Box Room Brilliance! The Best Space-Saving Bunk Beds

Getting the most out of box rooms and small kid’s bedrooms can be challenging for many families, especially when kids have to share the space with their siblings.

If you’re fed up with awkwardly picking your way through your children’s room, avoiding clutter, tripping over toys, and banging your elbows on a kids’ bed that’s too big for the room, one of our space-saving bunk beds might be the answer.

Read on to discover our best space-saving bunk beds to choose if you’re spatially challenged. It’s time to turn your box room into the best room in the house!

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Best Overall Space-Saver: Didi Shorty Bunk Bed

Coming out on top is our Didi Bunk Bed, which is the epitome of space-saving bunk beds!

This slimline bunk bed is smaller than your typical bunk bed, requiring mattresses of 75 x 175cm (available to purchase separately) and measuring just 181cm long. This makes it ideal for smaller bedrooms.

There are storage drawers beneath the bed and the panels are also reversible, so you can change up the look between white and grey, or colour-match your existing furniture.

With this incredible bunk bed, your little nippers will no longer feel like they’re packed in like sardines; instead, they’ll have plenty of room to splash around!

Didi Shorty Customisable Bunk Bed with Storage

Best for Built-In Storage: Aviary Kids Bunk Bed

If you’re finding it hard to fit enough storage into your small children’s room, the Aviary Kids Bunk Bed can help.

Each bed has shelving running alongside it, offering the perfect place for your little ones to keep their most precious belongings or night-time essentials such as bedside lamps, books and drinks close by.

And that’s not all: the bunk bed also has two storage drawers underneath – each with a stylish faux leather handle – to give both kids a private storage area within the bed. These could even eliminate the need for a bedside cabinet or chest of drawers in a tiny room.

Aviary Kids Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers and Shelves

Best for Flexibility: Leo L Shaped Bunk Bed

If you need flexibility from your kid’s bunk bed, Leo is here to provide!

This multi-functional bunk bed is packed with storage, including a built-in wardrobe, shelving and storage drawers, all but eliminating the need for you to buy any other furniture for your children’s room.

However, the real appeal of this bed is in its flexibility. The beds can be slotted into position wherever makes sense for the room, just like a giant game of Tetris. Arrange them in parallel, as shown here, in an L-shape, or separate them, to form a high sleeper and single bed – the possibilities are endless!

This is the ultimate bunk bed to buy if your kids are sharing a box room now but might have a larger space or their own rooms in future.

Leo L Shaped Bunk Bed with Wardrobe, Shelves and Storage

Best Space-Saving Triple Bunk Bed: Aviary Triple Sleeper

Another flexible and space-saving option for small bedrooms is our Aviary Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed, which features a single bed on top and a small double bed on the bottom.

The larger bed on the bottom makes this bunk bed ideal for teenagers and younger siblings to share, or if you want a bed that parents can easily clamber into for cuddles and stories at bedtime.

As with the regular Aviary, the beds have built-in shelves running alongside them and two convenient drawers underneath, providing plenty of storage in a small space.

Aviary Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers and Shelves

Best for Low Ceilings: Vipack Luca Low Bunk Bed

The Luca Low Bunk Bed by Vipack has a floor-height bottom bunk that’s ideal for younger children.

This low bunk bed is perfect for loft rooms or low-height ceilings. The last thing anyone wants is a child sitting up in bed and banging their head on a low-hanging beam!

The bed also boasts an on-trend monochrome look that will add cool Scandi style to even the smallest kid’s bedroom.

Vipack Luca Contemporary Low Bunk Bed

Best for Style: Oliver Furniture Wood Luxury Bunk Bed

Speaking of style, we couldn’t let our round-up of the best bunk beds for small bedrooms come to a close without mentioning this exquisite design.

The stunning Scandinavian-style Wood Original Children’s Luxury Bunk Bed by Oliver Furniture boasts a white and oak finish that’s inspired by Nordic nature.

The open bars and curved lines contribute to a softer, more open look that’s ideally suited to a smaller kid’s bedroom – not to mention that they can stop little ones from injuring themselves on bulky beds and pointy corners.

You can add an optional underbed drawer for extra storage and there’s a conversion kit that will transform it into a day bed or loft bed. This bed is as practical as it is stylish!

Oliver Furniture Wood Original Children's Luxury Bunk Bed

Ready to Bunk Up in a Small Bedroom?

These space-saving kid’s bunk beds are the perfect addition to smaller kids’ rooms, giving your little ones more space to work, rest, and play! If you have questions or would like to chat about our bunk beds or children’s furniture, call our kid’s bed experts today on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email We can’t wait to hear from you!


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