World Records You Can Attempt At Home With Your Children

It’s a strange time at the moment and while a lot of us are at home, we might find ourselves bored with nothing to do. Well, if you’re reaching the end of your list of activities, here’s something certain to entertain and keep you and your children occupied. 

Google trends data for the last 12 months reveals a worldwide increase in the searches for ‘easy world records’ over the past few months, showing a 50 per cent increase in searches between February and March. This isn’t a surprise, with more people inside their homes and with little to do.

But luckily for you, we’ve sieved through the Guinness World Records as of 2020 to find those you can attempt and practice at home to make the best use of lockdown:

Record: Fastest Time To Solve 3 Rubix Cubes Simultaneously Using Hands and Feet.

Current Holder: Que Jianyun from Xiamen, Fujian Province, China holds the record for 1 minute 36.39 seconds.

Record: Most Ping Pong Ball Bounces Against a Wall with the Mouth in 30 Seconds.

Current Holder: Ray Reynolds in London holds the record for 34 times.

Record: Most Ice Cream Scoops Balanced on One Cone.

Current Holder:  Dimitri Panciera in Italy holds the record for 125 scoops on a cone balanced for 10 seconds.

Record: The Most Four-leafed Clovers Picked in One Minute. 

Current Holder: Katie Borka in the USA picked 166 in 60 mins in Spotsylvania, Virginia in 2018.

Record: Most T-Shirts Worn at Once.

Current Holder: Ted Hastings in Canada wore 260 t-shirts on 17 Feb 2019.

Record: Keeping Two Balloons in the Air Using Head. 

Current Holder: Abhinabha Tangerman from the Netherlands kept two balloons in the air for 1 minute 9 seconds in Leiria, Portugal in 2018.

Record: Most Juggling Tricks in One Minute with Three Balls. 

Current Holder: Taylor Glenn in the USA completed 39 tricks in 2018. 

Record: Tallest Lego Brick Criss-Cross Tower Built in 30 seconds with One Hand.

Current Holder: Silvia Sabba from Italy built a 29-block Lego-brick tower in 30 seconds.

Record: Most Plastic Bottle Caps Stacked into a Tower in One Minute 

Current Holder: Silvia Sabba from Italy stacked 43 in one minute.

Record: Most CDs Balanced on One Finger.

Current Holder: Silvia Sabba from Italy balanced 247 in total.

Record: Most Spoons Balanced on the Face at One Time.

Current Holder: Dalibor Jablanovic in Serbia held 31 spoons on his face for 5 seconds.

Record: Most Toilet Rolls Balanced on the Head.

Current Holder: The record is 12 toilet rolls balanced for 30 seconds.

Record: Most Blindfolded Plastic Bottle Flips in One Minute.

Current Holder: Josh Horton in the USA did 27 full flips in one min while blindfolded, with the bottle landing perfectly on each flip.

Record: Most Party Blower Toots in One Minute (Team of One or Two) 

Current Holder: Greg James and Radzi Chinyanganya hold the record for 78.

Record: The Longest Daisy Chain.

Current Holder: 2.12km (1.21 miles) long daisy chain, set in Chelmsford, Essex.

Record: Most Baked Beans Eaten in One Minute, Using Chopsticks. 

Current Holder: Cherry Yoshitake from Japan ate 71 in 2015.

Record: Quickest Time to Eat a Jam Donut in One Minute without using Hands.

Current Holder: 11.41 seconds set in 2014 by Philip Joseph Santoro in the USA.

Thinking of attempting one of these challenges for yourself? Want to come out of isolation ready to break a world record and go down in history? Well here’s some advice from Guinness World Record holders themselves:

Two time Guinness World Record Holder and reigning British Flatland Unicycling Champion, Simon Berry holds the record for fastest 100 metre unicycle hurdles and fastest 4×50 metre unicycle hurdles relay, he stressed the importance of enjoyment:

“The most important aspect of record breaking is enjoyment. If you’re passionate about something, you’re halfway there already. When you enjoy what you’re doing, all the other required skills fall into place – dedication, tenacity, determination. 

“For me, a huge help was making friends with similar interests and practising together. Pooling different perspectives and experiences helps build everyone’s skills, not to mention being even more fun. Don’t give up if you think you can do it!”

Casey Williams holds the record for the world’s fastest three-legged mile and encourages thinking outside the box:

“Thinking outside the box is important, people often think world records are hereditary attributes, like being the tallest human or having the longest fingernails. In reality records are things you are uniquely talented at. 

“I run quite often with a friend and we noticed our strides were the same and thought it would be fun to attempt to break a record so we went searching for options. Records don’t have to be physical feats but could also be mental feats. I would encourage everyone to find something they think they are good at and try to become the best in the world at it.”

While Scott Flansburg, AKA ‘The Human Calculator’ who holds the record for ‘fastest human calculator’ and has done for 19 years, has ten steps to world record success: 

  1. Zero in on the record you want to beat. There are several records in mental maths alone.
  2. Zero stones unturned on how to best train; Do your research and find the best approach for you. 
  3. Zero excuses while training; Create a productive and happy environment. 
  4. Zero surprises; Make sure you are fully aware of how the record is being administered.
  5. Zero out everything that doesn’t matter at the moment of competition.
  6. Zero worries; Enjoy the moment. Fear not.
  7. Zero in; Be in the moment.
  8. Zero expectations; Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t limit yourself.
  9. Zero left; give it 100 percent
  10. Zero worries; It’s easy to live with yourself when you give it 100 percent.

Good luck with the record attempts, we’d love to know if you beat any of them! 

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