The Ultimate Guide to Garden Tables and Chairs

Is there anything better than sitting in the garden with your nearest and dearest, tucking into homemade food, swapping stories and soaking up your surroundings (and hopefully some sunshine)? If you answered yes, you’re going to need a set of garden tables and chairs!

Haven’t the foggiest when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture? We’ve created ‘The Ultimate Guide to Garden Tables and Chairs’ for this very scenario! Our FAQs come with the answers you’ve been searching for. We’ve left no (garden) stone unturned!

With a few of Cuckooland’s bestselling garden tables and chairs to sweep you off your feet (literally), all that’s left for you to do is send out those invites and christen your new garden furniture setup! There’s no better excuse for a garden get-together!

What types of garden tables and chairs are there?

Cuckooland Oxford Garden Grey Rattan Corner Sofa and Toughened Glass Coffee Table Set

When it comes to garden tables and chairs, there are lots of options to choose from – it can often feel a little overwhelming picking your final furniture, so it’s always best to run through a checklist first.

Where will you be using your furniture?
When will you be using your garden table and chairs?
Who (and how many) will be using your set?
What features do you need?

Once you’ve answered those all-important questions, this step will help whittle down your choice. To help, we’ve listed the table and chair options available.

Garden Tables
– Dining Table
– Bar Table
– Bistro Table
– Coffee Table
– Picnic Table
– Tray Table
– Side Table
– BBQ Table
– Potting Table
– 2 in 1 designs (e.g. coffee table that also converts into a dining table)
– Table with hidden features (e.g. table with storage, table with ice bucket, table with firepit)

Garden Chairs
– Dining Chair
– Bar Chair
– Bistro Chair
– Bean Bag
– Sun Lounger
– Garden Bench
– Garden Sofa
– Garden Daybed
– Hanging Chair
– Egg Chair
– Love Seat
– Garden Arbour
– Modular Chair (e.g. can be used on its own or within a set)
– 2 in 1 designs (e.g. garden chair that can also be a footstool)

Which material is best when choosing garden tables and chairs?

Maze Rattan Bali Rope Weave 4 Seat Round Dining Set with Interchangeable Cushion Covers

This leads us nicely onto materials! As you’ve already seen, there are plenty of garden chair and table styles to choose from, but you’ll have to consider materials too. Your already difficult decision suddenly feels even more difficult. Sadly there is no ‘best’ material when it comes to garden furniture, but we’ve broken down the main groups and listed a few pros and cons to help guide your search. You’ll be one step closer to a sit-down!

Pros – Natural wood is durable, strong, and sturdy. Choosing wood can be better for the environment (if responsibly sourced). Wood can be painted or stained to achieve desired colours.
Cons – Wooden tables and chairs may need more maintenance than other materials and often arrive unassembled. They can also take longer to dry if left outside uncovered.

Pros – Metal tables and chairs are durable, strong, sturdy, weather-resistant, low maintenance and can be lightweight (aluminium). Metal furniture comes in an array of styles, shapes and colours, and usually doesn’t require self-assembly.
Cons – Can get hot when exposed to the sun and often take up more space in the garden.

Pros – Plastic tables and chairs are usually weather-resistant, easy to clean, and low maintenance. Plastic garden furniture comes in a variety of colours and styles. Often won’t require assembly. They’re versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Cons – Not usually eco-friendly (unless specified). They take up more space in the garden (unless stackable).

Natural Rattan
Pros – Natural rattan furniture comes in lots of designs and styles, is often better for the environment and can be handcrafted – requiring no assembly.
Cons – Natural rattan isn’t weatherproof. Compared to wood and metal – it isn’t as strong, requires maintenance and repairs can be difficult.

Pros – Achieves the look of natural rattan, but is often weatherproof, durable and low maintenance! Requires no self-assembly. Comes in an array of styles and colour options. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Cons – Not usually eco-friendly (unless specified). Bulky designs take up extra space in your garden.

Pros – Mainly used for cushions and seating. Offers added comfort and support. Can be treated for easy maintenance and extends product life. Often showerproof, weather-resistant or weatherproof. Can dry quicker than other materials.
Cons – May need to be stored indoors. Takes up extra space in your garden/home.

Pros – Strong and durable. Often weatherproof, easy to maintain and clean. Dries out quicker than other materials.
Cons – Can be heavy and hard to manoeuvre. Bulky designs take up more space in your garden.

Pros – Easy to clean and completely weatherproof.
Cons – Can easily become damaged if tempered (safety) glass hasn’t been used. Could pose a hazard to pets/infants.

Do I need to cover my garden tables and chairs?

Maze Rattan Pulse Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table and Free Winter Cover

Although many of the garden tables and chairs available are already weatherproof, we would always recommend you cover your outdoor furniture when not in use. This will not only extend the life of your outdoor furniture but will also protect your set from the elements (including UV light and frost), garden debris, wildlife etc. When you come to use your garden furniture, simply remove the protective cover and start using your table and chairs – fuss-free!

