2019 Interior Trend - Boho Chic

Image: gofagit.com
Image: Estilaw via Pinterest
Image: Apartment Therapy Instagram

Fill your home with culture. Bright bold prints, mixed with natural materials such as bamboo – taking inspirations from the 60’s & 70’s hippie movement. Boho Chic is all about the Bohemian; no rules, no restraints, embrace being carefree and create a relaxed environment in your home. 

From subtle additions to bold statements; this is one trend which can be easily to added to your home. Don’t be afraid to go big; adding lots of plants, patterns, aged statement furniture, bamboo or rattan accessories and cosy berber carpets to add a little warmth to your space. Throw different styles together to create a room that is laid back and eclectic. 

There are no defined rules for this Pinterest-worthy trend which can either be stripped back with neutral, earthy colour palettes and natural materials or can also be amped up with bold jewel tones & ikat prints for ultimate impact. 

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 Room Divider​, £199

Vinyl Floor Mat, £85

Jove Cabinet, £490

Rattan Wall Mirror, £99

Rattan Armchair, £395

Fuz Sideboard, £489

Outdoor Rug, £49.95

Jafar Rug, £199

Pendant Lamp, £149

Rio Hammock, £159

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