Nursery Ideas Inspired by Summer

We’ve all been enjoying the longer evenings and warmer weather – summer is in full swing, but it won’t be long before we have to say goodbye!

Whether your due date is on the horizon, or you’d simply like to brighten up the nursery; we’re here to show you how to decorate with summer-inspired nursery furniture and décor so your favourite season never has to end!

Summer styling is all about natural materials, pops of colour and emulating your favourite parts of this happy season. Have fun, be playful and create your own sunshine in the nursery… even on rainy days, with our selection, both you and your little one can savour that summery feeling 24/7/365!

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1. Recreate Summer with a Seaside Inspired Nursery

Obaby Nika Mini Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set

The summer and the seaside go hand in hand. Trips down to the coast, rock pooling, eating ice-creams and feeling the sand between your toes! Your baby has all of these things to look forward to, but before then, share your favourite summertime snippets with seaside-inspired nursery furniture and décor!

The Obaby Nika Mini Cot Bed and Dresser are the perfect starting point if you’re looking to recreate the coastline in the nursery. Packed with practical and convertible features; the Greywash cot bed and chest of drawers look and feel just like driftwood!

Style with bedding, accessories and soft toys that’ll transport you and your tot to your favourite seaside destinations. Think bright blues and sandy tones, nautical accents and add in coastal critters that you’d usually find by the sea. Pair your Obaby nursery set with accessories like the Bloomingville Barney Crab Bookcase, Bloomingville Ice Cream Coat Rack and Bloomingville Moby Whale Rocker.

The Nika Mini Cot Bed later converts into a toddler bed too, meaning the seaside theme can be cherished for longer!

Bloomingville Barney Crab Bookcase
Bloomingville Ice Cream Coat Rack
Bloomingville Moby Whale Rocker

2. Use Beach Themed Furniture in their First Bedroom

Casami Beach House Cupboard and Casami Beach House Bookcase

Less contemporary than the Nika collection – create a vintage seaside theme in the nursery with the Casami Beach House Cupboard and Bookcase.

Available in a choice of soft pastel colours, choose to add a single unit or line up several Beach House cabinets to really bring the coast indoors and share your love of the seaside with your little ones. It’s the perfect spot to store toys, bedding, books and when they’re grown their seashell collection, holiday snapshots and arcade prizes can be proudly displayed on the shelves!

3. Say Summer with Soft Pastel Shades

Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Nursery Set in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

When we think of summertime, pastel colours immediately spring to mind. Gentle blues, sunny yellows, peachy pinks – the Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Nursery Set comes available in all of these and more! With 5 colour options to choose from, mix and match with the individual pieces or pick from our pre-selected sets.

All paired with the oak effect cot and matching units, the vintage-style push-to-open drawers bring a subtle pop of colour to the nursery and create a tranquil and calming setting at nap time. No matter the colour you settle on, even on the dullest day, the Vox Vintage range will give you and your baby all the summer feels!

4. Brighten with Whites

Vox Canne Nursery Dresser
torsten cot bed natural-white pdt 007
Troll Torsten Cot Bed

If you’re looking to create a bright and summery feel in the nursery, you don’t need to opt for colourful furniture, décor and accessories to achieve the look. You can’t get brighter than white! 

Pick out pieces like the Vox Canne Nursery Dresser and Troll Torsten Cot Bed to create a light and cheerful bedroom for your baby. Easy to keep clean and paired with natural wood details, these designs can then be paired with any bedding and accessories. 

On the darker days to come and during the winter months, by selecting light and airy furniture, you’ll immediately feel uplifted every time you step into the nursery.

5. Keep Summer Babies Cool with Organic Materials and Fabrics

Little Green Sheep Natural Quilted Moses Basket with Mattress & Stand

If you’re expecting a summer baby, keeping them cool in the warmer months will be a priority! Search for furniture and bedding that are specially designed to help with temperature regulation. 

The Little Green Sheep Natural Quilted Moses Basket with Mattress & Stand has been made from all organic materials, keeping babies comfortable in the heat. The woven rattan basket promotes airflow and the chemical-free mattress with cotton liner are both naturally breathable. The quilted cover is machine washable too, so it’s easy to keep fresh and clean all year round.

Available in a choice of colours and designed with carry handles and a folding beech wood stand, easily move their first crib to a cooler room if needed.

6. Create a Summery Scene with Colourful Accessories

Cotton Ball Lights Pacific LED String Lights

The Cotton Ball Lights instantly add a summery feel to any room! USB operated, attach to a power supply and bring a happy, warming glow to the nursery with your choice of colour.

Our personal favourite is the Pacific LED String Lights. The twenty handmade yellow, aqua, blue and white alternating cotton balls bring all the colours of summer in the daytime and transform in the night! Hang down a wall, drape across furniture or around curtains and enjoy them any time of day.

They’re a great alternative when you’d rather not switch on the main light in the nursery. Creating a softer glow than traditional lighting – use them as a nightlight to soothe your little bundle to sleep and easily check on your baby without startling them.

7. Choose Natural and Earthy Tones in the Nursery

Levo Baby Rocker in Beech Wood with Organic White Cushion

When designing the nursery and using the seasons as your source of inspiration, look to nature for ideas. We enjoy spending plenty of time outside in the summer months, so why not select furniture and accessories made from natural materials and in earthy tones to bring a hint of the outdoors into the nursery!

Skillfully crafted, the Levo Baby Rocker by Charlie Crane has been made with a sculpted natural beech wood frame and organic cotton cushion to create a boho-style baby rocker. Your baby can snuggle into the seat and enjoy the gentle motions as they rock to sleep.

Look for coordinating accessories and textiles all made from natural materials to run with the theme and stick to your roots when summer styling!

8. Relax with a Rocking Chair

Obaby High Back Rocking Chair

A favourite for all sun worshippers and summer enthusiasts – lazing and lounging. With a baby on the way, these activities would usually become a thing of the past for busy parents, but with a nursing chair, this isn’t something you have to give up entirely!

Position the Obaby High Back Rocking Chair by the window in the nursery and relax and enjoy the view while you nurse your newborn. It might not be the sunlounger you were once used to, but it’s the next best thing!

The gentle rocking motions relieve all the stresses of the day and the high seat back offers uncompromising support. There is even an extra cushion you can use as a headrest! Sit back, drift off and feel like you would in your favourite season!

Summer will Stay Put with the Right Nursery Furniture and Accessories

From colourful lighting to seaside-inspired cupboards, you can recreate that summer feeling in the nursery in more ways than one. If you’d like to hear more ideas or need more details, call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email and our team will brighten your day!


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