Why Four Poster Beds are a Must-Have for your Master Bedroom

Four poster beds aren’t just for film stars and 5-star hotels; these statement beds are attainable, affordable and make the ultimate centrepiece for your master bedroom.

This style of bed dates back hundreds of years and was originally designed for practical purposes. Thick curtains would be hung from the canopy frame to provide warmth and privacy for the occupant, as well as to block out draughts and daylight.

These days, 4 poster beds are favoured as much for their style as their function. Whether you accessorise with drapes, lights, hanging plants or just your favourite bed linen, a four-poster bed will add the ‘wow’ factor to even the smallest of bedrooms.

Here are some of our favourite must-have four-poster beds, that will help you transform your bedroom into the luxury retreat of your dreams (pun intended!)

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1. All-Four-One

Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed, with optional 4 You Projector Screen

Are you someone who doesn’t like to leave your bed any more than you have to? (We don’t blame you!) If so, the multi-functional Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed is for you.

This customisable masterpiece comes with hidden storage behind the headboard and a built-in headboard shelving unit as standard. Beyond that, you can use additional extras to make the bed your own, so that it perfectly suits your needs.

Choose to add a raised mattress mechanism to gain oodles of ottoman storage; oak-finish cubes to maximise the space in the base; or a decorative ladder to hang plants or organisers, to keep all your essentials handy.

Want to turn your 4-poster bed into the ultimate entertainment station? Opt for the pull-down cinema screen, connect up your projector, and take movie nights to the next level. All you’ll need is the popcorn!

2. Metallic Masterpiece

Woood Kingsize Black Metal Four Poster Bed

For a contemporary look, the Woood Black Metal 4 Poster will bring cool, industrial vibes to your master bedroom.

Available in king size, it boasts a black powder-coated steel finish that looks incredible paired with most colour schemes. Try mustard and gold, as seen here, for a warm and inviting look, with a nod to the Art Deco trend.

Lighting can have a huge effect on your bedroom’s atmosphere – not to mention your sleep quality. No one wants the big light on when they’re winding down for bed! Turn overhead lights off an hour before bedtime, and drape fairy or festoon lights over your four-poster to create a soothing ambience as you drift off.

3. Four-ce of Nature

Pino White Four Poster Double Bed

The Pino 4 Poster Double Bed is a fantastic choice for any master bedroom and is so easy to style.

Whether you’re going for a contemporary, rustic or coastal theme, the white lacquered Scandinavian pine posts can fit with any look. Why not use woven rugs, wall hangings and pampas grass to create a harmonious, natural aesthetic, as @our_home_interior_3 has done in this room.

Painting the wall behind your bed in a bold, dark colour will make a statement and help to highlight your 4-poster bed as the focal point in the room (not that it needs your assistance for that!)

Accessorise with soft mood lighting and chunky knitted throws to turn your bedroom into the ultimate cosy sanctuary.

4. Boho Boudoir

Beatnik Four Poster Bed in Black

If dark wood is more your thing, add a touch of the bohemian to your master bedroom with the imposing Beatnik Four Poster Bed.

This stunning designer bed is made from 100% mango wood and features an intricately carved headboard and footboard, which give it serious personality. Available in king or super king size, it’s ideal for larger bedrooms, where it will command the space, and give your room a luxury hotel feel (there’s also plenty of room to ‘starfish’!)

Paired with airy linen bedding and one of our sumptuously soft mattresses, this spacious bed will ensure you have the best sleep of your life. You’ll be counting the minutes until you can get back home, crawl under the covers and shut the door on the world!

5. Small but Mighty

Black Metal Small Double Four Poster Bed by Woood

If you have a smaller room, you might think you don’t have space for a 4-poster bed. Well, never fear, luxury seeker – contemporary Dutch brand Woood has got your back (and head, neck, feet…)

The Black Metal Small Double Four Poster Bed is perfect for rooms where space is limited, but you don’t want to compromise on style. The slim metal frame won’t make the room look cluttered, and with space underneath for storage, this low metal bed is a real triumph of pretty-yet-practical design.

Style with monochrome bedding for a minimalist look, or use bright colours and patterns to create a fun, modern feel.

6. Guest-Ready Grandeur

Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed with Adjustable Height Levels

Ideal for studio flats or University bedrooms, the Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed is another practical option that means you don’t have to give up your four-poster dreams just because you’re tight on space or budget.

You can accessorise the beautiful, white and oak canopy frame with lights and drapes for an Insta-worthy look, whilst also taking advantage of the option to add a storage drawer underneath – perfect for hiding away clothes, clutter or work from home equipment.

If you’re short on wardrobe space, you can even hang clothes from the overhead posts, to avoid creases in your favourite outfits.

This is also one of the best four poster beds for guests, as you can opt to add a trundle bed underneath, to easily accommodate overnight visitors.

7. Four Poster for One

Pino Four Poster Single Bed

A smaller version of our best-selling double 4 poster, the Pino Single Four Poster Bed has all the benefits of its big sibling, without the size.

Made from solid Scandinavian pine, this slimline single bed would be perfect for a young adult or guest room, to add a touch of luxe to the space. Choose from a white or taupe finish, to match your room’s theme.

Redecorating in honour of your new four poster bed? Why not consider serene sage green, for a calming aesthetic. Green represents growth, wellness and restoration, so it’s the ideal colour for a bedroom – which is, after all, where you go to be restored!

Convinced you Need a Four Poster Bed for your Master Bedroom?

Excellent decision! A four-poster bed will transform your master bedroom from ‘average’ to ‘oasis’ and have you clamouring to get into bed every night. If you want to discuss your 4 poster needs, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email at customerservice@cuckooland.com.


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