Make Full Use of Floor Space with a Kid’s Loft Bed

If you’re short on space, a loft bed is a great way to maximise every last inch of a kid’s bedroom.

Loft beds are raised beds accessed by a ladder and high enough to fit furniture, a desk, or a play area underneath. With a loft bed, even the smallest of kids’ rooms can easily fit everything they need – and still have room for fun!

We have a wide range of loft beds available at Cuckooland. Here are our ‘top’ high sleepers that will make full use of floor space and meet even their loftiest expectations!

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1. Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed With Customisable Storage

Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed With Customisable Storage

The Nest Cabin Bed by Vox is the ultimate loft bed that can be completely customised to suit your requirements.

Whether you want to use the extra floor space for storage, study or play – or all three – Vox has got you covered. They offer a plethora of matching furniture within the Nest range, including a desk, bookcase, clothes rail, storage unit and pull-out wardrobe, all of which can be arranged under or adjoining the bed.

Use this high sleeper bed to give your little one a room to remember – before they fly the Nest!

Nest Cabin Bed Study Desk
Nest Cabin Bed Bookcase
Nest Cabin Bed Clothes Rail

2. Pino Double High Sleeper

Pino Double High Sleeper

If you prefer a plainer bedframe that you can make your own, our Pino Double High Sleeper could be the answer. Being a European double bed size (mattress required 140 x 200cm), it’s an excellent option for older children and teens who want more space than a single.

The space under this loft bed offers an excellent opportunity to create a chill-out zone for kids to relax – just what they need after a long day of school and navigating complicated friendship dynamics!

We recommend adding some cosy bean bags, cushions and lighting to make the space inviting.

Cotton Ball Lights Forest Fruit LED String Lights
Extreme Lounging Mighty B Teddy Indoor Bean Bag
Extreme Lounging Pastel B Box

3. Lifetime Kids High-Rise High Sleeper

Lifetime Kids High-Rise High Sleeper

Practicality and style combine in the High-Rise High Sleeper by Lifetime.

Made from 100% Scandinavian pine from certified forests, this loft bed exudes Nordic charm whilst creating a highly usable amount of floor space in your child’s room.

The space underneath could be used for matching industrial-style storage or a study area. A chalkboard on the side of the bed is the perfect place to scribble messages or quotes to inspire them!

Lifetime Storage Cabinet with Hideaway Table & Bench
Lifetime Bookcase with 1 Shelf
Woood Industrial Kids Locker Storage Bench

4. Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe

Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe

Do you want a loft bed with space to display their favourite books and décor? The Ava High Sleeper could be the high sleeper for you.

Featuring a desk, wardrobe and an open shelving wall, Ava packs a lot into her small footprint.

The cool, Scandi-style design will look fabulous against a greige or olive-green wall with house plants on the shelving – perfect for achieving the ‘aesthetic’ bedroom look popular with teens!

5. Trasman Pod Solo 2 Gaming High Sleeper with Chair Bed

Trasman Pod Solo 2 Gaming High Sleeper with Chair Bed 90x200cm

Trying to convince a gaming-mad child about the benefits of a loft bed? Look no further than the Trasman Pod Solo 2 Gaming High Sleeper!

This incredible kid’s gaming bed features a raised bed on top and a dark and cosy enclosed space below, which is ideal for gaming.

The floor space underneath is taken up with a built-in desk and shelf with LED lighting for their computer and a chair bed for when their friends stay over. They’re bound to still be talking about this gaming loft bed well into adulthood!

6. Thuka HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed

Thuka HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed in Grey

Is your little one a social butterfly?

The Thuka HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed is another fantastic choice for kids with smaller rooms who love having their friends over for sleepovers. The sofa bed gives them a comfortable place to relax during the day and an extra bed for after lights out.

Meanwhile, the built-in desk offers a convenient place for Sunday night homework when the weekend’s fun sadly draws to an end!

7. Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

Creating a study space for older kids can be one of the best aspects of a raised loft bed. Our Harry High Rise Bed offers a built-in desk space for kids to study, game, or play.

And that’s not all: there’s also a wardrobe, a drawer, a shelf and a wire notice board – if you’re looking for an all-in-one loft bed for a tween or teen, this is it!

The clean white finish will look great against a dark wall for a stylish and contemporary look sure to please even the most difficult-to-impress teen!

8. Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed in Acacia & White

Vox Spot High Sleeper Storage Kids Bed in Acacia & White

If storage is your top priority in a kid’s bed, you can’t go wrong with the Spot High Sleeper Bed by Vox.

This incredible loft bed features tons of space to store all their clothes, toys, books and the general clutter that follows children around. There are four large drawers, multiple shelves and even a walk-in wardrobe!

You can add the optional clothes rails or pull-out desk to make it work for you. There’s even an overbed canopy if you want to make your little Prince or Princess’s dreams come true!

Ready to Take Your Kid’s Room to New Heights with a Loft Bed?

You may have discovered the best loft bed here, or you may want to check out our full range of high sleepers to find your perfect high flyer! If you want to discuss any of our kid’s beds, call our friendly customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email – we’re always happy to help!


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