How to Style your Sofa with the Hottest Colour Trends

With leading paint and colour experts revealing their trend predictions for the next few years, featuring bright and bold hues that will lift spirits and deep shades that bring homes back to nature – there are so many exciting opportunities when it comes to decorating our favourite interior spaces!

Colourful interiors have the power to change our mood, reignite memories, make rooms feel bigger and gives us a way of expressing our personal style.

Before you rush out to your local DIY store, instead of picking up a paint roller, consider incorporating the latest colour trends with your furniture instead!

We’ve selected five of our favourite sofas to give you some colour inspiration. See how we’d recommend styling them, with accessories and soft furnishings, and bring these colour trends to life!

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Soft Vintage Blue Tones to Brighten Your Interiors

Cumulo 2 Seater Sofa

To combat the blues in these turbulent times, lift your spirits with soft blue-toned interiors. A top colour trend for 2022, introduce furniture in vintage blue shades to create a calming space to relax and unwind in.

The Cumulo 2 Seater Sofa can be upholstered in a selection of gorgeous fabrics, but if you’re trying to recreate the look, we’d recommend picking out the Mineral Velvet or Aqua Marine Linen. Named after a cloud for a reason – settle into the fibre-filled seat cushions, arrange the feather scatter cushions just so, and feel your troubles just float away.

Rayners Floor Lamp
Bloomingville Natural Cane Sia Shelf
Woood Cleo Rug
Nkuku Kora Round Storage Basket

Not sure how to style your sitting room with soft blues? We’d pair this gentle colourway with natural furniture and accessories to keep things tranquil. Add relaxing low lighting, natural accents and soft textures to compliment the soft-hued blue Cumulo Sofa.

The Woood Cleo Rug features a soft, thick pile with a graphic design that adds interest to any room without being too loud. Complimenting the Cumulo Sofa; by adding harmonious textures, colours and shapes to your sitting room, your home will be transformed without ever needing to lift a paintbrush.

Deep Greens and Browns Inspired by Mother Nature

Stratus 4 Seater Sofa

We’ve heard on the grapevine that deep greens, browns and natural hues are set to be adorning our interiors this season! These organic tones give a nod to our natural surroundings, bringing the outdoors in and creating a dramatic effect when styled up.

The sustainably made Stratus 4 Seater Sofa comes available in a choice of eco-velvet shades. One of our firm favourites has to be the gorgeous green upholstery! Terracotta and Mustard would tick this trend too! Carefully crafted in the UK from recycled fibres and re-purposed materials, this environmentally friendly furniture design helps out mother earth! Made to be admired with a striking silhouette, the contemporary and traditional details would suit a number of home interior designs.

Le Feu Ground Wood Bio Ethanol Fireplace
Dutchbone Class Shelf
Himla Levelin 40x60cm Linen Cushion
Dutchbone Bid Persian Rug in Old Green

When styling, we’d recommend selecting furniture and accessories that follow the natural theme but are as equally striking as the Stratus Sofa range.

The deep acacia wood Class collection from Dutchbone would do the trick! The rich-toned wood finish, herringbone design and antique brass details would bring drama to your living room and perfectly pair contemporary and retro designs.

The Le Feu Bio Ethanol Fireplaces are eco-friendly too! Made from recycled materials and emitting only clean emissions and smokeless heat, snuggle up on the Stratus Sofa and enjoy the flickering flames. The smoked oak legs and dome design transport you to another era and will receive ‘oohs and aahs’ from guests.

Calming Neutrals to Soothe Your Soul

Alto Left Hand Facing Chaise Sofa

Add light and neutral tones to your living room to lift your space and trick the eye into thinking your room is bigger than it is! Neutral colours bring balance, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

The handcrafted Alto Left Hand Facing Chaise Sofa in Mink Bouclé upholstery is a great starting point if you’re looking to lighten your home interiors. The comforting bouclé texture adds interest, while the soft colourway keeps things simple and peaceful. Filled with supportive fibre and foam, the Alto Sofa seat cushions, side bolsters and chaise footstool will put a spring back in your step.

Pacific Lifestyle Asterope Floor Lamp
Woood Philou Stone Shape Mirror
Bloomingville Halfdan Vase
Zuiver Dream Rug

Pair your neutral-hued sofa with uplifting lighting, organic shapes and soothing accessories if you’re trying to create a quiet haven for you to restore and reset.

Adding mirrors to smaller spaces immediately makes them look and feel bigger. The Woood Philou Mirrors are available in 3 alternating shapes. Featuring curved lines and smoother edges, add a nature-inspired wall mirror to your living room or pair all three and create a calming arrangement that will lighten up your living room.

Once you’ve popped your feet up in your natural-toned home, you’ll feel good as new.

Bring Joy with Sunny Yellow

Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 02 Velvet 3 Seater Sofa

Bright and vibrant yellows can’t help but make you smile! This sunny colour instantly brings warmth and happiness when introduced to the home.

Make a statement in your sitting room with the Mustard Yellow Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 02 Velvet 3 Seater Sofa. Set against a contrasting colour, this daring shade of yellow becomes a focal point wherever it’s placed. Add the coordinating footstool and give your soles a second. Designed with a double filled foam core, feather-filled cushions and bolsters to boot – after a long day on your feet, this Swyft setup would be a joy to return home to.

Pacific Lifestyle Etosha Table Lamp
Cozy Living Velvet Camouflage Cushion
Zuiver Obi Woven Rug
Celina Round Side Table

Yellow is such a versatile colour when it comes to styling, you can be as subtle or adventurous as you like. Blue tones perfectly complement this lively shade, so try adding scatter cushions, rugs and blankets around the room and fill your home with colour! Add statement lighting into the mix and give your home a happy glow from day into night.

Terracotta is Taking Over

Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 04 Velvet 3 Seat Sofa Bed

If bold, statement colours are what you’re after, but would still like to keep things on the natural side, try Terracotta. This naturally rich and warming colour is making a comeback and we can see why – isn’t it something!

Comforting and cosy, the Swyft Sofa in a Box Model 04 Velvet 3 Seat Sofa Bed in Brick is just begging to be sat on! This inviting sofa will have friends begging to come over for a catchup. The supportive seat cushions have been filled with high-density foam and 300 pocket springs for extra comfort. Transforming into a double bed within minutes – after your guests have finished admiring your new interiors, over a bottle of bubbles, and showered you with enough compliments to last you until 2023, putting them up for the night is a dream when you have a sofa bed!

Dutchbone Connor Wall Shelf
Dutchbone Emerald Marble Side Table in Green
Zuiver Travis Drinks Cabinet in Walnut Veneer
Nkuku Jara Terracotta Hanging Planter

Style the Swyft Model 04 Sofa Bed with raw wooden furniture, marble and stone textures, scatter houseplants throughout the room and run with the natural theme.

Pairing perfectly with terracotta tones – the Zuiver Travis Drinks Cabinet in Walnut Veneer offers plenty of storage space without dominating your living room. The cabinet body rests above a powder-coated steel frame to keep things open and airy. Pay a visit to the wine rack and enjoy your surroundings with a glass of vino in hand.

Select a Statement Sofa and Surround Yourself with Colour!

From subtle, soft tones to vibrant hues – this year’s colour trends can be achieved through clever use of furniture, accessories and lighting. With so many delicious colours to choose from and unlimited colour palettes to play with, your living room and home interiors are in for a treat. Want to have a colourful conversation with our customer service squad? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email at and let’s talk ROYGBIV!


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