Brighten Up the Longer Evenings with Outdoor Lighting

It’s that time of year again! In the UK, as of 2am on the 30th of October 2022, the clocks will be going back for another time. This does mean we’ll be getting an extra hour of sleep, but it also means the sun will be rising and setting earlier! (You can thank Coldplay musician, Chris Martin’s great-great-grandfather!)

Clock changes aside, we’re heading into the season of darker evenings. As of the 21st of December, the sun will set at 3:53pm to mark the longest night of the year. But it’s not all sombre news, we’re here to brighten up the impending changes!

Shining a spotlight on our outdoor lighting selection, let us illuminate you with our top 8 bestselling lights!

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1. Garden Trading Belgrave Carriage Light

Belgrave Carriage Light
Garden Trading Belgrave Carriage Light

We’ve all been there – you arrive home, it’s pitch black, and you’re fumbling around for a good ten minutes because you can’t find your keys! Why is it that when you’re looking for something, you can never find it? Maybe it’s because you need the Garden Trading Belgrave Carriage Light to greet you on your return?

Crafted from steel, with a carbon, powder-coated finish – offering protection against the elements; the wall-mounted light fitting is the welcome home we all deserve.

Inspired by classic Victorian lanterns, but with a modern glow-up, install the caged design on either side of the front door and you’ll never misplace your keys again! You even have the choice of flipping the design to get your desired look. Motion-sensor compatible, to save on power, they’ll only activate when you actually need them!

2. Garden Trading St Ives Up & Down Light

Garden Trading St Ives Up & Down Light

Do you find that no matter how many times you give friends and family directions, they can never find your place? Available in 2 sizes – pair the Garden Trading St Ives Up & Down Light with a house sign and they’ll have no excuse the next time they lose themselves!

The hot-dipped galvanised finish isn’t just for show. The durable up-and-down light can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions and wouldn’t go amiss in coastal settings.

Offering uplighting and downlighting in one fitting, don’t just stop at the house sign… surround your exteriors with these contemporary, wall-mounted outdoor lights to give your home an inviting glow! Fit with a motion sensor and they’ll deter the guests you didn’t invite… we’re looking at you, Mr Fox!

3. Garden Trading St Ives Mast Path Light

St Ives Mast Path Light
Garden Trading St Ives Mast Path Light

Lighting the way from the driveway to the house, the Garden Trading St Ives Mast Path Light ensures you’re no longer having to ‘feel’ your way back inside!

Set low to the ground, line several along your garden borders to easily see where you’re heading… no more accidental hedge-diving!

Completely weatherproof with a hot-dipped galvanised steel finish and hardwearing design features, even unkind weather conditions won’t stop the St Ives Mast Light from shining bright.

4. Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp in Black with +25 HEAT

Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp in Black with +25 HEAT

Outdoor lighting and heating?! Now we’re talking! Helping you enjoy your gardens 24/7/365, you’ll completely forget about the clock changes with the Heatsail Dome Freestanding Electric Patio Heater Floor Lamp!

Using five times less energy than typical outdoor heater designs and with zero emissions, you don’t have to break the bank or feel guilty for it! Including +25 HEAT, while you’re enjoying the lamps warming glow, it’ll be silently radiating heat up to 5 metres in the background… well unless you want to add the Bluetooth speakers of course?!

With added health benefits from the FIR infrared rays the lamp emits, your body will be getting a boost while you’re out there. This invisible spectrum promotes healing, cellular repair, pain relief, immune function and relaxation. Especially helpful now the sun’s disappeared on us!

Also available in white, or as a hanging pendant – Heatsail is sure to brighten your day/month/year!

5. Heatsail BEEM Pendant Light with Heater and Cooling Mister

Heatsail BEEM Pendant Light with Heater and Cooling Mister

A welcome addition to your alfresco setup – don’t abandon your outside space until next spring; the Heatsail BEEM Pendant Light with Heater and Cooling Mister adapts to suit the season so you don’t have to say goodbye!

Part pendant light, part heater – control your settings via remote control or your smartphone and enjoy the great outdoors all year round in comfort. Emitting zero emissions with low energy usage, there’s no time limit on how long you stay out there!

It might seem a long way off yet, but the cooling mister will come in handy when summer comes back around again…

6. Extreme Lounging B Bulb Outdoor Light

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Outdoor Light

Looking for something a little more portable? The Extreme Lounging B Bulb Outdoor Light will help you find your way!

A helpful addition when you need to quickly pop out into the garden, retire your unreliable battery-operated torch and upgrade to this USB-operated wonder! Lightweight with a carry handle and up to 22 hours of battery life on a single charge, it’ll never fail you!

Not just a handy grab-and-go design, the B bulb outdoor lights come available in two sizes and can be used as decorative lighting too. Change the brightness with the simple push-button controls and select from bright white or soft lighting to change the mood.

If you’re planning a bonfire night celebration, get the B bulb lights involved and guide guests through the garden with several following a path or place two on either side of the entrances. Even if the festivities get rained off, the weatherproof design can stay out there without worry!

7. Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights

Extreme Lounging B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights

Part of the B Bulb family from Extreme Lounging, add the mains-powered B Bulb Connect Festoon Outside Lights to your setup!

Each set features 10 individually spaced festoon bulbs, with the option to extend your light string by connecting up to 3 sets. That’s 30 bulbs across 15 metres! With varying brightness settings to save on power, adjust your decorative garden lights to suit the situation.

Completely weatherproof and UV resistant, the durable design also comes with hanging clips to assist you! Wrap around trees, along a garden fence or wall, and enjoy the warm light from dusk till dawn.

With Christmas just around the corner, they double up as festive lights too. No need to fork out on seasonal sets that you’ll only enjoy once a year… the B bulb festoons can stay up all year round!

8. Garden Trading Led Festoon Outside Lights with 10 or 20 Bulbs

Garden Trading Led Festoon Outside Lights with 10 or 20 Bulbs

Festoons got you feeling festive? Something a little more traditional – the weatherproof Garden Trading Led Festoon Outside Lights are a comfort on a cold and dark evening!

Choose from 10 or 20 bulbs, with each featuring circular hooks to make hanging simple. Clip onto branches, posts or poles to create your desired arrangement. Our personal favourite spot for them… around your garden retreat! Picture yourself, sitting around the fire pit, with blankets, hot chocolates and your Garden Trading LED Festoon Outside Lights twinkling above you! Now that’s a bright idea!

This Season’s Light Bulb Moments

You might not be ready for the clock changes… but with our garden lighting, your outside space will be! Got any questions about your garden glow-up? Call our team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email and they’ll enlighten you!


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