5 Fun Bedding Sets for Kids and Beds to Pair Them With

Bedtime doesn’t need to be boring…

With a fun bedding set by Snurk, you create a space your little one can’t wait to snuggle into at night. Thanks to Snurk’s oh-so playful design, these bedding sets will spark your little one’s imagination for countless play sessions.

So, transform your child’s bedroom into a playful haven with these five bedding sets. And to help you take it to the next level, we’ve paired them with fun kid’s beds to match…

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1. Snurk Single Unicorn Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Single Unicorn Duvet Bedding Set

Bring those bedtime fairy tales to life with this unicorn themed bedding. With a lifelike print of a unicorn, kids can drift off to dreamland with their magical steed by their side. Who better to take your child on their bedtime adventures each night?

Like all Snurk bedding, you can expect 100% high-quality cotton. So even if your child has allergies or sensitive skin, you can rest assured they’ll enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Pair it with… Cool Kids Single Tipi Bed

Cool Kids Single Tipi Bed

If you want to complete the unicorn theme, look no further than the Cool Kids Single Tipi bed. Select the unicorn-themed fabric canopy to hang over the bed, and you’ll create the most magical sanctuary for your little one to snooze in.

You can even add an optional storage drawer to keep all those toys and bedtime stories in check.

2. Snurk Childrens Banana Monkey Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Childrens Banana Monkey Duvet Bedding Set

Does your little monkey dread heading to bed? Then take a look at the Snurk banana monkey bedding set. With its fun design, kids will go bananas for bedtime!

The playful design will put a smile on their face and will help you pull off a fun jungle theme. Kids can imagine swinging through the jungle as they drift off to sleep, while they snuggle up in the soft 100% cotton.

Pair it with… Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

If you’ve gone for monkey bedding, you might be creating a jungle-themed bedroom for your little one. And if that’s the case, this wildlife 4-in1 bed by Lifetime Kids will work perfectly.

With its jungle-print canopy, it’s a great spot for kids to hunker down and plot their wild adventures. The tribal style pattern creates a wonderfully wild feel, while the dangling leaves bring a touch of the jungle to your youngster’s room. It’s the cosiest hideout for little monkeys to rest after a long day of mischief.

And no matter how old your little monkey is, you can adapt this bed around them. With its 4-in-1 design, you can raise its height and remove the safety guards as your youngster develops. It’s ideal for kids starting from two, right up until 11 and beyond.

3. Snurk Childrens Fairy Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Childrens Fairy Duvet Bedding Set

Transform your little one into Tinkerbell with this fun duvet design.

As you tuck your youngster into bed, their head will peep out over the fairy silhouette – so they can play at being a magical fairy! And with their very own flower crown on their pillow, they’ll look extra pretty while they’re at it.

It’s super sweet, fun, and quirky. Everything a wannabe fairy would want in their magical lair…

Pair it with… Alice Metal Single Kids Bed in White

Alice Metal Single Kids Bed in White

If you’re after a new kids’ bed to match this fairy bedding, this Alice metal bed will work wonderfully. With its elegant frame and dusty pink hues, it will perfectly complement the fairy duvet set.

Why not wrap some fairy lights around the frame for an extra touch of sparkle and magic to the room?

4. Snurk Breton Bonsoir Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Breton Bonsoir Duvet Bedding Set

Arrr! ‘Tis bedding that’s a treasure to behold…

This breton style bedding is ideal if you’re creating a nautical or beach style bedroom. With soft blue and white stripes, it helps you capture that old-fashioned seaside style that’s ideal for kids’ rooms.

And since the design is so simple, this bedding will still look the part when your child grows up or when it’s time to redecorate. You won’t need to worry about the design dating or looking too childish.

Pair it with… Oliver Furniture Seaside Classic Children's Luxury Low Loft Bed

Oliver Furniture Seaside Classic Children’s Luxury Low Loft Bed in White

So, you’ve found the perfect seaside style bedding. Now, you just need a matching bed – and you can’t go wrong with this beautiful bed by Olive Furniture.

Its wonderful Nordic design will look beautiful in any bedroom and, if you’re after the nautical look, you can add the ‘seaside’ curtains to really cement the theme.

Pull the curtains shut, and you’ll create a secret hideout for kids. Otherwise, it’s ideal for keeping all those toys hidden away. And as it’s a loft bed, little pirates can keep a lookout for ships from high above.

5. Snurk Childrens Dinosaur Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Childrens Dinosaur Duvet Bedding Set

Is your little one dino-mad? Then take a peek at this roarsome duvet design.

Your youngster can play out another sequel to Jurassic Park with this scarily-fun duvet. With an ultra-realistic design, it’ll look like your little one is snoozing between the dinosaur’s razor-sharp teeth. It’s grrrr-eat fun and will be the envy of all your child’s sleepover pals!

Pair it with… Lifetime Dino Kids Mid Sleeper

Lifetime Dino Kids Mid Sleeper

For the dino lover in your life, pair this bedding with the mid sleeper bed by Lifetime Kids. The space underneath the bed makes an ideal cave for your adventurer to hide out.

With the prehistoric cave-style design, there’s no better spot to rest after roaming with the dinosaurs. Kids can peek out of their cut-out window and keep an eye out for any predators at large.

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