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Wedding Gifts: A Wonderful Buyer’s Guide

Long before the wedding bells start ringing, both the happy couple and their guests need to think about the oddly sensitive subject of wedding gifts. Picking the right presents can be tricky territory for both parties, which is why we’ve cobbled together this buyer’s guide to cut to the chase and ease the pressure.

Love Toast Rack

A lot of couples don’t like to risk putting extravagant gifts on their wedding wishlist for fear of appearing a bit cheeky (or greedy). On the other hand, guests are eager to ensure their present is important enough to put a genuine smile on the newlyweds’ faces, and of course not break the bank.

But herein lies a real conundrum. How do you strike the right balance when it comes to wedding gifts? Our buyer’s guide gives you all the information you could possibly need!

Something a little special

No present is more meaningful than a personalised one. If you’ve been friends with the newlyweds for many years and want to get them something extraordinary for their wedding celebration, it’s always best to go down the personal route. And we have a whole host of personalised gifts ideal for weddings, from the edible kind to items that can be passed down through generations.

Whether the couple has a sweet tooth or not, they’re guaranteed to be besotted with our beautiful Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and Mixed Truffle Sweet Trees. These imaginative sugary snacks are not only easy on the eye but tasty on the tongue too! With customisable white chocolate writing scrawled along the side, the bride and groom will get joy out of these products before they’ve even peeled back the wrapping.

If the newlyweds are partial to personal ornaments, their wedding rings will be in really good company if you decide to go for something from our gorgeous jewellery selection. Our necklaces and charm bracelets can be personalised with inscriptions and carvings for added effect, offering an extra twinkle to an already dazzling product.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and Mixed Truffle Sweet Trees
GPO Retro Record Player in Red

Think practical

It’s not uncommon to have a mental block when attempting to pick a great wedding present, even if you know the bride and groom well. Depending on your relationship with the happy couple, personalised gifts may not feel appropriate somehow. In these cases, all you need to do is rely on your logic and opt for a gift you know will benefit the newlyweds.

Put some thought into what the bride and groom really like. If you’re still a bit stumped, grab your detective hat. Try slipping in a couple of questions in the weeks preceding the wedding to get a feel for their tastes and hobbies. For example, do they do a lot of cooking together? If their answer is yes, there’s only one place to go next: Cuckooland’s kitchen gift section. Here you can find all kinds of splendidly attractive and useful countertop items, including cheese knives, toast racks, and honey jars galore.

Of course, not everyone is a dab hand in the kitchen. Some couples prefer to kick back after a long day at work with a bottle of wine and an album or two. If you’ve sussed out that the newlyweds love vintage items and music from decades gone by, our retro record players can serve as a superb present. If they still have a record player sitting in their home, a vinyl storage case is another great idea.

Covering all bases

Not best buds with the soon-to-be-married couple and feel seriously stuck for gift ideas? Don’t fret – we have plenty of crowd pleasers in our collection too. Our buyers have scouted out an enormous variety of all-rounder products that will delight almost any type of couple.

You can’t go wrong with our Champagne Love Flutes and the Top Hat Champagne Cooler. After all, most newlyweds are going to be taking home some fizz after their ceremony ends! If they have a lot of bottles to store (and let’s face it, they probably will), you can go one further by grabbing them a classy Champagne Cork Keeper.

Another item that won’t disappoint is the Valentines Chocolates in Mr and Mrs Design. These treats are created specifically for couples to share and will serve as a scrumptious snack to tuck into once the wedding hype has drifted away and they can finally relax.

Love You Hamper

Gifts on a budget

As for you – Mr and Mrs Newlywed, you’re already getting the best present of all, aren’t you? Nevertheless, people will be getting you gifts regardless, so you shouldn’t take their generosity for granted and simply leave them to it. Instead, create a wedding registry or wish list that helps guests choose presents you’ll really like. It’s worth going for a nice spread if you can (with home embellishment/improvement in mind) – asking for gifts that can spruce up your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, and garden.

If you’re cost-conscious, there are plenty of affordable presents at Cuckooland. Many of our Hampers are available for less than £40, whilst novelty gifts like the Mason Cash Gingerbread Baking Set are ideal for acquaintances or those working to a low budget.

We’ve got a Wishlist feature right here at Cuckooland that can help you point your guests in the right direction when it comes to getting gifts. Simply sign into your Cuckooland account, click the heart symbol to the right of the search bar, and swap your privacy settings from “private” to “public”. This will display your Wishlist to friends and family, and you can even circulate it on social media!

Weddings are wonderful occasions, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel a little giddy every time the knot-tying season comes around. Whether you’re about to experience the greatest day of your life or attend a ceremony as a guest in the upcoming weeks, you can get in touch with our Cuckooland Cupids today on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or via email for any advice about staying airborne with a bow and arrow whilst wearing a nappy or about wedding gifts.

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