Create More Storage with Your Bed

Besides getting a restorative night’s sleep, are you getting all you can out of your bed?

It’s the most essential furniture design in our home, however many beds can take up a huge amount of floor space. The larger your bed, usually the less room you’ll have for other storage… and with limited storage, homes can become cluttered and chaotic!

Even if you’ve been blessed with square footage and fitting in furniture is no problem, don’t opt for a bed that creates dead space in your home – make your furniture work harder for you and select an option that’s practical as well as comfortable and stylish.

If you find yourself looking around your bedroom and believing you’ve run out of room, it’s time to look at your storage predicament differently. If your current bedroom storage is keeping you up at night, it might be time to invest in a space-saving ottoman bed. Take a look through our top picks and utilise the under-bed space we often forget about.

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1. Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed with Storage & Shelves

Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed with Storage & Shelves in White

Not only can bed designs limit the floor space in a bedroom, but the height above the bed goes to waste too! Not so with this contemporary cube bed. Cleverly constructed to make use of every square inch of space – the Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed utilises the floor and height of your boudoir! 

When combined with the raised mattress mechanism (available separately) from all sides you can easily access the empty space below the bed frame and store extra bedding and blankets or keep your ever-growing shoe collection hidden away (if you’d prefer not to shout about it). The outer frame and headboard shelving can be used to house books, movies and games and the optional ladder and storage boxes help keep things organised.

Part of the Vox 4 You collection, create modular storage with the additional wardrobes, bedside tables and chest of drawers. And when everything is tidied away, roll out the projector screen and relax with your favourite flick to lull you to sleep!

2. Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism

Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism in White

Height not on your side? If you don’t have the space for a four-poster bed – supportive beams are in the way or light fittings won’t allow for it, don’t stress! Vox has created a low-ceiling-friendly design – the Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism.

Like with the Four Poster, the frame features shelves on all sides so you can surround yourself with your favourite bound books and enjoy late-night reading snuggled up under the sheets. 

Arriving with the mattress mechanism included, the once empty space below your bed can now be used to its fullest. Creating an ottoman bed, simply lift the mattress to access your chosen contents… maybe stash those extra paperbacks you’re less than proud of, but couldn’t bear to be parted with?

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the Vox 4 You Bed comes in a European King or Small Double, so would be a great choice for kids, teens and adults looking to better use floor space.

3. Lucinda Upholstered Side Ottoman Bed by Flair Furnishings

Lucinda Upholstered Side Ottoman Bed by Flair Furnishings
Lucinda Ottoman Bed with Hydraulic Pistons

At first glance, the elegant Lucinda Upholstered Side Ottoman Bed by Flair Furnishings looks like the floor clearance is less than generous, but don’t be fooled by the glamourous exterior.

Designed with a powerful integrated hydraulic system, easily access the built-in under-bed storage and stash your selection of scatter cushions when it’s time to catch up on your beauty sleep. And when you’ve got your forty winks, arrange those cushions just how you found them and use the under-bed storage for other things!

Available in a choice of colours, this stylish and space-saving side ottoman bed comes in a UK double or king size.

4. Koble Freya Smart Ottoman Bed with Speakers & Wireless Charging

Koble Freya Smart Ottoman Bed with Speakers & Wireless Charging
Koble Freya Velvet Ottoman Bed with Smart Tech

Allowing you to better use the space below your mattress, but also making bedside tables obsolete – the Koble Freya Smart Ottoman Bed with Speakers & Wireless Charging gives you more square footage than you’d bargained for!

Retire those tired pine nightstands and clear the way for some twenty-first-century tech. Saving you from tangled cables and unnecessary furniture, the beds in-built wireless charging pockets keep phones and devices fully charged while you power off. Below the sprung slatted bed base, the easy-lifting hydraulic system ensures your pillows, quilts and bedding are neatly tidied away. Or if you’re a fellow tech-head, you could always use that extra space for those gadgets and gizmos you don’t have a home for.

Styled in gorgeous grey velvet, the upholstered bed frame has a hidden secret… connect your devices to the Bluetooth speakers inside the headboard and wake up to your favourite music in the mornings. Why not nod off to a Mary Kondo podcast now you’re a space-saving convert? You can never get enough tidying tips and tricks!

5. Vox Simple Customisable Super King Size Ottoman Bed

Vox Simple Customisable Super King Size Ottoman Bed

The benefits of a Super King Bed aren’t limited to extra stretching space. Hooray – the starfish pose is made possible, but wait for it – if you splash out on a Super King Bed think of all of the extra under-bed storage space you’ll have access to! Win, win!

Below the mattress, the space has been split into two sections, with each measuring 200 x 89 x 15.5cm3 – that’s a whole lot of storage space that would have gone unused if you’d chosen an alternate bedframe. We don’t often realise it, but when bedrooms are cleared of clutter and possessions are hidden away out of sight, we’re able to relax and unwind with a clear mind. And that means you’re headed for the best night’s sleep!

Completely customisable, with nearly unlimited options in a clean and uncomplicated design – style the Vox Simple Super King Size Ottoman Bed to suit you and your sleep sanctuary.

6. Vox Nature Bed with Slatted Headboard

Vox Nature Bed with Slatted Headboard

When opting for a bed frame that isn’t an ottoman, but still has good under-bed clearance, we all usually head straight for those plastic boxes we know and loathe. They’re really useful, but they’re terrible for the environment and can be a real eyesore. It’s time for a change!

With the option to change the height of the mattress and add specially designed underbed storage drawers to our bestselling Vox Nature Bed with Slatted Headboard, you’ll be able to utilise the dead space below your bed, but also keep the cohesive look you crave!

Vox really know their stuff when it comes to space-saving design. This Scandi brand is always looking for smart ways to help you utilise your space through clever furniture design. Don’t just look to your bed as a storage solution, explore the Vox collections and choose furniture that works harder and ticks more than just one box.

7. Vox Nature Bed with Solid Headboard

Vox Nature Bed with Solid Headboard
Vox Nature Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers

If you weren’t sure about the slatted headboard above, the Vox Nature Bed is also available with a solid headboard!

With all the benefits of its slatted sister design, this gorgeous solid wood bed comes available in four EU sizes – small double, double, king and super-king. Add the underbed storage drawers to your chosen bed size and keep your bedroom organised. From bedding and blankets to out-of-season outfits – keep your essentials neat and tidy, regardless of how much you need the extra space.

Storage and Ottoman Beds Save the Day… and Space!

Wardrobes and chests of drawers get all the glory… but storage and ottoman beds are the next best place to store away all of your home essentials. If you’d like to hear more space-saving ideas, our trusted team of customer service experts are on hand to help! Give them a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send an email to to hear more!


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