How to Create a Vintage Style Nursery

Whether it’s avocado bathroom suites or beaded curtains, we’re happy to leave some trends firmly in the past.

But when it comes to nurseries, the yesteryear look is here to stay. With classic style decor, you can create a vintage nursery that’s both timeless and trendy. And when you banish reminders of chaotic modern life, you make an oh-so calming space to bond with your baby.

Looking for inspiration to get the vintage look just right? Throw it back to the good old days with these handy tips and furniture recommendations…

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Stick to Simple Furniture Pieces

Ideally, a vintage style nursery should be a peaceful haven to bond with your little one. Without reminders of modern day life, you can sit back and take five with your baby in a space where time stands still.

So, when it comes to creating a vintage style nursery, avoid following the latest trends, or using modern materials, like plastic or metal. Instead, stick to classic wooden furniture. This means your nursery would look the part many moons ago – as well as looking great right now!

We have plenty of simplistic nursery furniture sets for you to choose from. The Vox Retro or Tutti Bambini nursery set (below) will add a touch of timeless style to your nursery. But don’t be fooled by their classic design – with adjustable bases and convertible functionality, these sets are complete with all the mod-cons you need.

Vox Retro Baby Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Set

Tutti Bambini Verona 3 Piece Room Set

Throw it back to Classic Design Principles

Sometimes, you just can’t beat traditional design. With an emphasis on well-made and one-off pieces of furniture, the ‘traditional’ look never goes out of style. To master the look, think ornate detailings, carved or turned legs and feet, and arched design.

The East Coast Nursery Toulouse range of furniture (below) really incorporates that classic yesteryear style. With beautiful arches on both the cot and wardrobe, you add a touch of traditional flair to your baby’s nursery.

East Coast Toulouse Baby & Toddler Cot Bed in White

East Coast Toulouse Double Wardrobe in White

Similarly, the Obaby kids’ furniture range serves up traditional style with a modern twist. With curved design and classic scroll details, the shelving unit and chest of drawers (below) are ideal if you’re looking to create a vintage style nursery.

And with quirky feet on the chest of drawers, you get a taste of elaborate design that wouldn’t look out of place in an 18th-century parlour room.

Obaby Stamford Kids Shelving Unit

Obaby Stamford Tall Chest of Drawers

Decorate the Walls with Traditional Wallpaper

For those in the know, the Victorian period was often coined ‘The Golden Age of Wallpaper’. During this era, households began to embrace flamboyant patterns and design through wallpaper.

So, history lesson aside – wallpaper your nursery walls, and you’ll capture the essence of a vintage nursery. If you’d rather avoid too much pattern, just paper one wall to create a feature wall. Not only will this look eye-catching and fun, but you create a look that’s both vintage and bang-on-trend.

With the portrait (or rather, pawtrait) style kids’ wallpaper by Hibou Home, you enjoy a rather regal look with a fun twist. It’s purrrrfect for vintage nurseries!

Kids Wallpaper Portraits in Black & White

Keep it Fun with Prints and Patterns

Sometimes, you hear ‘traditional’ and think ‘boring’. But fear not – vintage design isn’t all about dusty antiques and gloomy paintings. In fact, it’s quite the contrary – a vintage style nursery should feature lively and eye-catching patterns.

Whether it’s Victorian-style florals or extravagant art deco prints from the roaring ‘20s, patterns are a staple of vintage design. So, depending on what sort of vintage look you’re after, make sure you add plenty of flair with lively patterns.

The baby rocker by Charlie Crane (below) is adorned with a lovely rose print. Designed by Parisian artists, this rocker is sure to add a little ‘va va voom’ to your baby’s nursery. And since this rocker supports your baby’s natural movement, you’ll have one lively little baba too!

Levo Baby Rocker in Beech Wood with Rose in April Fawn Cushion

Accessorise with Natural Materials

To accessorise your vintage nursery, stick to natural pieces. To create a really authentic vibe, it’s best to avoid modern-day materials, like plastic.

When you adorn your nursery with natural accessories crafted from wicker or rope, you avoid reminders of the present day. So while you’re bonding with your baba, it’s easier to imagine you’re living in a slice of the past.

Take a look at the rug by Bloomingville. Crafted from natural jute, this rug will create a big statement while keeping your nursery looking the part. And with the hanging planter by Bloomingville, it’s easy to add a touch of greenery to your space – all within your vintage theme.

Bloomingville Jute Nature Rug

Bloomingville Macrame Hanging Planter

Make a Statement with Old-School Toys

Now you’ve sorted the furniture and walls, it’s time to complete the vintage look with traditional toys. Modern gadgets with screens, beeps, and flashing lights can often ruin the sense of calm you’re trying to create – not to mention throw your vintage look right out of the window!

To really create a vintage nursery, throw it back to the good old days with traditional wooden toys. For example, the wooden abacus by Kids Concept (below left) will add a burst of colour to the nursery, throw it back to yesteryear, and help your little one master their sums once they start school.

Kids Concept Colourful Wooden Abacus

Little Dutch Stacking Blocks in Little Goose

To keep an authentically vintage look, remember to stash away those modern toys in a basket – like the vintage-style toy box from Le Toy Van (below). Not only will this keep those modern-day reminders out of sight, but it’s a great way to clear your nursery from clutter.

Le Toy Van Toy Box

And finally, for the pièce de résistance, no vintage-style nursery is complete without a traditional rocking horse. The rocking horse from Little Bird Told Me (below) gives a nod towards the Victorian-style horses of decades gone by, but it’s heaps more comfortable! No hard wooden seats here – just a padded seat for your little one to enjoy hours of fun.

Little Bird Told Me Stirling & Mac Rocking Horse 9+ Months

Shop Vintage Nursery Furniture today

Ready to give your baby’s nursery a vintage twist? Luckily for you, we’ve got heaps of nursery furniture for you to choose from. From classic-style nursery furniture sets to traditional accessories, we’ve got all you need to create the look you’re after.

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