Many of the garden tables and chairs available at Cuckooland already come with a protective cover, so you’re good to go! However, this might not always be the case. If having a garden furniture cover is high on your wish list, make sure to confirm this comes included – within the product details page. And if you’re still not sure, it’s always best to double-check with our customer service team – they know all there is when it comes to garden furniture care and covers!

Can garden tables and chairs be left outside?

Maze Rattan Snug Lifestyle Suite

Although a number of our outdoor tables and chairs are completely weatherproof, designed with 24/7/365 protection from the elements; if possible, it’s always best to cover or store garden tables and chairs – especially during the winter months or long periods of limited to no use. This will help extend the life of your product and keep your furniture looking as good as new! If they come included, you’ll also need a dry and protective place for your outdoor cushions to live – somewhere like a garden shed or storage box would be perfect!

Can garden chairs and tables be used on grass?

Zest 4 Leisure Rebecca Wooden Garden Table

Many of our garden tables and chairs CAN be used on grass! We always recommend positioning garden furniture on a flat, level surface such as a patio or decking, however many designs are also suitable for use on natural (or faux) grass.

To avoid damaging the ground below your garden table and chairs, we suggest regularly moving furniture, if possible.

During extended periods of bad weather, soil can loosen and the ground can soften and become uneven or unstable. To prevent sinking furniture and to maintain a healthy lawn – look for designs with wider feet and legs, that have been made from lightweight materials such as plastic or aluminium. Alternatively, place table and chair legs on paving slabs to evenly distribute the weight. Positioning an outdoor rug below your set will help avoid sinking too. These will also need to be moved if you want to avoid patchy grass or discolouration.

Can garden tables and chairs be painted or stained?

Zest 4 Leisure Lily Relax Double Seat

Not always! Depending on the materials your chosen garden table and chairs are made from, will also depend on their treatment.

Metal and upholstered garden furniture will likely have already received treatments so painting or staining wouldn’t be necessary.
Wooden garden furniture can often be painted, oiled or stained, however, if your set has been pressure-treated it should already be protected from the elements and potential deterioration.

Check the furniture instructions first before applying any paints or treatments – this could damage the design if improperly applied and could void all warranties.

If you plan to change the colour or finish of your chosen garden table or chairs, contact our friendly customer service team to run through possibilities! We love hearing how you’ll style your furniture!

Will my garden chair arrive with cushions?

Cuckooland Hampstead Garden Natural Premium Rattan Large Armchair and Coffee Table Set

Although garden chairs may have been photographed with accompanying cushions, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be included in the set. We’ll always try to advise where possible, but to avoid being unexpectedly cushionless, check the product details for more information. If you’re still unsure, pop the team a message or give us a call to know for sure!

Can I mix and match my garden table and chair set?

Garden Trading Burford Natural Table, Bench & Stool Dining Set for Indoor Or Outdoor Use
Garden Trading Burford Natural Dining Table

Although a number of our garden tables and chairs come as a pre-configured set, we do have a choice of individual designs too!

As an example, the polystone and acacia wood Burford Natural Dining Table, from Garden Trading, is available as a set with coordinating benches and stools, or on its own – ready to be styled with your choice of seating! Available in 2 sizes, you’re able to create the garden table and chairs set to suit your outside space.

If you’d like to mix and match to create your perfect setup, but aren’t sure if certain pieces are available separately, let us know your plans, and we’ll always see what we can do!

Will my garden table and chairs arrive at the same time?

Cuckooland Oxford Garden Grey Ultimate Multi-Use Space Saving Daybed

We will always try to deliver your order in one go, but occasionally there are a few factors that might mean your garden table and chairs will arrive separately.

If you’ve decided to mix and match your furniture, found individual products have varying lead times, they’re handmade to order, special delivery requirements are needed, or products are arriving from different destinations – there’s a chance multiple deliveries will need to be made.

A table without chairs (or vice versa) wouldn’t be complete, but rest assured they’ll be reunited as quickly as possible. The team work tirelessly to try and accommodate any needs, so please contact us to discuss deliveries further!

Can outdoor tables and chairs be used inside?

Woood Pebble Indoor & Outdoor Coffee Table
Garden Trading Hampstead Bench in Bamboo

Yes! If you don’t plan on using your garden table and chairs outside, then you don’t have to. The garden furniture police won’t come after you, we promise!

Garden furniture can be a great choice for styling your outdoor retreats, cabins, and summerhouses and can even be suited to conservatories, kitchens and dining rooms. The choice is yours! If you’ve spotted a garden furniture set that you think would look fantastic indoors, then go for it.

But, watch out for sets with integrated fire pits and features that are unsuitable for inside spaces! Read through the features to understand the product fully and see if it suits your needs.

Will I need to assemble my garden table and chairs?

Cuckooland Hampstead Garden Natural Premium Rattan Contemporary Six Seater Dining Set

A little DIY might be needed! Depending on the design of the garden table or chairs that catch your eye, some self-assembly may be required.

Although it’s not a set rule – generally wooden garden furniture will arrive flat-packed and need putting together. Metal, plastic, rattan and stone tables and chairs will arrive already assembled, so your drill and screwdriver can stay put… Although this is just a guide! Check the product details and ‘Good to know’ section to understand the handiwork involved and make preparations before your new garden furniture arrives.

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