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BBQ Smokers


Cook low ‘n’ slow with a powerful BBQ smoker from Cuckooland. With digital controls and bluetooth or WiFi options, it’s never been easier to master the grill.

Whether you’re just after a traditional smoker or a smart BBQ grill and smoker combo, we’ve got you covered. With our selection of robust Masterbuilt smokers, you can set the temperature from your phone, sit back, and allow your grill to do all the hard work!

Designed with ease in mind, these smokers are perfect for hosting guests. All you need to do is load up your smoker with wood chips or charcoal, fill it with food, set the temperature and you’ll be good to go. You won’t need to abandon your guests while you man the grill - you can leave your smoker to do what it does best, while you enjoy catching up.

So when it’s time to level up your barbecuing skills, you can smoke a wide range of dishes to suit everyone’s taste buds. From salmon and beef brisket to cheese and nuts, there’s no end to all the delicious possibilities… You’ll want to smoke all of your food!

And with top-of-the-range BBQ smokers starting from £299, it’s never been more affordable to enjoy the wonderful taste of smoked food. And with our ‘buy now and pay later options, you won’t need to wait to wow your guests - you can order now and start enjoying that unbeatable taste.

Got a question about our smokers? Take a look at our FAQs below.

BBQ Smoker FAQs

  • How does a BBQ smoker work?

  • A BBQ smoker cooks food by indirect heat. You place the food in a separate compartment to the heat source, and the build-up of contained smoke slowly heats up your food. The smoky flavour is well worth the wait!

    As it’s off the heat, it takes a little longer than a traditional grill to cook food - but with its low ‘n’ slow style, your meat will fall off the bone and become deliciously tender.

  • How can I clean my Masterbuilt BBQ smoker?

  • To clean your BBQ smoker, wait until it’s cooled down first. Then, remove everything from inside your smoker and set it to work. Here’s how:

    • Clean the smoker box with a mixture of hot water and apple vinegar. You can apply the mixture with a spray bottle and wipe it down.
    • Clear any residue inside with a soft brush. If you place a layer of newspaper at the bottom of the smoker, it will catch any pieces that fall down.
    • Scrub the smoker interior with your apple vinegar mixture and wipe down with a sponge. Use some elbow grease to really get those marks out!
  • Do I need to smoke food with charcoal?

  • You can smoke food with either charcoal or wood. Most of our smokers are for charcoal use, although the Digital Electrical Smoker by Masterbuilt is designed to use both.

  • What food can I smoke on the grill?

  • The list of food you can cook with a BBQ smoker is endless. Here are a few yummy ideas to get you started:

    • Chicken wings
    • Smoked mac and cheese
    • Pulled pork
    • Beef brisket
    • Smoked salmon
    • Beer can chicken
    • Smoked cheeses
  • Can I get a BBQ and smoker in one?

  • You certainly can get a BBQ grill and smoker combo. So if you can’t choose between traditional flame-grilled BBQ or tender smoked food, you don’t have to! Simply get a smoker that does both, like the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 Grill with Griddle and Smoker.

  • Can I get a BBQ smoker on finance?

  • You certainly can. With Cuckooland, you can spread the cost of your Masterbuilt smoker over affordable monthly repayments - up to three years. It means you can enjoy that great smoked taste from under £10 per month.

Require more assistance?

Need to chat to an expert before you buy your smoker? That’s what our friendly customer service team is here for. Get in touch on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email.

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