, if available, you can arrange for our professional installation team to build the furniture for you and remove and dispose of all packaging while they’re there! If you’re stuck, contact our friendly customer service team for assembly advice.

Will a gaming bed fit in the space?

Gaming beds are designed to be compact and space-saving, however, we would always recommend checking the assembled dimensions before making a purchase. We try to include accurate measurements to guide you. Watch out for extending sections, pull-out drawers, handles and required space for desk chairs. If you’re feeling unsure, our helpful customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you might have and find a solution!

Will the gaming bed come with a mattress?

Mattresses are available separately and we offer a range of sizes to suit each bed. As most gaming beds are generally high sleepers or mid sleepers, a safe mattress thickness will also vary. Check the product details for more information, and shop our recommended mattresses to guide your selection. And if you already have a mattress, but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit, contact our customer service team for advice – they know all there is, when it comes to kid’s bed mattresses!

Have Gaming Beds Won You Over?

There you have it! Gaming Beds create a multi-functional space for kids to work, sleep and play… as well as create, share, discover and learn! With the right tools, security settings, schedule and setup, kids can game safely and comfortably and reap the benefits a gaming bed has to offer. If you’d like to know more we’ve listed some handy resources for some further reading, or give the Cuckooland team a call at +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email

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With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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